Spiritual Awakening: Chicago Inspires A New Beginning


Spiritual Awakening: Chicago Inspires A New Beginning!!!

As I sat and thought about what to write about today all the messages pointed to the idea of beginnings. As I listened to the song by Chicago, Beginnings I began to realize that each day gives us a new beginning and that each day we have 24 hours to make a positive impact on our life and on the lives of others. I then began to ask the question what is it that you have been meaning to begin but haven’t due to excuses or the fear of what others may say or think about it?  I then began to ask what is it that is holding you back? Then I found this quote by Lao Tzu,

 and immediately thought it is time to take that first step and watch things unfold. What might be holding you back from taking that first step is it fear? I found this video and I hope it inspires you to put your fear aside and to step into your greatness and to shine your light as it is only the beginning:

Is your new beginning being stymied by the idea that you lack funds to put it into action. I found the following affirmation video about money and I hope it assists you in creating your new beginning.

Is it the perception that you lack resources that may be holding you back. The greatest resource is you as all the answers you seek are found within.  Think of the knowledge you possess, the passion you have, and your desire to create the life you want and then seek the answers from with and take the frst step to a new beginning.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Create A New Beginning

 One of the tools I recommend for a new beginning is songs that help you to make a positive shift in your consciousness. One of my favorite songs to do this is Seals And Crofts We May Never Pass This Way Again. Some others that I like to use are:

Many times reading an inspirational book or a passage will help to create a new beginning. The key is to find something that resonates with you.


If you click on The Hay House Link you can find more books that will help you with your new beginning.

Quotes and Affirmations often help to create a new beginning.



When you choose to begin continue in a positive direction understanding that the joy in finishing what you started will give you fuel to continue on you path to enhancing your personal and professional life and the lives that you come in contact with. Sometines it is your taking action that inspires others to do the same.

 As you proclaim your new begining be sure to commit to being an action taker finding what brings you a sense of joy and goodness as you continue on your path to awakening. Begin each day with the knowledge that you are a divine being of god and that greatness is your destiny.










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