Spiritual Awakening: The Crazy Mixed Up World!


Spiritual Awakening: The Crazy Mixed Up World!


My world got a bit crazy and mixed up today. The day was going great and I was following my passion to help those touched by cancer when in a blink of an eye things got crazy outside of Starbucks. I had just finished making a call pertaining to my work of me helping to open a new rainbow store and was approached by a young man begging for money. I told him I wouldn’t give him money but I would pray for him and give him a list of place where he could go to find work. He went off an started to get belligerent and my human side got in the way as fear overtook me I pushed him and started to walk back into Starbucks. He came at me and that is when two Starbucks employees came out and helped me to get back inside with out further incident. I then took many a deep breath and realized we live in a crazy mixed up world and there are many angry misdirected people around us. I then found some gospel music like this song and started to pray that the young man would get the help he needed to exercise any demons that were stopping him from stepping into his power and evolving in his personal, professional, and spiritual life.

As I reflected on the situation I was reminded that GOD loves a cheerful giver and that when approached the next time I will offer food and a beverage and a chance to fellowship. If this doesn’t work I will walk away and say a prayer for the person who is coming from such a position of lack that they are broken in some way. Unfortunately in our human existence we will encounter a few people who have become so broken that they don’t realize that they are a divine child of GOD and that they have a power and talent inside that once they tap into that inner divinity it will propel them to greatness in their personal, professional, and spiritual life.  I have to learn to be more like a peaceful warrior when dealing with the outer influences of this crazy mixed up world.

In dealing with this crazy and mixed up world we all must learn to take out the trash and eliminate what does not serve us so we can move forward along our spiritual journey and a s a result attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into our lives.  Each situation gives us an opportunity to learn and leave the people we interact in a better place. If we encounter resistance we much counter it with our spiritual teachings and remember that it is not our job to bring people forward in their spiritual development kicking and screaming but to shine our light and illuminate the world. Today I forgot these teachings and allowed myself to get caught up in the Human existence instead of my spiritual existence.

After a few moments of meditation and reflection and realizing that the only things I can control is the way I react to situations that things will get easier and each moment is an opportunity to create positive energy and i need to practice this more. Many times when it seems that the crazy mixed up world is overwhelming one must simple turn off all the outside influences and search deep inside yourself to come out a more positive enlightened person.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S Songs For Coping With This Crazy Mixed Up World!!!

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Deal With This Crazy Mixed Up World!!!

Turning to GOD and using scriptures is an excellent tool to help you find the answers that you seek so that you can better cope with the external challenges that come in this crazy mixed up world.


Books such as theses serve as a fantastic resource to help you stay centered, focused, and grounded so that you can be of service and value in this crazy mixed up world.
Sometimes the best tool is to accept that this is a crazy mixed up world and you can do the best you can with the tools you have to improve your personal, professional, and spiritual life.
Meditation is a great addition to any spiritual tool box as it allows you to release any of the blockages that are hindering you from creating the life you desire while coping with a crazy mixed up world.

One very effective way to cope with this crazy mixed up world is to celebrate the good things that happened in the day by letting go. Namaste!!!



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