Spiritual Awakening: Slow Your Roll!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Slow Your Roll!!!

As we awakening spiritually and become more and more aware and awake it is important to understand that there comes a time to slow your roll. Sometimes we have to simply look back and eliminate those things that no longer serve us. On of the greatest things we can do to take action is to remove those things that no longer bring peace, love, joy, and prosperity into our life. Sometimes it is as simple as making better lifestyle choices like what we put into our bodies, who we surround ourselves with, or what we consume as content. It is believed that what you focus on expands so if you are focusing on the negative and playing the role of poor me you will attract the same things that put you in this mindset whereas if you focus on the positive and come from a position of gratitude you will improve your personal, professional, and spiritual life. I have  come to understand that sometimes it is just a matter of slowing your roll and taking a few days to yourself to reflect, relax, and rejuvenate. It is when we become more in tune with the fact that we are divine children of GOD and GOD’S plans are far greater than our own plans that we are able to slow our roll and create the life that we desire.
As I shut off the world for a few hours each day for the last few days I realized that it is important to slow down and be grateful for what you have instead of wanting what you do not have.  In walking in nature and shutting out any outside influences I began to awaken more and more as I was able to clear some blockages that had been holding me back from taking action on a few things that needed to be done for me to move forward in a positive direction of my dreams. As I sat in reflection I took great solace in knowing that my dedication to showing people that service to humanity is the best work of life was opening new doors for me as I was becoming more and more spiritually evolved. I went back to the concept of detaching from outcomes which allowed me to come alive and be of service and value to the community. As I began to reflect on my actions and how I conducted myself I realized not everyone is going to resonate with you and there are those who will do what they can to hold you back. When you encounter the doubters, the naysayers,and the haters realize it has noting to do with you and everything to do with them. When I really need to slow my roll I revert to the four agreements and meditate on them.

 Sometimes my spirituality gets tested by those who still haven’t come to realize just how talented I am and what I can do to be of service and value to them. I have always been someone who is a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to getting things done. I simply come up with an idea and then find ways to bring that idea to the forefront. While many were speaking of writing a book I managed to become a featured author in Sources of Wisdom Book 2 and Sources of Wisdom Book 3, While some were caught up in planning fundraisers I was doing fundraisers. While others spoke about being on radio and TV I went and launched a Blog Talk Radio Show and an Internet TV Show. In doing so I may have come across as being cocky  when it was simply a matter of being confident. My accomplishments are numerous and for some it becomes overwhelming because they wonder how an ordinary person like myself has managed to do extraordinary things. It simply comes down to slowing my roll and planning my work and then working my plan. While many will tell you why they can not do things I am busy doing and showing people how it can be done.  Sometimes my pride in what I have done doesn’t resonate with others as they see it as bragging but it is not bragging if you have done it. In slowing your roll and not looking for the accolades you can achieve more simply because people will see you taking action to shine your light and thus they will be moved to shine their light. In slowing your roll you are able to see what works for you thus allowing you to eliminate what is not working for you. Namaste!!!

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