Spiritual Awakening: Get Off The Bench!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Get Off The Bench!!!

As we experience a spiritual awakening we must commit to become an action taker and get off the bench. There comes a time when we must simply put ourselves in center field and prepare for the world to see our light shining bright. So many times we get so caught up with worry about what will other people think that we keep ourselves on the bench. As a result of sitting on the bench and forgetting everything and running we create blockages that stop us from having the success that GOD has intended for us. It is only when we take action to face everything and rise by committing to getting off the bench that we manifest the live we want as divinely guided by GOD.  Through a spiritual awakening we learn that we are talented beyond measure and when we use our talents for good we create a life that id filled with peace, love, joy, and prosperity. Every time we decide to get off the bench and take action we will be greeted with challenges. It is in overcoming these challenges that we grow personally, professionally, and spiritually knowing that if GOD brought us to it GOD will bring us through it. It is when we decide to get off the bench and look at everything in a positive light tat we begin to find more happiness and success in what we do. It is when we decide to get off the bench and play the game by our rules that we create bliss and abundance.

What game will you play to manifest the life that you desire. Will you be an action taker or an excuse maker? Will you go against the norm and play by your own rules not worrying what others think or will you succumb to the pressure of what is perceived as normal  and hold yourself back? The choice lies with you and if you choose to tap into your inner divinity and be guided by GOD, The Ascended Masters, and the Angels you will see that the game you play will be one filled with many victories. Each day you have a choice you can sit on the bench wondering what might have been or you can get off the bench and see what will be. Every day you have 86,400 seconds in the day to get off the bench and to take action to answer your calling.
Make this a year where you get off the bench and use your time wisely. It is when you vibrate with love and commit to doing small things with great love that you begin to shine a bright light that illuminates the world. When you get off the bench you put forces in motion to help you move positive in the direction of your dreams.  Make your season a season where you are guided by love and compassion and you will see that love and compassion is given back to you. Be one who is genuine in your desire to be of service and value. Seek ways where you will vibrate on a higher level that attracts people and things to you to help you in exceeding your goals and objectives.  Get off the bench and be limitless.
I remember the first time I decided that I was better than a bench warmer and that though I may not have excelled athletically I had an ability to bring games to life with my voice so instead of limiting myself to playing the game I became an announcer. I then began to see that I was limitless and the only one that could hold me back was myself. I remember telling people I was going to be an announcer and how many laughed and told me no way. Well by being an action taker and not listening to naysayers I have become an excellent announcer and I am landing more and more paying gigs by getting off the bench and becoming limitless. It is when you find your gift that that you can use it for good thus no longer being a bench warmer but an active participant. My favorite thing to do when I run into a naysayer at an event where I am the announcer or emcee is to make  it point to let them know I am the announcer or emcee for the event and then watch the looks on their face when I get up to do what I do and that is bring a game or event to life.  It is amazing how many of the doubters will come up and say wow you have a great voice. This is when i simply ask the DJ to play How are you liking me now.
When you get off the bench and take action you will find you have haters and naysayers. You must be strong and continue on your path and one day when the doubters are ready they will get on the path to enlightenment. It is when you get off the bench and follow your dreams that you will be able to say how you liking me now.
Now is the time to get off the bench and get into the game. Go all out and you will find success. Namaste!!!








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