Spiritual Awakening: Community Service and Its Value


Community Service: A Spiritual Value

Mention that you do community service to many and they often ask what did you do? When I say I didn’t do anything I chose to give back to the community and show people that service to humanity is the  best work of life, they seem perplexed and confused. They often ask why would you do something that didn’t bring you income. My answer is that many times it is not about the monetary reward but the spiritual assets that you use that create monetary assets in the future. I often say about community service that it is the intrinsic rewards thatyou receive by being of service and value to others. The law of reciprocity is one that states when you give you receive, perhaps not directly from the person you helped but from someother source.  In the photo below Mother Teresa exemplified the ideal of helping others.

Mother Teresa was the empitomy of Community Service









Community Service: Not Just a Holiday Idea

It seems every year you hear about community service projects from Thanksgiving to Christmas and then the news cycle goes back to the ordinary day to day  reporting. Community Service projects are happening all year round and when you give of yourself and use your spiritual assetts you enhance your life and the lives of others. It can be as simple as a smile or opening a door for someone. In your community you can find events such as The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Awards occuring on 3/24/ 12 at The Unity Church of Pompano Beach with speakers, Dr. Mia Merritt, Sarah Spiritual, Rev. Dr, Dee Adio Moses, Ernest Chu, and Ken Esrig leaders in the spiritual and personal developmement field.

When the holidays are over the sick and the homeless will still need help so let’s not forget them and create a spiritual awakening to help them and others who may be challenged. When you dim the last light on The Menorah or put away your Christmas Tree take the spirit of the miracles that were celebrated and put them in your heart and let the light shine brightly to others so that miracles can be celebrated everyday.

Everyone can make a difference. There are many stories about people making a difference some are highlighted in Dr. Shellie Hipsky’s Book Ordinary Planet Extraordinary People. The great aspect of the book is the fact that 25% of the profits are donated to the causes mentioned in the book.

An example of a business that is giving back and showing that community service is an everyday occurance is  Feel The Hugs as they donate a percentage of sales to cancer research, they visit veteran hospitals, children’s hospitals, and senio centers. You can support their efforts and show love to others by visiting and making a purchase of their items.

There is a lot of good going on and we are experienceing a spiritual awakening that will increase the level of community service that we see.

 Community Service: The Star Fish Story

      A young boy was walking the beach one day after a stormand discovered many starfis that washed a shore. he began to pick them up and throw them back into the ocean. An older man came along and said there are thousnads you won’t make a difference. The little boy picked up a star fish and threw it back into the ocean and said made a difference to that one. He continued to do this and soon the old man joined him and  said we may not save all of them but lets save the ones we can. That day many starfish were savbed because of a shift in consciousness and a desire of a young boy to do what he could.

     This week think of ways you can nhelp others and be part of the spiritual awakening taking place inside of you. You may only be one but you are one and you have the power to make a positive difference. Wishing you a Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas. may the spirit of the season continue all year round.



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