Spiritual Awakening: Weathering The Storm!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Weathering The Storm!!!

As I sit at Starbucks the chatter is all about The impending storm, Hurricane Matthew. The stores in the area have been ravaged of bread, water, and other staples. The gas stations are out of gas. I say wow so many people acting out of fear in an effort to weather a storm. I take a moment to reflect and realize that if GOD brought me to it GOD will bring me through it. I look at the worst case scenario, the best case scenario, and the most likely case scenario and then decide to release it all to GOD, The Ascended Masters, and The Angels.  As the storm approaches I began to think about how many figurative storms I have experienced and any storms that I am currently experiencing and how important it is to tap into my inner divinity and go with my divine guidance system.

On of my storms is that I am have a tendency to hold things in and then explode with anger. This was the case this week at work as I have been giving The Owner of the store where I work ideas about improving his business and was told by another employee that I wasn’t doing my job right as I sold a piece of memorabilia that was retailing for $749.99 for $600 as we were doing a sale and this was authorized by the owner who after I sold the piece raised the price and sold a similar piece for $900. Instead of saying good job and telling me in the future check with him he had an employee point this out and the employee didn’t even acknowledge my sale and instead started to criticize me and that is when my human side got in the way of my spiritual side and I exploded. This anger stayed with me until I went to pick up merchandise to bring to the store I work at from another location and when I finally went face to face with the employee it got really heated. I then realized that being angry and letting this consume me was like wrestling a pig in the mud as you both get dirty but the pig enjoys it. It was at this time that I decided that I can not fight the windmills and be like Don Quixote and to go back to the teachings of the spiritual leaders who have taught me these four agreements.

Four Agreements

I then sat in reflections and remembered the serenity prayer and as a result I was resolved to the fact that can not change the way someone does something if they are stubborn and won’t listen and are full of excuses and are not authentic and allow their ego to get in the way.

Knowing my position at work I am now able to turn the page and weather the storm taking solace that when I am not at the store I can do what I know works and thus grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. I have  come to understand that the plans that GOD has for me are far greater than my plans and that it is important to understand my role at the store and take solace in knowing that that job does net define who I am and that it is a means to an ends of creating a world where I am of value and service to others.

In weathering the storm it is important to turn the page. Once you turn the page you can commit to not do the things that brought the the storm upon you and thus you will become more spiritually aware and awake. In turning the page and not looking back you are able to cut cords and move forward in a positive direction of your dreams.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S Gifts To Help You Weather The Storm!!!

I give you this  song so you can weather the storm and so that you stop doing the same thing expecting different results. It is when you commit to weathering the storm and going from limiting beliefs to being unlimited understanding you are a divine child of GOD and that you have a power to be great that you will see changes in your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

 I give you this gift so it provides you with hope and healing. It is when we decide to face everything and rise that we can overcome any trials and tribulations that come our way. It is as simple as quieting your mind and being in tune with your inner divinity so as to receive guidance to weather a storm. Namaste.





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