Spiritual Awakening: Spitting Fire!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Spitting Fire!!!

What is lighting your fire and igniting your passion? In each of us we have  a fire that once awakened is unstoppable. As long as we are spiritual awake and aware all we need is a small burning ember to live our life on purpose.  It is amazing when we can use that fire below for the betterment of ourselves and others. When we discover our purpose and light our fire we are able to move passionately in the direction of our dreams. It is when we begin to spit fire that we are able to shine our light so bright that the entire world is illuminated. The fire and passion that we bring to our daily endeavors determines the outcome of our day.
When we go deep into the ring of fire we are ignited with a deeper understanding so that we can attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity. When we find like minded people who believe that peace, love, and understanding should rule the day  we begin to be filled with a burning desire to be of service and value. As a result of having a burning heart and starting our own fir we begin to manifest the life that we desire by simply being filled with a divine fire that allows us to achieve what we once perceived to be impossible. It is when we are so consumed by the fire that we are able to ignite a burning flame that never burns out and inspires others.
Once you have a burning heart it is important to take action and follow your instincts by heeding the messages from above. It is when you answer your calling that you can make changes in your life and in the lives of others. When you put your heart into everything you do the fire inside of you will become an inferno and allow you to deliver a message of hope and healing to the world.
There comes a time in your life as you experience a spiritual awakening that you realize that the fire you have inside is meant to light up the sky like a firework to show your explosiveness and beauty. It is when this occurs that you will be on your path toward enlightenment. It is when you get on the path toward enlightenment that you will be able to show the world that service to humanity is the best work of life. It is when  you start spitting fire that you are able to detach from outcomes and simply move ahead on your path continuing to light a fire that illuminates the world.
When you allow GOD to start the fire inside of you it is important to fan the flames so that that fire continues to grow so you can attract people to help you to spread positivism in the world. It is when you use fire properly that great things can happen and many great achievements can occur.  So many times we look at fire as a destroyer however we must look at fire as a builder or as a message to start again. Fire illustrates to us the great balance that exists in our world.

It is when we are consumed by the fire of spirit that we are able to do amazing things. The energy we bring to anything will be reflected back to us and the results will be equal or greater to the energy that we give. When you are steeped in the fire of spirit you will be able to ignite powers that may have laid dormant inside. It is up to you to be a fire starter and ignite as many flames that you can so as to promote bliss and abundance.

Chicago suffered a great fire that nearly destroyed a city but many years after there was a team who caught fire and went wire to wire as they ignited their inner fire and together came together to snap a World Series Championship drought that spanned 108 years. The Chicago Cubs of 2016 definitely were spitting fire and showed us that when a fire is ignited and fans are flamed and everyone pulls together that greatness is accomplished. One of the stories that I will remember is how Anthony Rizzo never let his battle with cancer get him down. He kept his fire burning and kept spitting fire and on a magical night in Cleveland Ohio was crowned a World Series Champion. There is a champion lying inside of you waiting to be set on fire. Light that fire and spit fire as you move positively in the direction of your dreams.






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