Spiritual Awakening: Removing Emotional Baggage


This is Destiny’s Child with a remake of The BeeGees Song Emotions in which the lyrics gives us insight into the baggage that we hold onto  in many cases that hold us back.

Spiritual Awaening: Removing Emotional Baggage

Before we begin to remove emotional baggage we must first define what emotional baggage is.

Emotional baggage can be defined as ‘Painful memories, mistrust and hurt carried around from past sexual or emotional rejection’.[1]

It is an image of ‘a big sack that you carry around with you at all times…[with] every disappointment, trauma, and wrong that you’ve ever experienced….This image, the metaphor of emotional baggage, has penetrated our culture’.[2]

What emotional baggage are you carrying? Well it is now time to unpack and only keep the things in you bag that will serve you and help you become a better person personally and professionally.

 It is time gto throw that suitcase away and release the emotional baggage that may be holding you back.  We all have had pain for some it is physical, some mental, and for some both. The events of our life that we couldn’t control can no longer be allowed to control us. What ever the painful memory is it is time to find a way to let it go for when you let it go and release your emotional baggage you can move forward. Many times we hold onto to things emotionally and we find ourselves in a rut because we have associated all these negative emotions with the situation. It is time to become an action taker and do something to remove the emotional baggage. It can be as easy as adopting a new song to help you get over the situation and remove the emotional baggage. A song like this,

Gloria Gaynor reminds us that we will survive by ridding ourselves of those who have caused us pain. It is when we let go and move on that we survive and thrive.

Another way to overcome and remove emotional baggage is to adopt a poem like Marriane Williamson’s Deepest Fear


Spiritual Awakening: Strategies for Removing Emotional Baggage

There are many ways to remove emotional baggage and it takes work, howeve ronce you peel away the emotional baggage and difuse the emotional charges you will begin to feel better and you will start to attract those that you seek to attract.

1: Make yourself the most important person and affirrm that you deserve the best. This can be done by affirmations, such as those included in Patricia Crane’s Ordering From The Cosmic Kitchen.

2: Let go of the people that no longer serve you. This is very difficult as many of us feel an obligation to so called friends. About 2 years ago I walked away from what was a 20 year relationship with someone who I considered a friend as he was no longer encouraging or supportive. BY removing this emotional baggage and no longer seeking that person’s approval I have become stronger and confident.

3: Write down all the negative events and thoughts you associate with them and then crumple up the papper and place it in a bowl and burn it so as to  remove the emotional baggage.

4:  Write Letters of Forgiveness to those that you believed wronged you.

5: Begin a gratitude journal.

6: Look for things that bring you joy and begin to write about them.

7: Invest in yourself  through workshops and training or on things that will bring happiness to you.

8: Surround yourself with people who are encouraging and supportive

9: Turn to spiritual teachings.

10: Commit to yourslef to treat yourself with love.

Spiritual Awakening: Music, Videos, and Books To Help in Removing Emotional Baggage

Guy Finley delivers a powerful message on Letting Go

 Foregiveness is a great way to remove emotional baggage

 Many times we must let it be so as to remove emotional baggage

 The Byrd’s remind us that there is a time for every season under heaven.


Shanon Nelson has a great book to help you remove your emotional baggage.

 Deepak Chopra is a leader in the spiritual development field who can assist you in removing emotional baggage

Spiritual Awakening: People That Can Help You Remove Emotional Baggage

Sharon Platt-McDonald
Sharon Platt-McDonald currently works as the Director for Health, Disability Awareness and Women’s Ministries for the Seventh-day Adventist church in the British Isles. Influenced by Jesus’ ministry of compassion she pursued a career in the caring profession and is a registered nurse, midwife and health visitor with many years experience as a Service Manger in the NHS. She is the author of range of resources for churches and communities such as ‘Healing Hearts, Restoring Minds’.
Gladys Famoriyo
Gladys Famoriyo is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker and professional coach. She is the author of the book, Overcoming Emotional Baggage: A Woman’s Guide To Living The Abundant Life, that promotes emotional wellbeing and restoration. Her third and new book, Healing A Discouraged Heart: Getting Back On Track When Life Let’s You Down will be out later in 2011.
Gladys is the Founder/Director of Success Partners Limited – an award-winning consulting and training leader for the development and wellbeing of women. Success Partners LTD runs the Gladys Famoriyo Academy that trains and mentors authors, speakers and leaders. Success Partners LTD also pioneers the Overcoming Emotional Baggage for Women Initiative.
Lastly, Gladys is also the Founder of Gladys Famoriyo Ministries which teaches practical principles to promote spiritual growth and emotional restoration through books, resources, conferences and the media.
Jayne Banful
Jayne Banful is an Associate Pastor of Praise Chapel in North West London. Jayne gave her life to Christ in her teens and later moved to London to pursue her desire to become a fashion journalist. She went on to study Business Administration, while also attending Bible School. She completed her course and left with a degree in Fashion Journalism, however God called her out and into full time ministry alongside her husband Kofi.
Jayne is a Life Coach and Certified Christian Counsellor, she currently leads the Family Development Centre which offers a confidential Christian Counselling service. Her desire is to see broken people healed and restored. Her ministry can be described as “one sent to bring healing to the broken-hearted and to set the captives free”. She uses her personal experiences of how God has set her free from deep emotional wounds to illustrate her teaching.
As a motivational speaker, mentor, editor and author of several books, Sharon is enthusiastic about sharing the message of health, hope and healing and demonstrates this passion through health and community outreach programs. Testimonies from her radio and TV interviews both in the UK and other countries reveal the positive impact that her ministry is making in the lives of individuals.
She is excited about the vision and future of Wholisitc Ministries in the British Isle and feels that as we follow God’s directive for emotional, physical, spiritual and social wellbeing we will positively impact our churches and communities with the ministry of restoration to the glory of His name.

Shantel Springer, a Mother, Wife, Spiritual Teacher:  a woman who transformed her life by transforming her “mind”.   Coach Shantel signature speech is “How I turned my limited beliefs of me Being a Woman, African-American, and Obese into the ultimate gift”.  Shantel Struggled with being overweight much of her childhood and young adult life.  At the age of 30, instead of celebrating a vibrant life, she was having an emergency Gal Bladder removal due to the abuse of food and a false body image of herself.  Shantel let her limited beliefs on food, finances, and relationships lead her down a road of despair.

August 2009 Shantel began a journey that would forever change her life.  She started heavily immersing herself into her metaphysics teachings of 15 yrs.   She knew in theory that “thoughts formed the physical forms that appeared in your life”; but was she wholeheartedly practicing these teachings in her own life? Taking a look at her health, finances, and relationships, Shantel would soon determine , that the missing link in her quest to be healthy, financially free, and have healthy relationships was her own limited beliefs and toxic thinking.

60 pounds lighter and living the life that she always dreamt of. Coach Shantel is now paying it forward and helping individuals all over the world through her “100 Days of Gratitude” retreats and personal coaching. She uses her expertise in Spiritual Conscious Living along with her background in Education and in Business Administration to help her clients lead vibrant healthy lives in Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Sharon (Smith) Byrne – Business & Life Mastery Trainer

Self Discovery Life Mastery Senior Trainer, Human Potential Leader, Speaker, Entrepreneur,Owner: Life Mastery, LLC


As you begin to remove your emotional baggage you will begin to discover a great person you and have a spiritual awakening.








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