Spiritual Awakening: Finding Joy!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Finding Joy!!!

People have asked me JDOGG how do you continue to find joy after losing your job on Friday, being in a Dunkin Donuts that was robbed on Friday, and all the other things that you have been through in your life. I answer very simply by being grateful for the experiences and understanding that if GOD brought me to it GOD will bring me through it. If I commit to serve GOD with love and joy in my heart GOD will deliver love and joy into my heart.  When I stay connected to GOD I am able to find joy and comfort. Through this connection I am able to give praise to GOD and show gratitude thus creating a life filled with much peace, love, joy, and prosperity. I have  come to learn through the spiritual awakening process that it is when we are connected spiritually that we can create a better human existence.
In giving praise to GOD I have been able to find joy despite some of the obstacles that have  come into my life. I have  come to understand that GOD will not put anything on your plate that you can not handle. I have  also come to learn that GOD will put people in your life that may create some adversity so as to teach you lessons so that you can move forward in a positive direction of your dreams. It is when we give the glory to GOD that we are able to receive glory here on earth. It is through praise and acknowledgement of GOD that we can check our ego at the door and stop edging GOD out. It is when we are connected to GOD that we find joy.

 We may have some sadness that our weeping washes away so as to make room for the joy that GOD will give us. It is when we go very deep inside and tap into our inner divinity that we are able to let go and let god and thus find joy that then leads to abundance. It is important to find out what makes you happy and what also pleases GOD and then to take action to follow whatever it is that brings joy into your life and also pleases GOD.

I have found that giving in a cheerful manner by being grateful for the ability to give brings me much joy. In being open minded about giving and simply giving from the heart I have  found that I attract a great deal of love, bliss, and abundance. I have  found that one of the easiest things to give is the gift of kindness simply by being nice to others and doing my best to be of service and value to others.

I have found joy through meditation as I quiet my mind and begin to receive the messages from GOD, The Ascended Masters, and The Angels guiding me to continue to shine my light and to illuminate the world by being a beacon of hope to others and showing the world that they too can have a joyful life and overcome challenges simply by understanding that they are divine children of GOD with a divine purpose.
I have  found one of the best ways to find joy is to have an upbeat playlist with music like this from Katrina and The Waves. It is when we create a higher vibration that we begin to attract more and more joy into our life.  Even in our darkest hours where we feel anger and despair we can find joy and turn that darkness into light that is then filled with hope and healing. Sometimes all it takes is to assume a position of gratitude and to share our gratitude with others.

I have been able to find joy in the teachings of The Lakota Indians and  their messages to praise GOD and honor Mother Earth. It is when we are connected to GOD and Mother Earth that we can face sadness and find joy. We have a choice to make every day we can be upset at what happened in the past or be grateful and filled with joy for another day to help other people excel.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S Gifts To Help You Find Joy!!!

A\great gift is to make a joyful noise unto the lord so to break the shackles that may be holding you back from the plans that GOD has for you.

Take Time Out

By Jonathan Steven Lederman

Take time out to see
a sunrise a new day
Take time out to hear
a baby’s cry a new life
Take time out to feel
a brick wall a hardship
Take time out to taste
an icecream cone a happy moment
Take time out to smell
a red rose an emblem of love
Take time out to experience
the good things life

The above is a poem I wrote and it helps to remind me to take time to slow down and appreciate what is around us. I have several poems at www.poetry.com.

One of the greatest gifts we have is our ability to know that after a storm comes a rainbow and that things will be brighter.

The Journey

By Jonathan Steven Lederman

I walk a long a dirt covered road
the trees and flowers a sight to behold
a stranger in a strange land
all the mysterious stops not planned
I make a turn down a hidden path
there are my students eagerly waiting studying math
The call for lunch
what filipino dish will I munch?
We go into the fields harvesting rice
the interaction is so nice
half way around the world
a new flag unfurled
new people new friends
memories of a journey that never ends.

I wrote this poem when I was a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in The Philippines It is my hope that you will accept it as a gift and use it to move forward on your journey as you continue to enhance your personal, professional, and spiritual life. Stay Positive!!! Namaste!!!





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