Spiritual Awakening: Sowing The Seeds Of Love!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Sowing The Seeds Of Love!!!

In the wake of some of the tragic events that have happened in the last several weeks I felt it was important to encourage people to sow the seeds of love by taking positive actions to spread peace, love, joy, and prosperity everywhere. As you awaken spiritually you will find that taken action from a position of love and kindness will enhance your personal, professional, and spiritual life.  We can go through life being angry and bitter which only leads to heartache and disease or we can choose to come from a position of love and gratitude and thus manifest a life that is filled with bliss and abundance. In looking at life being filled with endless possibilities we begin to tap into our inner divinity which allows us to follow the guidance of GOD, Jesus, The Angels, and The Ascended Masters creating the life we desire. It is important to understand that of you can not do great things that you do small things with great love. When you sow the seeds of love by taking action and following your passion you will find success.
When you answer your calling and embrace it with great love you will find yourself coming alive and being of service and value to others thus manifesting the life that you desire. When you wake up in the morning and realize that out of all the fruits of spirit Love s the greatest you will find yourself dealing with challenges as they arise much easier as you will understand that if GOD brought you to it GOD will bring you through for GOD loves you and wants you to be be happy and prosperous. When you commit to follow your heart the mind will follow and you will begin to create a life that is filled with the fruits of spirit.

Image result for fruits of the spiritAs you can see the #1 fruit of spirit is love therefore we must sow the seeds of love so as to create and nurture the other fruits and thus we stay nourished and connected to GOD allowing us to move forward in a positive direction of our dreams. As you go deep inside yourself and seek the answers utilizing your divine guidance system you will find that love is is the answer.

In the crazy mixed up world that we live in today we must acknowledge that love is the answer. Having compassion for one another and showing kindness is what will allow you to awaken spiritually by becoming more aware of how loving ad caring you can be. In sowing the seeds of love you create a ripple effect that shifts the collective consciousness of entire communities thus allowing for the seeds of hope and healing to be planted and grow into a garden where peace, love, and understanding become the fertilizer.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Sow The Seeds Of Love!

Image result for Love Bible VersesImage result for Love Bible VersesImage result for Love Bible VersesImage result for Love Bible Verses

As all good gardeners you need to toil the soil and a great tool to have in your spiritual tool box is the bible nd bible verses to make the soil that you are toiling fertile.

Image result for leo buscaglia BooksImage result for leo buscaglia BooksRelated imageI have found the teachings of Leo Buscaglia to be great tools to have in the spiritual tool box to help sow the seeds of love.


Image result for Love AffirmationsImage result for Love AffirmationsImage result for Love Affirmations

Affirmations are excellent tools to have to sow the seeds of love.  I recommend printing a few out and placing the strategically where you will see them through out the day so that you can remain centered, focused, and grounded as you come at life from a perspective of love.

Music is a great tool that allows you to make love the focus of the day. It is when you put love in your heart and actively sow the seeds of love that you will find that the love is returned to you.

Spiritual Awakening: Songs For Sowing The Seeds Of Love!!!

I chose these ten songs in hope that they will help you in your quest to sow the seeds of love. It is when we focus on love that love expands.  I have  come to realize that in the most adverse of human situations it is important to take a deep breathe and come at the issue with a great deal of love. There will be challenges along the way so make yourself a love playlist and when you find yourself coming from a dark place with negative energy pop in the play list and allow it to drive out the darkness so that you can shine your light bright and illuminate the world while sowing the seeds of love.  May your day be filled with love.

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