Spiritual Awakening:Persistence Breaks Down Resistance!!!

Image may contain: one or more people and people playing sportsToday’s entry was inspired by my interaction with Wilson Football as I was doing my best to obtain footballs to use in the fundraising efforts for The 2018 American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise. At first the response was sorry we can’t help you to which I sent a reply speaking my truth that a big company like Wilson should be able to give 3 footballs to any organization that requests them. After a few back and forth messages  Wilson came through and sent 3 Superbowl 52 official game balls to utilize. As I have experienced a spiritual awakening I have  come to realize that you must walk in your truth and be persistent as it breaks down resistance. This may upset some people and that happens when you walk in your truth and have a solid foundation filled with good reasoning for people to assist you in your quest to be of service and value of others. In being persistent we are able to shine a bright light that illuminates the world. There are many people that just need to have things explained in a way they can understand and when they are ready they will help you to be of service and value to your community.  Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Everything Counts!!!

As I was out collecting donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise today (1/6/2018) I encountered many great people who understood the value of giving and this energized me as every donation was getting me closer to the goal I set of raising $2500 to help fund research, education, advocacy, and services. I also encountered some negative people who simply didn’t understand that we are all interconnected and every interaction you have with someone counts. When I encountered these people I remembered the teaching of Don Miguel Ruiz if not taking anything personally and not judging. I took a deep breath and began to tap into my divine guidance system allowing GOD to direct me to where I need to be to have success in my quest to attack cancer from every angle. It was when I sat in reflection at Starbucks folding the brochures for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise that I began to understand that everything we do to be of service and value to others counts. Each action we take to show that service to humanity is the best work of life counts as it energizes us and allows us to vibrate at a level that will attract the resources we need to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually into our life.

As I continued to reflect on the happenings of the 2 hours spent promoting The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise I realized that it takes everyday people to come together and understand that everything counts. Every moment we have the opportunity to touch lives in a positive manner and when we make it a point to stay positive positivism will follow us and allow us to manifest the life that we desire. The smallest gesture counts as it can change someone’s day and propel them to heights they had only dreamed of in the past. I have found that many people will listen and understand the value of making a spiritual connection where everyone benefits. I have come to learn and understand that it is not my job to drag people kicking and screaming onto the path but to allow the universe to work and when they are ready they will find their path. In understanding that it is important to walk in your truth you will soon see that everything you do counts. Sometimes things may appear to be an illusion but even those illusions count as they remind us to question everything. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Timing Is Everything!!!

In becoming an action taker I have come to learn that timing is everything especially when you are evolving personally, professionally, and spiritually. As I have become more aware and awake I have come to understand that everything happens on GOD’S Time not your time. I have come to realize that patience is an important component to the spiritual awakening process. In cherishing moments and focusing on positive moments we as spiritual beings having a human experience are able to tap into our inner divinity that allows us to move forward along on our path toward spiritual enlightenment. In understanding that we a divine children of GOD and that GOD’S timing is impeccable we are able to experience some extraordinary events in our lives. In taking action and then allowing things to unfold as GOD has planned we are able to attract the peace, love, joy, ad prosperity into our lives as we desire. In awakening and knowing that timing s everything we are able to manifest a better life for ourselves which in turn allows us to be of service and value to others.
As 2017 is coming to an end and we turn the page toward 2018 we have the opportunity to make a new beginning by improving our timing by becoming more connected to GOD. Sometimes it is just a matter of starting over and understanding that timing is everything. As you wind down 2017 you may want to write down everything that you perceived to not go your way and then put it in a fire safe bowl and burn it thus giving up and committing to making a new beginning. Then you may desire to clean out that bowl and then put all the positive things you want to achieve in the new year and then burn that offering the burnt offering up to GOD and then daily taking action to manifest what you desire. It is in letting go of that which no longer serves you open up the channels to receive that which will serve you. One of the great things to do as you wind down 2017 is to go through your personal things and make  three piles 1 of which you will keep, one of which you will give to charity, and one that you will trash. In taking time to remove that which no longer serves you you will find that you are clearing the blockages that are holding you back from becoming the person that GOD want you to become. Read More→

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Spiritual Awakening: 2018 A Year Of Getting Stronger!

As I wrap up 2017 and look back to see if I made it a year of hope and healing I can say that I had many triumphs and also faced many tragedies and I am able to now declare that 2018 will be a year of getting stronger.  I know in order to do this I will need to finish out 2017 strong and find ways to continue to share with others and make them stronger in mind, body, and soul so that I will become stronger.  To become stronger mentally, physically, emotionally,and spiritually you will have to continue to be an action taker. The first step to gaining strength and clarity is to take action and to let go and let GOD. When you have a strong spiritual connection to GOD you begin to see that everything is in order the way GOD has intended it to be.  As you experience your spiritual awakening and declare 2018 to be a year where you will get stronger and grow personally, professionally, and spiritually you will find some very subtle changes in your life that will lead to you having peace, love, joy, and prosperity.  When you make a declaration and you take action to work on manifesting that declaration you will find yourself experiencing positive changes in your life that allow you to be of service and value to other. In working on strengthening you mind, body, and soul you will see the more work you do and the more authentic you are the better the outcome. As you look back on 2017 look at what worked for you and what you could do differently and then declare that 2018 will be a year of getting stronger.

Image result for Spiritual StrengthIn making 2018 a year of getting stronger we must strengthen our relationship with GOD and listen to the messages that GOD is delivering. Each morning make it a point to give thanks to GOD and praise GOD and then commit to letting go and letting GOD. Make it a point to seek the answers from GOD, The Ascended Masters, Jesus, and The Angels and they will guide you to a life where you are strong and capable. Take time to consult the scriptures  and to really live by the word as it will give you strength. I remember a day about 2 years ago I went out to collect for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life with a bible in one hand and a collection canister in the other. I came upon a business and the person behind the counter asked me what I was reading I showed him the bible and he responded I better help as you have a very powerful weapon with you. He donated $5 and I realized that we gain power by being connected to GOD. I carry the bible with me everywhere I go now as you never know how you can help others to find their strength. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: A Journey To The Light Side!!!

As I drove to Boca Raton today (12/21/2017) to pick up copies of this book that Michelle Goebel donated to help in the effort to assist those touched by cancer I realized that this was a journey to the light side as this donation was made with the intention of spreading love to those touched by cancer without any expectations of return. When I arrived at Starbucks I decided to read Michelle’s chapter, The Universe Heals Through The Heart, it was a very enlightening read and really confirmed the importance of journeying to the light side. Michelle’s story illustrates what is possible when you journey to the light side.

Image result for The Light Side SpiritualityAfter reading Michelle’s story I felt a shift of energy in my body as I began to find things to be grateful for and ways to be a beacon of hope and healing to others. It is through the journey to the light side that we are able to find ways to enhance the personal, professional, and spiritual lives of others while also enriching our own lives. It is in finding the light and driving out the darkness that we are able to move forward in a positive direction to enlightenment. In our journey we will encounter darkness however when we encounter darkness we have a choice we can dwell on the darkness or we can tap into our inner divinity and bring bright light to us using the forces of GOD, JESUS, The Ascended Masters, and The Angels to drive out the darkness thus allowing us to be a bright shining light that will help to illuminate the world with positivism. We have the ability to create a life filled with much peace, love, joy, and prosperity by simply reminding ourselves that we are divine children of GOD and GOD wants us to prosper as we journey toward enlightenment. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: A Dose Of Civility Needed!!!

As I have become an action taker I have encountered many great people who truly understand the importance of civility as it relates to evolving as a spiritual being then their are those who simply need a dose of civility. In today’s world that seems to be driven by social media people have become very discourteous in their dialogues not understanding that the way you treat people will determine how far you rise in this life. Last night (12/19/2017) I was watching The Cheribundi Tart Cheery Boca Bowl and interacting on Facebook when I posted a comment on  a post and was immediately berated by the poster with very unsuitable language. I was taken aback by this because I didn’t know this person and he made a horrible impression on me I answered back very politely only to be told to go eat a ****. I took a deep breath and consulted the ascended masters. I received the message that not everyone is as open as you JDOGG but do not get discouraged simply move on and remember those who are meant to interact with you will be shown to you. I have come to learn that what we need in our society today is a dose of civility. I have learned that not everyone will be kind and compassionate and to focus on those who are supportive and realize that not everyone has been awakened spiritually and that it is not my job to drag them kicking and screaming onto the path but to allow them to find the path when they are ready.
Despite the lack of civility on some people’s part it is important to remember the importance of walking in your truth and fighting the good fight. There are going to be times when people say things or do things that make you wonder what the heck. When this occurs it is important to detach from the situation and simply be civil and courteous and allow everything to flow as GOD has intended because if GOD brought you to it GOD will bring you through it. I have come to understand that if you stay committed to following the messages of GOD, Jesus, The Ascended Masters, and The Angels and fighting the good fight you will attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. When you give everyone a dose of civility there is a ripple effect and a subtle change occurs because you remembered that you are  divine child of GOD and you recognize that divinity in others.  If we are truly going to fight the good fight we need a dose of civility. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Waking People Up!!!

As I continue to travel on my spiritual path I have come across many people that need to wake up. Regular readers of this blog know my passion for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and how I am always armed with facts and figures to help people wake up. Today (12/16/2017) I was out promoting Relay For Life and I had a gentleman say I put $1 in the canister and only $.25 (25 cents) goes to the people that need it. I explained that he was mistaken as 96% of each dollar raised goes to research, education, advocacy, and services. I also explained that I was a volunteer and that I do this to honor the memory of those taken by cancer including my mom who was called home to GOD on July 5, 2012 after suffering a massive heart attack while battling non-operable metastatic lung cancer. His reply I do my own thing. I said thank you GOD bless you and I left.  I share this with you to educate you so you have the facts thus you can be aware and awake to the truth.  In another instance today I went to The Pizza Hut in my community where I was a  loyal customer and I encountered a General Manager who immediately blew me off say I had to go through their main office. I was a bit taken about by this as one would think that a General Manager would be empowered to make a donation of 10 pizzas for an event that was 4 months away. I left thinking wow people need to wake up and find more kindness. I went to my car and remembered that some will, some won’t, some waiting, so what, next. As I drove over to Starbucks to write this entry I also remembered that is not my job to drag people kicking and screaming onto the path but instead to shine my light so bright that it illuminates the world and gives people permission to wake up. As I sat down to write this blog I was reminded that if I can not do big things to do small things with great love. I realized that b be caring and kind I would be able to shine my light and thus create a change in the world as I woke more people up..

Image result for Inner Divinity We need to understand that it is our responsibility to carry ourselves in a way in which peace, love, joy, and prosperity are exuded from us so that we raise the collective consciousness of those we encounter so that they will become awakened. It is important to understand that not everyone is as evolved spiritually as we may be and may not share the same passion that we share thus we must find common ground. It is out responsibility as evolving beings to make sure that we meet people where they are and do our best to lift them so that they can become the strong beings that they are.  Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Getting To Know You!!!

In today’s age of social media and the desire for instant gratification ask yourself when was the last time you actually took time to get to know someone. As I have become spiritually awakened I have made it a point to get to know people on a cellular level so that I can be of service and value to them. In taking action to do this I have found that the more you learn about someone the more able you become to help them in achieving their goals and objectives. I have also come to know that if you help people get what they want you will get what you want. In making a conscientious effort to know people you will find that you grow personally, professionally, and spiritually as you begin to make things more about others than yourself and as a result you find that you attract more peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. In getting to know people you are better able to work together for you begin to find out that you are more alike than different thus finding common ground enabling you to work together to make your part of the world a better place.
In getting to know people you are able to band together to affect changes by seizing the day so that at the end of the day everyone is enriched in a personal, professional, and a spiritual way. When you stand up to injustice by getting to know people and embracing the concept that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations you will be able to answer your calling and seize the day.  It is when you get to know people and make them feel that they are important that you create a paradigm shift that leads to positive changes that improve life as we know it. In taking a  stand and seizing the day you will find yourself manifesting the life that you desire. In getting out from behind the computer and getting to know people you will find that not only your life is enhanced but their life is enhanced as well. Sometimes all it takes is to engage in dialogue to find common ground to affect change in the part of the world that you occupy. Read More→

Spiritual Awakening: Focus On The Joy!!!

Image result for make a joyful noise unto the lord imagesAs I left the bank today(12/8/2017) I realized just how much joy I have in my life and how important it is to focus on the joy. I walked to my car thanking GOD for allowing me the opportunity to use my talents for good and as a result having money to take care of the necessities in life. As I got into my car I realized a shift in my being. It was at that moment that I reminded myself to bring joy to everything I do. In becoming an action taker driven with a purpose to be joyful while being of service and value to others I have found that I am more aware and awake spiritually. I still have some challenging moments however when those moments arise I do my best to be joyful. In reflecting back on 2017 and preparing fr 2018 I am reminded to focus on the joy that there is the world and to celebrate the small victories thus attracting peace, love, joy, and prosperity into my life.
In focusing on joy we open up many channels to receive as the universe return what it is given.  If we go about each moment with a goal to be joyful we will receive joy in return. It is when you answer your calling in a joyful manner that you bring more joy into your life. I have been sending out direct messages to people to take a moment and visit http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg19 to make a donation to help plant the seeds of hope and healing for those touched by cancer. In the past I would get upset by the amount of people who weren’t responding but today I decided to be grateful and joyful for those that were donating. As I focused on the joy that their donation brings to those touched by cancer I realized that my entire attitude changed. I went from anger to happiness in a matter of moments. It was when we change our focus that our entire perspective changes. Read More→