Spiritual Awakening: The Good Times and The Bad Times!!!


Spiritual Awakening: The Good Times And The Bad Times!!!

Along our spiritual path as we journey toward enlightenment we will have our share of good times and bad times. The good times give us the strength we need to face the challenges of the bad times. When we face what seems like bad times we must remember for every hardship we face and conquer there is a joyous moment for us to experience. Sometimes the challenges that are put in our way seem bad when they are actually good as they save us from further trials and tribulations. In taking action and understanding that we have experienced a spiritual awakening we can better answer our calling by living a life of purpose becoming the change we ant to see in the world. In working through the bad times and serving our community we come alive and create good times. It is when we detach from the outcomes and stop projecting what could be or what might have been that we grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. It is when we begin to take action to moving in a positive direction of our dreams that we create more good times than bad times. It is when we stop using the lack words and negative emotional trigger words that we go from bad times to good times.
When we take on the attitude to let the good times roll we create an environment filled with much peace, love, joy, and prosperity. When we step back and reflect on the the challenges that we refer to as bad times we see that the darkness that was happening in our life was there to propel us toward the light so that our life would be enhanced while we made a mind, body, soul connection. In many of our situations when we face what we perceive to be bad times we must sit in reflection and meditation to see that there is a bright light that we were meant to shine and illuminate the world. Sometimes it is necessary to sit in silence and simply wait for the answers to be revealed to us when we are ready to see the light and let the good times roll.
It is when we begin to recognize that we need to clear any negative thoughts that have led us to darkness and bad times that we are able to move forward in a positive direction toward our dreams. So many times we listen to the naysayers, the  doubters, the haters, and our own negative self talk that we fall into bad times. When this happens it is important to remember that you are a divine child of GOD deserving of good times in your life. It is when you decide to turn things around that you go from focusing on the bad times to focusing on the good times.
All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me is a scripture that we can all use to turn it around and go from focusing on the bad to looking at the good. It is when we show gratitude to GOD that we are able to create more good times and when faced with bad times we can turn it around. One of the facts of life that I have learned is things are not always as good or bad as they seem but when you trust in GOD and understand that if GOD brought you to it GOD will bring you through you it. I have also learned that if you want to turn it around you must take action toward creating good times. Sometimes it takes a something bad to happen to awaken you spiritually so that you can experience the fruits of spirit and step into the prosperity that is your birthright.
When in doubt during the bad times you can take solace in knowing that GOD is around you and watching over you. It is when you worship and seek answers that you can begin to manifest the life that you desire. The strength is within you as you tap into your inner divinity and create a oneness consciousness with GOD to go from bad times to good times. In all that we experience there is a lesson for us to follow so that we continue to be of service and value to others while creating more good times than bad times.
When times seems to worst is when we find the strength to come out of the dark and go from bad times to good times creating a better life. Forget the bad times and focus on the good times. Namaste.







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