Spiritual Awakening: Sowing The Seeds Of Love!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Sowing The Seeds Of Love!!!

Each day when I awake I ask myself how can I add value to someone’s life? Today (10/3/2014) is another FREE HUGS FRIDAY where I put up the FREE HUGS Banner at my local Starbucks and as I write my blog and promote events and businesses I  give out FREE HUGS.  This is my way of sowing the seeds of love. During the spiritual awakening process I have learned that if you are loving and caring in all you do and you have a definitive goal in mind you will meet with success and grow personally and professionally.  In having a vision that is heart centered you are able to be focused and disciplines and thus execute your purpose on a daily basis. Today we have an opportunity to positively impact our lives and the lives of others by simply reaching out and sowing the seeds of love.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools For Sowing The Seeds Of Love!!!

Music and sacred chants can be great tools to help us stay centered and grounded while exploring our inner divinity and making the mind, body, soul connection while we sow the seeds of love.

Music is a fantastic tool to use as we plant the seeds of love. Finding the inner joy inside of us ans letting it out for others to see will serve us in our spiritual awakening as we begin to find that there is more joy around us and inside of us than we know. It is when we are joyful, caring, and loving that we are able to radiate love and allow love to flow to us and from us. We can be a great conduit of love just by allowing it flow and expressing love in all we do.

book cover of Sowing the Seeds of LoveSowing the Seeds of Forgiveness - Immaculee Ilibagiza - Bookswap.comReturn to Love Book Group Discussion Questions – Session 1 Books such as these and those available through Hay House and Sources of Wisdom Book 2 and Sources Of Wisdom Book 3 serve as excellent tools to help in sowing the seeds of love.

sproutem.com Sharon Quercioli of www.sproutem.com makes beautiful cards that can then be planted and nurtured thus helping to plant the seeds of love. These card can be a good tool in helping you in the spiritual awakening process to help you to spread the message of love to others.


Keeping your birthstone with you can assist you in the quest to sow the seeds of love.


gratitude-journalKeeping a gratitude journal has served many on their spiritual path to give and receive love.  If you awake each day and find three things to be grateful for you can set in motion the events that will help you to sow the seeds of love.

good Marriage and forgiveness picture quotesPracticing forgiveness serves as a tremendous tool that opens up your heart chakra and allows you to receive love and as a result also give love. Sometimes we must forgive ourselves so we can move on in a loving and caring manner.

love yourself quotes and sayingsLetting go and letting GOD has proven to be of great assistance in sowing the seeds of love. When you eliminate that which no longer serves you and allows you to be the loving divine child of GOD that you are you begin to open up the channels to bring love into your life and thus put love out into the world.

love_yourself_by_des_fan-d3drlruTake care of yourself and do things that show yourself love for when you love yourself you will be able to show love to others. Take a walk in nature, meditate, go for a massage, do something you enjoy, eat healthy, pray, send yourself a love note, carry some affirmations with you so you can sow the seeds of love.

Show details for Whispers of Love Oracle Cardslove Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. Oracle cards can give you guidance as you sow the seeds of love.

Church Media and Worship Videos Mini Movies Worship Tracks Countdowns ...Bible Verses Pictures Images Photos 2013So far, we’ve memorized verses about Love and Joy. The greatest tool to help sow the seeds of love is scriptures.

Spiritual Awakening: Songs and More To Sow The Seeds Of Love!!!

Sometimes the greatest lessons we find during the spiritual awakening process as we sow the seeds of love come from the movies we watch like this Disney movie, Frozen.
We all want to know what love is and the best way to find out what love is we should sow some seeds of love.
Expressing love and continue to show love will propel you to heights that you only imagined.
When you love and praise the lord you will sow more seeds of love and you will reap a large harvest.

 The greatest way to sow seeds of love is to make the oneness conscious connection between you and GOD and then share it with others.

Pinned by Tamara Hamblin... Love Quotes | Life Quotes | Inspirational Quotes | Motivational Quotes Reminding yourself daily that you are loved is a fantastic way to set the tone for sowing seeds of love. Stay Positive!!!


  1. LOVE this song (sowing the seeds of love) Thank-you!
    Very sweet site/sight
    We are the Shift of the Ages and as Yogi Beyond Ananda sez,”…that’s right America, it’s time for an Up-wising!!!”

    Peace and Love Howard

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