Spirituality: Stepping Into Your Power


Spirtuality: Stepping Into Your Power

An example of Spirituality and Stepping Into Your Power

I am often asked JDOGG when did you realize that spirituality meant stepping into your power. My answer is I have been steeping into my power and honing my spirituality all my life. Some examples include:

. Being on The Skipper Chuck Show after I used my power to raise funds for The Muscular Dystrophy Association

. Winning The John H. Armbruster Award from The U.S. Jaycees as a Top 5 Jaycee in America as a result of stepping into my power to serve as a living example of Jaycees Creed

. Receiving The 2008 Hope Award from The South Palm Beach Unit of The American Cancer Society for my powerful dedication to their mission

. Having Governor Jeb Bush Honor me as a Point Of Light Award Recipient for my dedication to community service.


Bert Oliva shows a Spiritual Side by Stepping Into His Power

Spirituality: Defining Your Power

Bert Oliva, who I have followed for a while and interviewed on Get Motivated With Jonathan JDOGG Lederman defines POWER as:

. P= Passion= Pass I On- Meaning share your passion and pass your knowledge to others

.O= Opportunity- Take the opportunities and move forward in the direction of your goals

. W= Wealth- Create Wealth by being of service and value

. E= Education- Always learn as much as you can and then learn some more

. R= Real- Be your authentic self

My passion is helping people to grow personally and professionally and I take opportunities to share my ideas when people are open and receptive to them. The wealth is being created as I continue to be of service and value. I am constanly reading, currently I am reading Soul Currency by Ernest Chu. I am real  and have learned to embrace my power and to use ot to improve my life and the lives of thsoe I come in contact with.

In Your hands Lies The Ability to Explore Your Spirituality and Step Into Your Power

This week I encourage you to step into your power by:

. Defining and Embracing The Powerful You

. Making Plans to Attend The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visonary Awards on 3/24/12 you can purchase tickets here

. Surrounding yourself with other powerful people

. Sharing your power with others

. Reading spirtuality related books or articles

You are a powerful person making a positive difference in the lives of others by being a conscious creator and building people up creating the life that you want.

Some People to look up this week:

JLOVE Jackson- 7 Soul Seeds

Ernest Chu- Soul Currency

Dr. Mia Merritt- Prosperity is Your Birthright

Sarah Spiritual- Expedito Enlightenment Center

Ken Esrig- Start From Where You Are

Dr. Dee Adio-Moses- Oneness Consciousness

Mary Morrissey- The One Minute Miracle

Michelle Whitedove- Medium

Elsa and Carey Stokes- Spiritual Leaders


These are people that can help you step into your power. You can look them all up and find which ones resonate with you as you step into your power and further your path of spirituality.

Some quotes to help you step into your power this week.




  1. Ana Varela says:

    I just love this article! To step into your Power is the best feeling in the world. You have the Power we all do, the thing is knowing how to step into it, but once you do, it’s amazing! I think it’s that saying we say, we are on this world for a reason. I think that is so true. Sometimes we don’t realize things till one day it just hits us or people say things and point things out. Life is just amazing and it’s not a long time, we should do what we are on this earth to do. I am doing a project called :Shelter Dogs Glamour Project which you could find on Facebook, I am also a photographer as well as being on Facebook with photography and I am a certified pet sitter, also of course on facebook. My two passions in Life are Pets and Photography, and that is why I am here on this earth!

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