Spiritual Awakening: Personal Development Fact or Fiction?


Spiritual Awakening: Personal Development Fact or Fiction

Have you ever attended a personal development workshop in search of a spiritual awakening and you listened to  the speakers signed up for their program and then realized that the program wasn’t really what you were searching for so you put it on the shelf  and never implemented it?  The programs that are available are only as good as the people applying them. For example you can click on The Hay House Link but items, however unless you apply what you are reading to your personal and professional life you may remain stagnate.

To avoid becoming stagnate look for spiritual events happening in your community like the one in Pompano Beach, FL, The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Awards, being held on 3/24/12 at Unity Church Pompano Beach from 9 AM – 4 PM featuring Dr. Mia Merrit, personal Development Author and Speaker, Sarah Spiritual, Founder of The Expedito Enlightenment Center, Rev. Dr. Dee Adio-Moses, Author of You’re Enough and Other Inspirational Books, Ernest Chu, Author Of Soul Currency, and Ken Esrig, Author of Start From Where You Are. Tickets can be purchased for $75 with a portion being donated to The Reaching Out To Cancer Kids Program. It is through events like this that you will enhance your personal and pofessional life. It is when you take action and apply the teaching that are being presented to you that you grow and expand and thus become the person you want to be.

 You may not be able to change those around you however you can change yourself. Think about the idea of being the best you and shining your light regardless of what others may think, say or do. If you feel like wearing a Santa Hat and smiling at people do it. If you want to organize a free hugs day like Elaine Caban, then do it.

Elaine Shows that Personal Development is Fact not Fiction. Her teachings help other people excel. You can find her on Facebook at Elaine is an example of someone who is helping others to have a spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Awakening: Personal Development Leaders

There are many people that can asssit you with your spiritual awakening and enhance your personal development path. Some of those I recommend are:

1: Darrene McDuffie of PHAT Body Fit Shop-

2: Cynthia Segal of Sixth Sense Services-

3:  Nancy Pena Brink –

4: Nancy Matthews-

5: Trish Carr-

6: Evie

7: Bert Oliva-
8: Mande White-
9: Wendi Klein Blum-

10: Maurice DiMino-

These are 10 people that can help you there are many avaiable to you like Coach Shantel Springer who helps people overcome their limiting beliefs. Visit my facebook page at and you will find many personal development coaches.

This week you can decide if personal development is fact or fiction by charting your path and making the decision to improve yourself. It is when you take action that you will achieve success. May you release the song you have insode you and be the shining light you are. Remember you are special and deserve the best.

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  1. When you will go the take the action for personal development then you should think about the fact or fiction. Because fact and fiction is most important think which you have to be focus and apply for personal development. I am sure that it will be great one. Thanks!!

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