Spiritual Awakening: Oscar Pistorious, Gabby Douglas Inspiring The World


Spiritual Awakening:Oscar Pistorious, Gabby Douglas Inspiring The World


Oscar Pistorius became the first amputee track athlete to compete in the Olympics &  he advanced to the 400-meter semifinals after finishing second in his heat. His triumphant story continues to inspire the world. He was treated like a child with 2 legs growing up his mother would tell his brother put on your sneakers and Osccar put on your legs and if your brother climbs a tree you climb the tree. I have found Oscar’s story to be one of inspiration showing people that regardless of obstacles you can overcome and achieve greatness.

How many times have you been told you can not do something or have you allowed your negative self talk to get in the way? For Oscar Pistorious his taking of action and training to become a top athlete despite the obstacle of  being a double amputee holds a message of hope and achieveent for all as we continue to step into our greatness. Their is something very spiritual about watching this man compete as you can feel the energy  he brings to life come through the TV. The positive vibes that he gives off enhances all those who watch. So the next time you think you can not do something think of Oscar and all he has overcome and go for it.

            Gabby Douglas’s journey to the Team Gymnastics Gold and The Olympic All Around Gold was paved with much sacrifice as she moved from her mother’s home across country to DesMoines, Iowa to train. Her mother a single mom made many sacrifices so Gabby could train  to become an Olympian. Her older sister encouraged her not to quit the sport when she wanted to walk away. Gabby stuck with it and in London performed exquistely to capture 2 gold medals.  Gabby’s comments after winning The Women’s All Around only solidifies the idea that we are guided by a higher being. What is your higher calling and what sacrifices will you make to be a shining light of hope to others.


Most people will not recognize the photo below it is of Edith Ogoke, a femal e boxer from Nigeria who lives in what many would consider  deplorable conditions in the slums of Nigeria.  Despite her trials and tribulations of many days having her and her son go hungry she showed tremendous dedication and commitment to following her dream. She lost her match today(8/5/12) however she won the hearts of all that were watching. Watching her match and hearing her story made me realize how grateful I am for having what I have. When we awake and follow our dreams and overcome obstacles we become beacons of hope for others.

There are many inspiring stories through out the Olympics and each one teaches us that trough hard work, dedication and passion that you can make it when you remember that Passion + Action = Success.

2012 Team USA Media Summit This is Kayla Harrison, who won The USA’s First Gold Medal in Judo. Her story of overcoming sexual abuse by a former coach and turning her life around is another testimony to the power of inner strength that it takes to step into your greatness. Harrison said “Never give up on your dreams,” Harrison said on Thursday. “I mean, if I can do  it, anybody can do it. Things have happened, but now, my life is a dream. I’m  living my dream right now.” Her positive attitude in the face of a traumatic experience is reason enough for all to pursue their dreams. What dream are you not pursuing?
The list is endless and the stories abound where we can find inspiration and move forward in our goal to enhance our personal and professional life while also touching others. Many times you will not know the impact you make on a person’s life just by being who you are and giving it your all.   As you continue your journey on your spiritual path look for inspiration from within and also find some stories that you can use as fuel.  Many times it is not the Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal winners that inspire us it is the person or team that simply competes so as to earn the title of Olympian and to be able to say they represented their country.  Many images will play in our minds as we watch the Olympics and many will provide the motivation for us to mover foprward in the direction of our dreams.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S TOP 10 Olympic Moments

10:1980 The Miracle on Ice

9: 1980 Eric Heiden Wins 5 Golds

8: 1996 Kerri Strug Wins Team Gold

7: 2000 Cathy Freeman Wins 400 M

6:1988 Florence Griffith- Joyner

5:2008 and 2012 Usain Bolt

4: Michael Phelps Career

3:Greg Louganis Career

2:1992 Derek Redmond

1: Eric “The EEL” Moussambani

The moment I choose as #1 was not of a winning performance but of a performance that showed how one man canbring an entire country together. He showed what perserverance and dedication is. He had only been swimming competively for 8 months. 4 years later he had Visa issues but had improved to a personal best of under 57 seconds.

It is when we find inspiration and act that we become beacons of hope for the world to see- Jonathan JDOGG Lederman

Find the power insode of you to overcome those obstacles that may be holding you back and become a champion.

I encourage you to share your favorite inspirational moments as you become a shining light to others.


  1. Spiritual Awakening says:

    Since I wrote this Oscar has fallen from grace with a murder charge against him. It shows you how fast things can change in life one day you are a hero and then one day you are a villain.

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