12/30/2013 – Angela M. Thomas – Publisher, Certified Speaker, Coach, Author, & Founder of Rise Up 4 Change

I first connected with Angela M. Thomas through Facebook. I was very impressed with her background and her story when I visited www.angelamthomas.com that I reached out to have her on my radio show and on my TV Show. I recently met Angela for the first time and her energy and zest for helping others radiated throughout our conversation. As we completed the TV Interview we spoke for awhile and her insight was incredible. Her dedication to help other people excel is exemplified through her work as founder of Rise Up 4 Change, www.riseup4change.com. Angela is on a mission to empower and inspire others to help then to enhance their personal and professional life.

Coach Angela  M. Thomas is setting the pace and example through her books. Thomas’  novels have touched many women and men, including children of all ages.  She addresses real-life issues in their  everyday life. Some of the topics discussed in her novels are: loving  you, passion, overcoming fear, who am I, accessing inner strength, acceptance,  addiction, abuse, healing, emotional scars and commitment to change. Her  books are very diverse for all audiences to enjoy. She inspires and motivates others through her writing, speaking at conferences, book  signings and radio interviews.

Angela  M. Thomas CPC is a retired Miami-Dade Correctional Officer of 15 years  working at a women and men prison. A nine-time best selling  inspirational Author, CEO/Founder of Rise Up 4 Change Youth Program and Certified Motivational Speaker, consistently  delivers dynamic content through energetic public speaking. Also she is  a inspirational writer for Trendsetters to Trendsetters Magazine in  Atlanta, Georgia.

Angela has been featured in several publications,  radio interviews and newspapers throughout the world. As a certified  speaker; publisher, entrepreneur, business consultant, model, counselor, wife,  and mother of two daughters, Angela is promoting her books and speaking  on a platform, themed: “The Merciful Recovery Team that is built to last  through Spiritual Guidance, Passion, and Healing within these walls.”

Don’t focus on the times you have been defeated, and don’t forget all the challenges and victories you have won.





12/23/2013 – Kristi Schiller – Founder K9s4Cops- www.k9s4cops.org

I first learned of Kristi Schiller while watching The Rose Bowl Parade. I was so moved by the action that she took to help provide K9s to law enforcement agencies that I decided to make her JDOGG’s Person Of The Week. Below is Kristi Schiller’s Story. When you visit the site you can become a member of The Woof Pack by supporting their efforts.

A few years ago, I was watching the news when they broadcast a story about a K9 officer who had been strangled to death in the line of duty. I’ve always had dogs – lots of them. They’ve taught me so much more than I’ve ever taught them and I can’t imagine my life without them.

My heart broke that Christmas morning for the brave and dutiful K9 and for his law enforcement partner. Until then I had no idea how incredibly useful K9 officers were, nor did I know the cost to replace and maintain one dog was so prohibitive for most departments, especially in the face of budget cuts.

Something powerful stirred inside me in that moment. I knew something had to be done, and I knew I was going to be the one to do it.

That very morning I began making phone calls and sending emails. I needed to know how I could help. John and I have always believed “to whom much is given, much is required,” so it was not a question of “if”, but only a question of how, be it money or time or generally both.

Soon after, K9s4COPs was born and since then I’m so proud to say the organization has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and gifted numerous local and state law enforcement agencies across the United States with some of the world’s most highly trained K9 officers. It’s been one of the great honors in my life to spearhead this charity.

12/16/2013 – Debra Robinson- Live Your Soul’s Journey

My Photo

I first connected with Debra through Facebook when I was putting on The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Awards. We had a great conversation via the phone. Her energy, guidance, and insight really resonated with me. Today she came by the WRPBiTV Studios where I host an Internet TV Show, The Anything Bucket. She was full of energy. It was a pleasure to meet her in person. Debra is helping people to Live Their Soul’s Journey through her teachings. She can be seen on YouTube, read at www.walkingwithgratitudewithdebra.blogspot.com, and followed on Facebook.

      She is a spiritual counselor at live your souls journey with debra .  I am a  psychic, clairaudient ,radio host, and public speaker traveling and interviewing and sharing heart centered information to shift the consciousness of our planet and to help empower you to live your souls journey the time is now. www.facebook.com/debravoicesofthevoiceless


12/9/2013 – Shelli August- Spiritual Leader and Owner of Sabenna Yoga

I first met Shelli when I was out in the community promoting my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on www.wrpbitv.com. We immediately resonated with each other as her goal is to help people get on a spiritual path. She invited me to a Reiki Circle. I attended that program and was very pleased by participating. Shelli has since appeared on another show at WRPBiTV, Wandering Through Wayne’s World. Shelli continues to give back to the community by offering services to help people make a mind, body, soul connection.

Shelli August-Owner of Sabeena Yoga has been practicing Yoga for over 25 years. The style that resonates most with her follows the teachings of Swami Sivananda, who is the founder of Sivananda Yoga. Shelli lives by the ideals of Swami Sivananda to: SERVE ALL, TO LOVE ALL, TO MIX WITH ALL, AND TO SEE THE DIVINE IN ALL BEINGS. Shelli’s mission is to be a mentor to others by enlightening, empowering, and educating them about the benefits of Hatha and Raja Yoga.


12/2/2013- Glenn Stoutt- Director of Operations- Keeping Dreams Alive Foundation

Glenn StouttThe Dream

I came to know Glenn through my friend Scott J. Brook while I was at a Project Leadership Event. Glenn told me of his work with The Keeping Dreams Alive Foundation and  I was very moved by what he and his colleagues are doing to empower and inspire the youth of today to be leaders of tomorrow. I had the privilege of having Glenn on my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on www.wrpbitv.com. You can see Glenn’s appearance in the On Demand Section.

Glenn Stoutt

Director of Operation

Glenn Stoutt III has been involved with KDA™ as a Board of Director and the Director of Operation since 2003. Mr. Stoutt has an extensive background acting as CEO of several successful corporations and responsible for several corporate acquisition’s over the past 30 years. Over the past 10 years he has spent his time mentoring business entrepreneurs giving them the essential tools and instruction on how to develop, produce and implement strategic corporate structure to insure the success and viability of operating and running a successful corporate entity, thereby teaching them how this will increase their profitability and/or the probability of a future (successful & profitable) merger or acquisition.

In his spare time Mr. Stoutt coached high school football at Coral Springs Charter School in Coral Springs Florida for 8 years and was one of the original coaches to start the football program at the school. He was also responsible for implementing and running the first academic awareness program for the athletic program at the school. He has personal relationships with over 40 college coaches nationwide. He now dedicates all of his time mentoring student athletes through the foundation, teaching them how to successfully get to the next level and most importantly making sure they know how important it is to come back and make a positive influence in their communities. He strongly believes that we can “Change One Life, Change a Generation™”.

11/25/2013 Cindy Papale –  Author, Inspirational  Speaker, Cancer Survivor


 I found Cindy on Facebook several years ago and was very inspired by her story that I invited her to be a guest on my radio show, Get Motivated With Jonathan JDOGG Lederman. She agreed. I asked her if she was related to Vince Papale as I had just watched the movie Invincible. It turns out she is Vince’s Cousin. Cindy and I hit it off and she invited me to a gathering for a charity that she is very involved in The Pink Angels. Cindy’s work in the community is to be applauded and celebrated as she shares her story as a breast cancer survivor. Her book, The Empty Cup Runneth Over, is an inspiring and empowering read. Cindy continues to inspire a world wide audience with her message of hope and healing.  her Linkein Profile reads as follows:

It is with great passion that I continue to inspire and educate young women and men by participating on many health panels and speaking at many conferences about breast cancer. Education and awareness is critical for early diagnosis. My goal is to inspire, empower, and educate as many young women and men as possible.

Enjoyed being on Sirius satellite radio expressing my personal view about changing the guidelines for mammograms to age 50. I also had the opportunity to speak at the ACS Making Strides for Breast Cancer, and appeared on channel 6 South Florida Today Show.

Innovative entrepreneurial leader with solid management experience across business environments driving revenue and growth

Combines strategic and tactical expertise with strong qualifications in opportunity identification, business development, and general operations

Proactive/participative leader responsible for planning, operating performance, team development, and administrative functions

Highly analytical and creative with a talent for making rapid assessments of diverse situational challenges and then developing and leading successful resolutions.

Expertise in Business Development, Marketing, Team Facilitation, and Coaching

Written articles on my Breast Cancer journey published online at Fight Pink, Inc.

Appeared in numerous magazine publications promoting my book and sharing my own Breast Cancer journey.

Appeared on the cover of Miami Medicine Magazine, distributed by the University of Miami Sylvester Cancer Center, 2008

Shared an article in Living Beyond Breast Cancer Newsletter about the importance of educating young women about breast cancer, 2007/2008

Specialties: Public Speaker/advocate for breast cancer.
Currently writing a movie screen play.


11/18/2013 – Adham Talaat- Gallaudet University- NFL Prospect

#90 – Adham Talaat

Position: DL
Year: Jr.
Hometown: Springfield, Va.
High School: West Springfield
Height: 6-6
Weight: 285
Major: Physical Education


  • 2012 ECFC All-Academic Team
  • 2012 CoSIDA Football Academic All-American – Division III second team
  • 2012 All-ECFC Second Team Defense
  • 2012 CoSIDA Football Academic All-District First Team (District 2)
  • ECAC Division III Northeast Defensive Player of the Week – Oct. 24
  • ECFC Defensive Player of the Week – 10/22/12
  • 2011 ECFC All-Academic Team
  • 2011 All-ECFC Honorable Mention Defense
  • ECFC Defensive Player of the Week – 9/5/11

When Adham Talaat takes the field for The  Gallaudet University Football Team he can not hear the roar the roar of the crowd. When he makes an amazing play he doesn’t hear the excitement of the PA Announcer or the fans. Adham is hearing impaired and despite what many would consider a handicap he has turned into an advantage and has become a top performer and is now getting looked at by NFL Scouts.  Though his journey has been rocky at times Adham has overcome the challenges to be a standout on and off the field inspiring others to follow their dreams.

11/11/2013 Maurice DiMino – The Sicilian Mentor

 I first met Maurice at Barbara Theodosiou’s Transform Your Wealth Summit as I was the emcee. Immediately Maurice and I hit it off and he signed a copy of his book for me. I have had Maurice on my radio show, Get Motivated With Jonathan JDOGG Lederman. His knowledge of delivering a message that resonates with your audience is very helpful. Maurice is also dedicated to helping many charitable causes and continues to be of service and value in all he does.

Maurice DiMino is an award winning speaker, author and mentor.  He created the Sicilian Mentor Speaking and Presentation Template.  Executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities have used his template and they have turned their Number #1 fear into their number one asset.  Across the business spectrum, Maurice’s clients have sold more products, converted more prospects into raving fans, and they have raised the awareness of causes and charities across America.

Maurice would be the first to tell you that he has been doing public speaking all his life.  He has been in the sales field for over twenty years.  His last sales experience was renting and selling post production equipment in Hollywood.  He was called the “Million Dollar Man”, doing over a million dollars worth of business per month.  He made deals with such clients as Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil, and “Big Brother”.

Already a successful public speaker, Maurice joined Toastmasters in 2004.  Amazingly, that same year, Maurice was named the Number #1 speaker in Los Angeles.

Maurice has studied with some of the “greats” in public speaking: T. Harv Eker, Les Brown and Tony Robbins, and many others.  He has taken his years of training and experience and combined it with his public speaking skills, and added a touch of his Sicilian upbringing to produce “The Sicilian Mentor System for Success”

Maurice as the Sicilian Mentor is speaking all over the country covering topics on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, Leadership Skills, and Success Principles.  His coaching and mentoring program incorporates “The Sicilian Secret to Success,” the foundational principles that help his clients to achieve results in an easy, effective and fun way.

Maurice looks forward to the time where he sees you on the platform or stage fulfilling your dreams!


11/4/2013 Jason Gilliam-Alexander – Founder Mentoring Valuable Protégés


Jason Gilliam-Alexander  Jason Gilliam-AlexanderJason Gilliam-Alexander is a true leader who believes  in helping to build children rather than repairing adults. His sports background has led him to forming Mentoring Valuable Protégés. MVP, Inc. is a non profit youth development program based out of Miami, Florida. Our mission is to provide mentoring programs to kids in {5} core areas: Athletics, Academics, Career Development, Health & Wellness and Leadership. We offer skill development programs, educational workshops, camps, clinics, leagues, tournaments, travel/club/aau programs, private training and specialized/customized programs for the following sports: basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball and football. To support Jason and his efforts please visit www.mvpinc.org.


10/28/2013 Richard Miller, Great Brother, Entrepreneur, Animal Advocate

 Richard Miller is an entrepreneur who has followed his love for dogs and turned that love into a business based in Philadelphia, PA. Walk It Like A Dog provides exceptional services to its clients because of the high standards that Richard Miller has set. Richard left a high paying corporate job to pursue his passion of helping animals and their owners and has continued to grow the business. His compassion comes across in all that he does be it interacting with family, friends, or clients. he has supported many organizations dedicated to helping animals. He has also gone through a transformation and has become much healthier and now runs local races in an effort to help charitable causes. He has overcome many challenges and continues to face them head on with a positive attitude.

10/21/2013 Joshua Lederman, Great Brother, Musician, and Community Advocate

Josh Lederman I decided to name my brother, Joshua Lederman, this week’s person of the week as he truly exemplifies the idea of following your passion and helping the community. Josh has had adversity in his life. After nearly losing an eye in a shooting accident he turned to music and he became quite proficient at The Guitar. His work ethic inspired me to work hard and continue to achieve my goals. I had the pleasure of being the best man at his wedding to Marni Fowler.  Joshua is an accomplished musician and has contributed greatly to improving the quality of life of his students and the residents of Gainesville, FL.

An alumnus of Berklee College of Music in Boston and a graduate from the University of Florida, Josh specializes in music composition, ear training, and guitar and bass performance in folk, rock, funk and jazz styles. Josh also plays other stringed instruments such as Ukulele and Mandolin and currently plays Mandolin in the Gainesville band  ”A Parcel of Rogues”. Josh has also played in local acts such as “Jacare”, “Spladow”, “The Funky Miracle”, “Free Keys”, and the” Exotic Music Ensemble”. These days Josh also works as a musical director for drama projects which have been performed in New York as well as the Acrosstown, Hippodrome, and Santa Fe Community College theaters. The most recent of which are “Greed” and “The Haiti Project”.


10/14/2013 – Vicky Townsend Petrichelli – Founder Inspiration University & Women Influencers Networking Group

Vicky Townsend Pestrichelli is an accomplished business woman and philanthropist who continues to empower and inspire women worldwide by thinking globally and acting locally. Vicky’s commitment to providing leadership training through community service is exhibited through her Inspiration University and he Women Influencers Networking Group. Her tireless dedication to helping others serves as an example of the philosophy that service to humanity is the best work of life.

W.I.N.G Members are an elite group of businesswomen with the means to do business with other women from our community. Each month we meet twice, once on a Friday evening for our “Wine Down Fridays”. It’s a great monthly opportunity to connect with accomplished professional women, all with indulging yourself with some TLC.

Here’s how it works, We have catered hors d’oeuvres and fine wine, a sauna & steam, and will always have other spa services as a special monthly treat! As a member of W.I.N.G you may bring another successful businesswomen with you as your guest ( a current client or one that you want to create a business relationship with) and then the connection begins! Imagine how your body and soul will feel at the end of a long week as you go home feeling completely relaxed and ready to truly “Be” with your family and friends for the weekend.

Lastly we will meet on a morning once a month, for a workshop, mastermind, seminar series with expert speakers on topics to help you grow as a leader as well as a women. Oh yes, and as a W.I.N.G member you receive a “Sea Escape Pedicure”, one corresponding to the package you choose and 15% off any other spa services from Contour Day Spa!

Yes, your W.I.N.G membership has amazing privileges!

Think of this as how men network on the golf course, only we are relaxing, connecting and networking in a luxurious spa. The group will build and change, new connections will be made, and your business will grow. The expectations are high! We want our members to do business with one another, refer business to one another, and most importantly to support one another. If this sounds like a good fit for you, we hope you will join us in membership today!



10/7/2013 – Michael Colanero-Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project: A Fine Art & Photography Essay of Survivors


Michael Colanero is helping women touched by breast cancer with his own very touching and moving project, Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project. The Breast Cancer Awareness Body Paint Project is an ongoing series designed and created by Michael Colanero with the first survivor / model Cindy Papale to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer causes. I am lucky enough to have been brought onboard and painted all but one of these amazing women.  The concept is that we would talk with the survivors and get a feel for their personality and collectively come up with a theme. Once the theme was decided I would then paint a base image on our models using a combination of hand painting and airbrushing. After that Michael would take the photos and then even more artistry on his part would begin. Michael would take the final photos, edit them for lighting etc. and then create beautiful after effects using his computer to add or take away different artistic details to make the final image as intense, beautiful and meaningful as possible for each woman.

This project has been an amazing and humbling experience that I am honored to be a part of. All images are of actual Breast Cancer Survivors painted in a theme that has meaning to them personally. These images are available for sale on www.cafepress.com/BCABPP and all profits from the sales currently go to The Kristy Lasch Miracle Foundation. The foundation helps women under the age of 30 with medical related expenses who are battling breast cancer. Kristy was diagnosed at age 22 and lost her battle at 26. The Foundation is in her memory (www.kristylasch.org). *The Kristy Lasch Foundation is not affiliated with this project beyond being a recipient of our donations.*  –  Lucianne Ungerbuehler joined the project to paint the survivor / model for image titled “tribute”.

Please check back often as we bring new designs online MANY more in production NOW! 🙂
We currently have 18 survivors painted and photographed on our way to 50.


Seeking Survivors

The project currently has an open call to survivors who may be interested in participating please email: BCABPP@uncommonstock.net for more information. The goal is to produce a calendar and hopefully to go on to a coffee table book complete with bios and survivor stories.




9/30/2013 Maggie Macaulay- Whole Hearted Parenting and Founder It Takes A Village

Maggie Macaulay is a leader in the personal development field specializing in helping parents to redirect behaviors of their children.Whole Hearted Parenting was created in 2000 by Maggie Macaulay, MS Ed, who has taught parents the skills to create cooperative, peaceful homes for over a decade.   As a director with the International Network for Children and Families, Maggie trains instructors to teach the Redirecting Children’s Behavior™ course and she leads RCB South Florida, a team of certified parent educators serving the tri-county area.  Maggie is the recipient of the 2008 American Business Women’s Association Spirit of Excellence Parent Educator of the Year Award. In November of 2010, Maggie enjoyed speaking at the It Takes a Village to Create Change Conference at the Joan Kroc Institute of Peace and Justice on the campus of the University of San Diego.  Maggie also spoke at the National Association of Educators of Young Children (NAEYC) National Conference in Orlando in November of 2011. As a Certified Coach, Maggie offers individual parent coaching, and she is also a certified facilitator of the Freedom to Be course through Your Infinite Life Training and Coaching Company.    Through coaching, courses, workshops and teleseminars, Whole Hearted Parenting offers parents, teachers, businesses and professionals the skills to create cooperative groups that communicate effectively, that resolve problems peacefully and that assist children and adults in becoming assertive, empathetic and self-reliant.   Whole Hearted Parenting offers the Redirecting Children’s Behavior course, over 30 workshops on hot-button issues for parents and teachers, pre- and post-placement adoption seminars, the Whole Hearted Adoption workshop, classroom management training for teachers, workshops for organizations and the nationally available Parents in Pajamas teleseminars.         Maggie also hosts a great parenting event, It Takes A Village, which brings top experts in the field together to assist attendees in the raising of their children.

9/23/2013 – Nancy Pena Brink – Founder of Women’s leadership Empowerment Group and The Michael Joseph Brink Foundation, Author,Entrepreneur, and Inspirational Speaker     Nancy Pena Brink is a kind caring business women who has turned a tragic event in her life with the loss of her son Michael into triumph as she now educates people on how to deal with adversity and overcome the challenges that they face in their personal and professional life. Nancy has headed up many entrepreneurial endeavors to successful outcomes. Today she shares a message of hope and healing through her inspiring and knowledge filled presentations. Nancy truly epitomizes the ideal that service to humanity is the best work of life through her dedication to The Women’s Leadership Empowerment Group, www.womensleg.com and her commitment to The Michael Joseph Brink Foundation, www.michaeljosephbrinkfoundation.org. Her annual Holiday Extravaganza  is held every November and is a great way to bring the community together for a day of celebration and personal growth while assisting families through The Michael Joseph Brink Foundation. Nancy is a shining light of hope  for others. Please take a moment to learn more about Nancy and support her with her mission to help those families that are going through some trials and tribulations that may not know where to turn. 9/16/2013- Tashia Gilmore- Minister, Speaker, Christian Life Coach

Tashia Gilmore is a sought after speaker. She is the CEO of The Gilmore Group a personal development firm in South Florida and founder of Valley to Victory Ministries. Valley to Victory offers seminars, workshops and one-on-one coaching to empower women to move beyond their valley experiences, to transform their lives and to live a life of victory. Book Minister Tashia for your next event. This is your season of victory. Click Here to Join the Club
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9/9/2013 – Marie Huntley – Founder and CEO of On-Call Leadership

Marie G. Huntley was born April 21, 1977 to Johnny Huntley and Shirley Jones in Fort Lauderdale. She is raising four teens on her own; Jazzmen Sobers, 18, (High school graduate), Malic Huntley, 17, (Junior), La’Nard Spells, 14 (7th grade), Nigeria Spells, 13, (6th grade).  Marie is a Certified Paralegal and she has a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Criminal Justice.The vision of On-Call Leadership, Inc. came from watching the different behavior patterns of her four children and studying their behavior, then she thought back to the assignment that was given in her Juvenile Delinquency class where they had to make up a fictitious organization that would be geared towards the prevention of delinquent behaviors in our youth. Marie came up with On-Call Leadership, a NP Org that would help deter youth to better and it would be a 24/7 organization where the staff that would volunteer would be On-Call whenever needed. In 2009, Marie brought that paper to life.  February 21, 2009 O.C.L. was dedicated to the community and ever since then we have been steadfast and unmovable. Today, we educate the community through seminars every 2nd Wednesday of the month held at the African American Library in Fort Lauderdale and also the Tyrone Branch Library. O.C.L. has 13 youth that are in the program who are overcoming many obstacles through our prevention methods.
In today’s society, statitistics will show a great number of our youth taken by way of death or the system and these children have been told that they are worthless and will never amount to anything. Well, I strongly believe different; I believe the children are and will be the reason for our futures and without them we truly don’t have one. They to deserve the same chance at life, afterall, our lives were not perfect either. Teach one; reach one right. Our kids are only an example of what we have taught them to be, who we have taught them to be, and what we as parents have instilled in them. As CEO of On-Call Leadership, I say to know better is to do better and that’s what we have to do with our kids;BETTER! 
Our kids areGIANTS and that’s who they have been called to be. Let’s get out there and round them up and take them back by force. Let them know that we LOVE them and someone other than a prison wall has their backs. O.C.L. has been designed to focus on the positive attributes in our youth and not what the physical eye can see; but, what’s beneath the skin that runs deep. If, we put all that together and stand as one unit of people, then our kids won’t fall, but they will be “DETERRED 2 BETTER.”

9/2/2013 – Gloria Ramirez – Glorious Being Center Gloria Ramirez is an interfaith Minister, a Healer and a Seminar leader who embodies the unconditional love that she brings to her audiences in powerful workshops, seminars and lectures, and to her clients in private 1-on-1 coaching sessions. She is also the founder of Glorious Being Center, a 501 (c) (3) organization. Gloria is a rare soul who’s succeeded in both the spiritual world as well as the material world. She has an MBA degree and experience working in marketing including leading the internet division at NBC 6 in South Florida. Gloria’s experiential workshops, spiritual healings and coaching create life-transforming experiences and profoundly deepen one’s connection with their inner-power. Gloria’s love and warmth is extended to all she comes in contact with. In March of 2012 I had the honor of presenting Gloria with a Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Award. Gloria is an inspiration to all she comes in contact with and it is my honor to present her as JDOGG’s Person of The Week. To book a private session or to arrange workshops, public talks or spiritual healing groups with Gloria, please call 954.432.2387 Glorious Being Center A Healing Ministry of Love in Action Transformational Healings Spiritual & Emotional Coaching Seminar Teacher & Speaker Off.: 954.432.2387 Cell: 954.558.7327 E-mail: love@gloriaramirez.com Website: www.gloriaramirez.com <!–[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]–> <!–[endif]–> To subscribe to “Love in Action Newsletter”: email us at love@gloriaramirez.com     8/26/13 – Jeanne Dexter – The Talking Jar Series      prgrsvimghttp://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4687472586720551&w=98&h=108&c=8&pid=3.1&qlt=90   Jeanne Dexter empowers and inspires children and parents through The Talking Jar Series. Jeanne Dexter, founder and co-creator of the Talking Jar Series, has long appreciated heartfelt and authentic conversation. Growing up, her family regularly engaged in conversations that allowed both children and adults to openly communicate. “It’s so sad to me to see how much we have gotten away from that,” says Jeanne. “There has been a profound shift in our society and people no longer interact the way they used to. So many of us are plugged in and wired up to something but unfortunately, it’s very rarely another human being. Children today have grown up with TV, video games, MP3 players and are kept busy with non-school, recreational activities. Adults are just as busy with non-work activities and are also addicted to their gadgets. If families actually do find themselves in the house together, no one is interacting because they are all “talking” to other people in a virtual world. Our goal is to get people to enjoy having face to face conversation again and develop real communication skills.” The thought that “real talk” was something that everyone should have access to, as well as knowing the benefits of being able to have authentic conversations, stuck with Jeanne. Passionate about making a difference, she believed that a lot of the problems in society today are simply caused by a lack of communication, and she continued to think of ways she could encourage a change. Something that was fun, a tool that would help people really have the opportunity to talk and express themselves in a fun and non-pressured environment. Then the idea came to her! Unable to let go of the idea of a fun way for people to talk to each other, while still having meaningful conversations, Jeanne took her concept of an interactive and entertaining tool that would foster better communication, to Paul Schweinler. Schweinler was at the time, the Principal and Counselor of the school where Jeanne’s children attended. Jeanne remembers that day clearly. “My vision was so powerful, I could not leave it alone. Additionally, my family was in a period of life where I wished I had some kind of tool for help when talking with my own children. They were experiencing all kinds of emotions. Normally talkative and open, they were not approaching me like they used to. It wasn’t just that they weren’t coming to me about the big things, conversation in our house had just dwindled. It was very upsetting to all of us.” In various meetings with Paul, a licensed Counselor and Certified Trauma Expert, Jeanne expressed her passion for wanting to create a way for families to interact with each other on a deep level, and in person, rather than through texting, Twitter, Facebook, etc., or the many other faceless ways we have been accustomed to communicating. Although she wanted to help people have authentic conversations on important topics, such as anger, bullying and sadness, she also wanted to make sure families had a way to just have fun when talking. Recognizing the need for such a concept, as well as being impressed with Jeanne’s passion and experience, Paul assisted in the collaboration of the concept, and the Talking Jar Series was born. It wasn’t long before the first two jars, The Talking Jar and The Anger Jar, were created and field tested. Feedback was instantaneous and overwhelming. People everywhere saw the clear benefits that engaging in heart felt dialog would bring, not just to families, but also communities. Prior to this launch of the series to the public, the Talking Jars were in a national trade catalog, geared towards the teaching, counseling and psychology industries. When calls started coming in from parents asking how they could personally purchase them, Jeanne and Paul decided that there was a bigger need to fulfill. “People always ask me what a Talking Jar actually is, and does it really talk?”, Jeanne says. “I love that question! The Jar, of course, doesn’t talk but the jar isfilled with questions that prompt conversation, and that is where the talking begins. It’s surprising how little we know about the people with whom we spend the most time. The “Talking” Talking Jar is designed to help people discover just that. The Talking Jar is filled with questions such as, ‘If you were the mom in your family, what would you change and why?’, or ‘When my parents are angry with each other, I feel…?’ What’s great about those questions, is that the answers always change. Someone’s answer at ten years old, is going to be different when they are fifteen or even fifty! The questions are non-threatening, and there are no wrong answers, so it’s easy to get children and adults to engage.” The Talking Jar Series has numerous topics with these first 7 being released that include Anger, Grief, Bullying,Teen, Talking, Family and Marriage. “As human beings, we never really run out of things to say but depending upon so many external and internal factors, we can run out of things to talk about with another person,” says Jeanne.  “The Talking Jar Series provides a way to make communication open, honest, non-judgmental and fun!” The concept is simple, yet very powerful. Each Jar has a specific topic and the interior of the jar is filled with 75 questions, each written on an individual card. There are also 5 blank cards to add your own questions. Someone pulls a question out of the jar, asks it, and then the entire group has to answer the same question.  Since the subject matter is often one that many people would be reluctant to bring up, the question in the jar does the hard work of initiating the topic and triggering specific emotions, thoughts or feelings. From there, participation becomes easier. Also with each order, to keep the lines of communication open, is a 5×7 “Talk Board” refrigerator magnet, color coded for each family member. Each member of the family has their own colored magnet. You simply put your color magnet on the color of the person you want to talk to on the board. It’s a simple non-pressure way to set up time to talk to each other and let someone know you have an issue to discuss with them in a non-threatening way. “We’ve found families and other relationships begin to see a difference in the way they communicate and interact with each other, when using the Talking Jars. When you know how to have “real talk”, relationships improve because it’s not just about the talking, it’s also about sharing, listening and absorbing what is going on in someone else’s world. Empathy, conflict resolution, appreciation…all of this becomes second nature because you’ve had practice in communicating. We want to encourage people to get back to communities that are real and not virtual, and most of the people we encounter feel the same way. Our slogan is, ‘Let’s Talk About It!’ and that’s exactly what we hope people will do.

8/19/2013-  Dr. Mia Merritt- Television Host, Professional Speaker, Retreat Facilitator, Consultant, Prosperity Coach, & Minister   Mia Merritt head shot Dr. Mia Y. Merritt, Author | LinkedInDr Mia Y. Merritt was born and raised in Miami Florida and matriculated in the Miami-Dade County Public School System. She is an educator with over 18 years experience working as a teacher, Assistant Principal, College Professor and mentor. She is a Certified Keynote Speaker, Teen/Youth Facilitator, Prosperity Coach, television host and Author. Dr. Merritt has provided workshops, seminars and keynote speeches around the country to organizations such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, The Miami-Dade County City Mangers, FIU Executive Staff, University of Miami Public Relations Department, Family Christian Association and many more. also a Minister of the Gospel and is  the recipient of the 2011 African American Achiever’s Award sponsored by JM Family Enterprises and was recently selected as one of South Florida’s 25 Most Influential & Prominent Black Women in Business and Leadership for 2013. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education, a Masters Degree in Exceptional Education, a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership and a Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership. Dr. Merritt is a published author of 14 books on the subjects of spirituality, personal development, prosperity, self-empowerment, and adult education. Her books focus on living in peace with oneself and others by making right choices and understanding cause and effect. He books focus on living with integrity and serving others. Dr. Merritt’s challenges and experiences in life have produced in her the resilience, character and strength to persevere in spite of what challenges she face. She shares her experiences in order to inspire, encourage and remind that your past does not dictate your future. Specialties: Keynote Speaking, Teen Youth Training, Corporate Retreat Speaker, Seminar Facilitator

8/12/2013 Barbara Capeletti – Women’s Innovation Network  Barbara Capeletti is a leader in her industry who uses innovative strategies to connect people with one another so as to create win-win situations for all parties. Barbara’s leadership has helped several charitable causes including Junior Achievement. Barbara Capeletti is a native South Floridian and 25 year veteran of commercial real estate banking in Broward County. In 2008, Barb retired from the banking environment and embarked on a dynamic and exciting entrepreneur path that encompasses various business ventures. In addition to owning several businesses with her husband, she is a business consultant using the skills learned throughout her career. Barb is also a professional watercolor artist and sells and shows her work in South Florida Barbara has recently launched a new and creative networking group, The Women’s Innovation Network.      The  focus of The Women’s Innovation Network is to create a mix of Philanthropists, Celebrities, Corporate Titans, Media Experts and Business Specialist who are committed to bringing forth women entrepreneurs and celebrating the successful creation of businesses owned by women. For more information about The Women’s Innovation Network please visit www.womensinnovation.com.

8/5/13 Essie Reed AKA BIG MAMA   

While it’s often said that it takes a village to raise a child, the tables have been turned in the case of one caring Fort Lauderdale resident. Ms. Essie Reed, known to all as “Big Mama”, is busy helping raise many of “the village’s” less fortunate children.

Big Mama has three sons of her own, Christopher, Brennan, and Sam. The Reed family experienced hard times of its own after being abandoned by the boys’ father when Christopher was only one month old. “We lived in a fish market for a while,” says Sam, “so we know what it’s like to have no home.” Brennan added, “Our experience made us realize how important it is to help others in need.” All three of Big Mama’s sons help out in many ways, from directing the Boys’ Step Team and running errands to driving neighborhood kids to school each day.

Big Mama and her extended family are members of the Royal Assembly Church of the Living, located at 1964 Sistrunk Blvd. Bishop L.W. Williams and other parishioners have both given and received support from Big Mama’s Team of Life organization, and the Church serves as the location for many of the organization’s events.

During a recent visit, Big Mama told me about some of her most memorable and rewarding experiences. “The church owned a fast food outlet on Broward Blvd where we taught many of our kids useful job skills. After a long day at work, we’d wake the Bishop at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. He would open the Church for us, and we would always take time to pray before going home. It touched my heart to see how sincere those children’s prayers were.”

Among her many civic awards, Big Mama was honored as Community Activist of the Year 2001 by the Vanguard Chronicle.

Our Mission

To help others in need with a selfless passion for excellence in education, social advancement, and community involvement through values based encouragement and programs.

Our Future and Vision

The future and dreams of Team of Life will continue to

  • Offer its young people shelter and unwavering support;
  • Instill in young people lifetime values to develop them emotionally, spiritually, and socially as expressed in the life long achievements of its founder Essie Reed, Big Mama; Train young people in education, service, and leadership;
  • Serve in our communities and families with love and values-based events.

The fundamental challenge facing our community is to create harmony, unity and educational advancement for our youth and parents. Team of Life, Inc. believes that the best way to meet this challenge is to educate and encourage the youth, our future, were the problems can be prevented; and to ensure participation by the parents, men and women, from diverse backgrounds and at all levels of society. In our experience, such activities help build common understanding, enhance excellence, enable people to improve their lives and reinforce their commitment to society.

7/29/2013 Abby Mosher – Founder of Tomorrow’s Rainbow

webassets/AbbyMoshercolor.jpg   tmrainbow_topBanner2.jpg Abby Mosher is the Founder and Executive Director of Tomorrow’s Rainbow, Inc.  She is a pioneer in combining the therapeutic benefits of horses with facilitated peer support groups to provide a highly effective, comprehensive and innovative approach to children’s grief support.  Ms. Mosher studied at the world renowned Dougy Center in Portland, Oregon and is certified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy as an Equine Specialist from the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association.  She has trained with the National Organization for Victim’s Assistance and holds a certificate from the Florida Crisis Response Team.  Ms. Mosher has dedicated her adult years to child advocacy receiving the School Board of Broward County’s Crystal Apple Community Award in 2000.  In 2008 she was honored with the Silver Medallion Award from One Community, a humanitarian award which recognized her work in promoting a diverse, inclusive community.  Most recently, Ms. Mosher was honored by Bank of America through their Neighborhood Excellence Initiative where she received the 2009 Local Hero Award and was recognized as one of the Top 100 Women in Broward County in 2010, 2011 and 2012.  In 2010, under her leadership, Volunteer Broward selected Tomorrow’s Rainbow as the Agency of the Year. Ms. Mosher founded Tomorrow’s Rainbow after her own personal tragedy identified the lack of grief support available for children and their families that had experienced the death of a loved one.  With her trademark drive, determination, and dedication to all children, she created Tomorrow’s Rainbow which has become an oasis for bereaved children in our community. Ms. Mosher currently resides with her 20 year old son, Dustin, and her fiancée, Shel Cohen, at the Tomorrow’s Rainbow Ranch in Coconut Creek, Florida.  Together with a herd of miniature horses, ponies, donkeys, goats, sheep, and a pig, they honor her late husband, Paul Mosher’s memory, while guiding the forgotten mourners, bereaved children, back to joy. You can support Tomorrow’s Rainbow by visiting www.tomorrowsrainbow.org 7/22/2013 Cindy Papale – Author and Breast Cancer Survivor     Cindy Papale is an inspiration to all as she continues to empower women around the world with her strong uplifting message of never giving up. Cindy is an author and a leader in the effort to help women affected by breast cancer. Her work with The Pink Angels Foundation has led to many women taking action towards early detection. Her dedication and hard work continues to help women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to know that they are not alone and that there is hope. You can find out more about this inspirational women at www.theemptycuprunnethover.com.   7/15/2013 Maggy Reed-  President MR Products, LLC and Founder Of Karib America    Maggy Reed exemplifies the ideal of being of service and value through her business and community involvement. Maggy is very involved in The Haitian Community hosting several events annually to celebrate the heritage and pride of Haiti while also educating her community in the areas of business and personal development. Maggy is very supportive of the community and lends her talents to many events as a singer and an emcee.  Maggy’s events empower and inspire all that attend. If you are seeking ways to maximize your message through promotional items connect with Maggy on Facebook at Maggy Medicalinventrdesigner Reed.  Maggy is a great example of the concept that service to humanity is the best work of life.

7/8/2013 Becca Tebon – The Fitpreneur    


I first met Becca Tebon at a dinner party and her warmth was captivating we made a connection and ever since I have been turning to her for guidance. Her honest, caring, no holds barred approach has inspired me to step into my power and stay positive. It is with a great deal of pride and pleasure that I introduce her to you. Becca Tebon is a speaker, author, certified fitness coach, wellness lifestyle strategist and single mom who lives in sunny South Florida. Born into wellness with three health issues and striken with three intense, life changing events within the last 90 days in 2009, she has found these very curves to be the catapult to discovering her purpose, and turning these disadvantages into programs and products to share with others to help them on the road to internal and external strength, being pain-free, never-ending energy, and understanding the god given righteousness of their SELFULLNESS™ … Happiness! Tebon’s F.I.T.system empowers and inspires others with her hands-on, spot-on techniques, tools and trainings. From health and wellness to holdbacks, fears, and insecurities she can help you translate your story into prosperous profitability… THRIVING in life, not just living alarm to alar


7/1/2013 Barbara Theodosiou –  Co – Founder Women Help Women Mastermind and The Addict’s Mom               Four years ago Barbara Theodosiou, a South Florida mother of four, found out that two of her sons were addicted to drugs. At a loss and not knowing where to turn, her life plunged into one of despair. She was living every mother’s worst nightmare and did not know where to turn.           Through her brokenness an idea was born: The Addict’s Mom. “Deep inside I knew I was not the only mom suffering. I knew there had to be other mothers who were going through the same emotional pain that I was. I wanted to create a place for mothers of addicts to have the freedom to share our pain without feeling the shame that often comes with having a child who is an addict. As the mother of two addicts, it took me four years to realize that I matter, that my life has purpose. I didn’t have to die inside because my sons were addicts. I am learning that I am important — to myself and other people in my life, including my husband and other children.”             United behind the credos of “Sharing without Shame” and “Together We Really Are Stronger,” thousands of mothers have joined The Addict’s Mom group fan pages on Facebook.            Recently, this new free membership site, www.addictsmom.com, was launched, giving mothers support, valuable low cost resources to help their addicted children and a place to share with other mothers. 

6/24/13 Jim Dupre and Denise Barone – The Project Group, Sources of Wisdom    Jim Dupre and Denise Barone are caring and giving people who are helping to spread a positive message by bringing people together to tell their stories through their compilation of books in The Sources of  Wisdom Series. Jim is an inspiration to others as he has overcome major health issues and continues to always give his all. He is a mentor and guide to many. Jim’s expertise has helped him to build multi million dollar companies in executive recruiting, software development, business problem resolution, and real estate.  Denise inspires others through her daily walk of helping people to reach their dreams. Denise truly exemplifies the ideal that service to humanity is the best work of life through her community involvement.  Together Jim and Denise make a formidable partnership shining their light brightly serving as an example for others to follow. You can connect with them through Facebook by entering Denis


6/17/13 Annie Herrington – Author,  Entrepreneur, Minister, Motivational Speaker, Mentor  Product Details       I had the pleasure of attending Annie’s event on 6/15, where she brought people together to network and share how they can be of service and value to each other. Upon meeting Annie and seeing the great work she is doing I decided to make her JDOGG’s Person Of The Week.   Annie spreads a positive message in all she does and shines her light inspiring and empowering others. Her work continues to show others that service to humanity is the best work of life. She has been nominated for numerous awards such as Best  Young Author and The Black Essence Awards. Her story will inspire you as she shares how she has triumphed over adversity.

6/10/13 Tracy Strawberry     Tracy Strawberry has a true passion to equip individuals to live out a life of freedom and purpose in Christ. Tracy is an ordained minister, traveling extensively sharing the gospel truth and the transforming power of the Word of God. Her powerful but practical systematic teachings outline the steps of how a person can achieve change and live a victorious life through the power of God and actively engaging in the process of change.  The Painful Past After years of dysfunctional relationships, addictions and defeated living Tracy discovered her identity in Christ. “I could never break free from my behaviors or my emotions. By the time I was 30 years of age I had divorced twice, was a single mother of 3 beautiful boys but lost in a lifestyle of addiction and a host of unhealthy relationships. I was broken and lost. I was living a lifestyle of defeat that I so desperately wanted to escape. I tried everything it seemed to turn my life around and to change. Nothing seemed to work. Change began to seem impossible for me and I started to lose hope.”   The Victorious Life One day, Tracy’s life would change dramatically. She finally surrendered to help. She found Jesus Christ, The Savior, The Healer and The Lord over her life. “I was clean and sober for a year and did not know Jesus. I was tormented by my emotions, thoughts, desires and circumstances and was on my way back into that horrible life. A Christian woman invited me to a prayer meeting and introduced me to Jesus. From that day forward I began to grow, heal and my life COMPLETELY changed. My soul has been saved, my addictions conquered, my emotions tamed and my mind trained to be a power house of successful and prosperous thoughts.” It did not happen over-night and it was not easy to change; but my entire life has truly been transformed by surrendering my entire being over to Christ and living my life according to The Word of God (The Bible).   The Purpose I live in the Divine Healing and Transforming Power of God and have a passion to lead others into that same Power! It is my purpose, desire and passion to teach others how to overcome defeated living, live the Victorious Life and to live out their destiny in Christ.   Life Today Tracy cherishes her family life with her husband and their 9 amazing children. As ordained ministers, Darryl and Tracy travel extensively preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to restore people back to God and for all to experience the transforming power of The Word of God (The Bible)in every area of their lives.   Tracy’s Biography

  • Autism Advocate and Speaker
  • Author/Speaker/Minister
  • Training Teens to live in the power of Christ-Next Generation of Greatness
  • President/CEO of The Darryl Strawberry Foundation
  • President/CEO of Strawberry Ministries www.strawberryministries.org
  • Founder: The Coffee House Meeting www.coffeehousemeeting.com

    6/3/13-  Steve Fugate- Love Life   Steve Fugate is sharing a positive message as he walks across America for the second time sharing his story and how he has used a tragic event to share a message to LOVE LIFE!!! I have now completed my “Joel Kody Walk” across America, having covered more than 30,000 miles and crossing the U.S. six times. In my previous walks, I’ve encountered numerous random acts of kindness, it’s been wonderful, extremely enlightening, and rewarding. My walking isn’t as easy as it was 12 years ago when I started at age 53. The ground seems to be much harder and more difficult to sleep on. My legs are becoming indifferent to my request to walk at least 20 miles per day! I stay determined to spread the suggestion, “LOVE LIFE” as a mindset that can most definitely enable us ALL to get past ALL adversity in our lives.The completion of my final (Joel Kody Walk) walk into Montclair Village of Oakland, California on Saturday February 25, 2012 was a very heart warming event for me. I was truly touched by the wonderful individuals who joined us along the way to help celebrate the finish of 30,000 miles of walking. And the people waiting for me at the finish line were equally enthusiastic in their cheering and congratulating. Libby Schaaf, counsel person for the city of Oakland presented me with a key to the city and read a proclamation to me showing appreciation from the City of Oakland for my “LOVE LIFE” endeavors: A COMMENDATION HONORING STEVE FUGATE FOR HIS COMMITMENT TO LIFE AFFIRMATION AND COMMUNITY SERVICE WHEREAS, Stephen Fugate has faced tremendous adversity and challenged himself to dedicate his life to the public good, and  WHEREAS, Stephen Fugate has walked across the country six times, more than 30,000 miles, through all 48 contiguous states, carrying a “Love Life” sign , and  WHEREAS, Stephen Fugate has spent the last twelve years talking to people across this nation, with the resounding message to Love Life, and  WHEREAS, Stephen Fugate has spoken to individuals and large groups about loss of life and suffering, comforting countless people through the most difficult life-shattering times, and WHEREAS, Stephen Fugate has chosen to end his most recent national walk in Montclair Village of Oakland, California because of our city’s support for the “Love Life” message, therefore be it RESOLVED: that on behalf of the City of Oakland, I Libby Schaaf, commend Stephen Fugate for his enduring commitment and service to all people on this twenty fifth day of February, 2012   The local Oakland media coverage was picked up by national news media, USA Today and CNN’s HLN.com Both FOX NEWS and CBS affiliates across the nation broadcast my story. The Oakland, California fundraiser event at tha Montclair Bistro in the Village of Montclair, was a blast!! Those that attended were very enthusiastic and responsive to the “LOVE LIFE” message. NBC, Channel 3, The Bay Area was there.  

5/27/2013 – Lori Scott- Founder of The Achievables Lori Scott Lori Scott, published author and founder of The Achievables Inc. has inspired and empowered children during her 17 years in the health and fitness industry.  Her experience in coaching both children and adults individually and in a team atmosphere has allowed her to inspire their self-confidence and build self-esteem.  Educating children in building good character comes naturally to her.  Ms. Scott has a unique gift of being “in tune” with children’s needs and teaches them responsibility, respect, honesty, and teamwork on and off the field!  She has taught them to believe in themselves, how not to fall victim to peer-pressure and how to stand up and say “NO” and walk away when bullied. Keeping them on the field she feels is a positive influence on them to stay healthy and drug free.  Due to thousands of parents and children expressing great enthusiasm over her unique and inspiring methods through the years, Scott is not only a powerful influence and mentor but was inspired to write, produce and create this impactful and much needed series “THE ACHIEVABLES®“. She has created a unique niche by sharing her powerful and inspiring words in a fun cool way that seem to be penetrating not only children but adults. Children all over relate and take a proactive stance using her positive rhyming messages. Being an all around athlete herself Scott believes… “It starts from “within!”, She also knows her experience as a star athlete has reinforced her belief that the more positive support and inspiration you receive and are surrounded with especially your peers, will enhance and empower you more to achieve anything you believe!.  Her creative force is the answer to live and breath in the hearts and minds of every child by keeping it real and making it fun…with THE ACHIEVABLES®! Lori Scott is the creator, published author and C.E.O. of The Achievables Inc, she wrote and rapped The Achievables theme song/rap. Lori is also the author of Tootsie the Tooth®, a rhyming, colorfully illustrated book that teaches children the importance of good hygiene and has sold over one hundred thousand copies nation wide. “I’m on a mission…If I move one child in a positive direction I know I am on the right path,”says Lori Scott, GO ACHIEVABLES!

5/20/13 Janet Lee Kraft -Educator, Motivational Speaker, Minister Janet Lee Kraftprgrsvimghttp://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4696105379169488&w=98&h=108&c=8&pid=3.1&qlt=90 Janet Lee Kraft is dedicated to helping people excel through her ministry and music. When you visit www.janetleekraft.net you can support her efforts by purchasing some of her cds. Janet is an ordained Interfaith Minister with a thriving ministry as a speaker, vocalist, harpist,  wedding officiant, life-cycle celebrant, and  a spiritual writer. I had the privilege of interviewing  Janet Lee on my radio show and her upbeat message was well received.  I use her album Sacred Chants from The Music Angels to get centered and grounded.

5/13/13 Cortez Mack- Founder/CEO at Jkbu Productions, Inc     Cortez L. Mack is an inspirational gospel playwright, screenplay writer,  songwriter, choir and theatre director, music producer and arranger, poet,  actor, model and choreographer working under the umbrella of his own Chicago-based Christian production company, Jesus Keeps Blessing Us Productions, Inc. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Cortez graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 1998 with a Bachelor’s of Art Degree in Business Management, and has a minor concentration in Music and Theatre Production.

Since 1980, Cortez has been a long-standing member of the First Pentecostal Church Of God, Inc., under the founder, Bishop James C. Morris, and his current leader, Dr. Bernice Williams, and Overseer, Apostle Christine Morris. In August 1990, Cortez surrendered his life to the Lord and since then, has served as a Youth Leader, Choir Member and Director, Sunday School Student and Teacher, Ordained and Licensed Deacon and Minister, and in many other capacities of the church. Through the inspiration of such gospel groups as Commissioned, The Winans and TAKE 6, Cortez formed his first all-male gospel group named VISION. The Lord privileged and blessed Vision to minister at several local concerts and musicals throughout the Chicagoland area utilizing Cortez’s original music. As years passed, the Lord had inspired Cortez to write several church plays such as, “PRAY FOR THE U.S.A.”, “HE IS RISEN”, and “THE NIGHT THAT CHRIST WAS BORN”, which was beautifully choreographed by Cortez himself. However, Cortez is widely known for this inspirational Christmas play entitled, “A CHRISTMAS LOVE”, which was staged in 1997 at the Harold Washington Library in downtown Chicago and the inner-city dramatic play, “WHERE DO THE CHILDREN PLAY?”. In addition to these successful plays, Cortez has completed an inspirational poem book entitled, “I LIVE TO HELP”. 
Formed in 1988, but established in 1995, Cortez envisioned Jkbu Productions, Inc. to be a pathway to inspire and encourage present and future generations, especially young people, through inspirational drama, gospel music, inspirational poetry and positive recreational outlets. Through Jkbu, the Lord has inspired and blessed Cortez with a vision and mission to promote M.E.S.S. (motivation, education, spirituality and success). His spiritual and natural gifts, couple with his education, motivation and experiences; nevertheless, gives recognition for his wisdom, competence and versatility. Cortez gives all praises, glory and honor to God for blessing him with the ability and ministry to edify God’s people through works of creative writing. His unwavering and personal commitment is to give back to those who made it possible for him to succeed in this vision: God; his wife, Jeriesha; his family; his pastor and church family; and the local schools and inner-city communities.
Although widely known for his profound talent, Cortez’s ultimate goal is to become the first young entrepreneur, businessman and gospel industry extraordinaire to emerge from Chicago. In being a new and rejuvenated writer, producer and director emerging from Chicago, be assured that Jkbu Productions, Inc. is on the horizon.   On October 23, 1999, the Lord blessed Cortez to marry his God-given wife, Jerisha (Jeri). Jeri is a saved, sanctified and HolyGhost filled young lady in and for the Lord. In May 2000, Jeri received her Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Business Science from Governor’s State University in University Park, Illinois. She is the Vice President of Jkbu Productions, Inc. and the founder of M.A.C.K. Development Youth Center (Making All Children Knowledgeable). His Latest Project What About The Children is currently being screened nationally.  

5/6/13 Tiffany Millinder- Minister and Singer- Hill City Music  I am… Wife to an amazing Husband, Mommy to 3 beautiful boys and a brand new precious baby girl, Sister to 2 very incredible brothers and 1 awesome sister, Daughter to wonderful Godly parents, Director to a passionate department of ARTS, MINISTER of Worship to a radical army of believers in Margate, Florida And most especially… I am… HIS BELOVED! I had the opportunity to meet Tiffany at World Fest in Coral Springs as she performed with Hill City Music her love for the lord and those she came in contact was evident and thus I knew she would be a great selection as JDOGG’S Person Of The Week.

4/29/13 Lisa McCourt-Writing Coach, Joy Trainer, and Best-Selling Author (www.LisaMcCourt.com)   Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 3.19.11 PM      Lisa McCourt is changing millions of lives with her bestselling books and trainings. Her joyful passion for the power of words has propelled a hugely successful 26-year publishing career studded with industry awards, starred reviews, international honors, and mega-sales. Since her earliest professional days at a division of Scholastic, Inc., Lisa has understood the profound effect words have on readers. As a Senior Editor and Book Club Director, Lisa found herself responsible for steering the reading selections of millions of children across the country. A lifelong devotee of personal development, she knew she had a precious opportunity to shape generations to come by paying careful attention to the words she delivered them. In 1996, after her nomination for a Literary Marketplace Award (the publishing industry’s highest honor), Lisa took her mission a step further by authoring her first book, I Love You, Stinky Face.  Mainstream on the surface, but chock-full of stealthily-woven self-development wisdom, it quickly became a mega-bestseller that has since inspired six highly successful sequels. Other well-known books by Lisa include the seven Chicken Soup for Little Souls titles that she co-authored with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, two parenting guides on raising happy children, and many more acclaimed fiction and non-fiction books with HarperCollins, Penguin/Putnam, Orchard Books, McGraw Hill, and others. Her latest release (from Hay House) is Juicy Joy – 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self. It’s the culmination of three decades of full immersion in the world of personal development, training with top gurus to decipher the secrets of radical, lasting joy. Lisa now spends much of her time teaching the principles of her seven-step path—principles grounded in a foundation of authenticity and self-love. Together, Lisa’s 37 books have sold over six million copies, been translated into 11 languages, and received six publishing awards. For over a decade, she has shared her creativity secrets on stages around the world, and she continues to lead thousands to more joyful, creative lives through her popular live events and online trainings. Currently Lisa divides her professional time between her roles as a Joy Trainer and a Writing & Creativity Coach. A former popular CBS Radio host and a frequent speaker at both writing conferences and self-growth events, Lisa brings her passion and unique blend of skill-sets to a diverse career that is ever-unfolding, just the way she likes it. She lives in sunny South Florida with her two creative and self-loving kids.

4/22/13 Priscilla Dames – Founder Wingspan Seminars     Priscilla Dames is a community and business leader who helps people to reach their full potential by delivering a positive message and shining her light daily while she takes on major issues facing society today. Her dedication and hard work has inspired many to take  action to improve their personal and professional lives while helping others to do the same. Priscilla Dames holds many titles and serves on many boards such as The M-DC Black Affairs Advisory Board, Chairperson, The Women’s Business Council, Chairperson, and The Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce. Priscilla can be reached at Wingspan Seminars, LLC, President & CEO 1444 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 208-25 305-305-253-2325 or 1-877-255-1039 Miami, FL 33132 Author of How to Survive When Your Ship is Sinking www.priscilladames.weebly.com.

4/15/13 Minister Mari Gauthier – Founder of Girls Receiving Abundant Blessing Mari W. Gauthier is known as “The Voice to the Youth of the Nations”. Born to Haitian parents Jean and Anicie Gauthier in Miami, FL. Mari was raised in church and actively served as a youth leader, choir member and a community activist. She developed an interest in helping and speaking for others during the times as a co-host on 1450 AM talk show, Generation On A Mission (G.O.M), in Miami. Mari completed her studies in Atlanta and soon became a single mom to Isaiah Gene Gauthier, who is her motivation and inspiration. Becoming a mother was a part of her process to groom, mature, and instruct Mari. While going through what she calls “God’s process”, Mari was determined not to let her life struggles pull her down. She believed in perseverance and prayer. Today, Mari is a licensed and ordained minister working beyond the four walls of the church. In 2000, Mari became CEO and Founder of G.R.A.B, Inc. (Girls Receiving Abundant Blessings). Through her works Mari became the voice and light for at risk and under privileged girls and young women. She shares her story being authentic and transparent with young women letting them know that they too can become successful women. No matter what struggles, pain, and neglect they have experienced they can overcome and become great women. Since 1999, Mari has been meeting with young women speaking on topics such as self-esteem, peer pressure, the importance of abstinence and more. She moved back to Atlanta in 2002 where she continues to walk in her calling and meeting with young women. She speaks at different schools, colleges/universities, churches, community events, youth workshops and events, nationally and internationally. Today, G.R.A.B, Inc. now has two office locations serving girls and young women. G.R.A.B, Inc. Atlanta, GA headquarters and G.R.A.B, Inc. resource center in Miami, FL. Mari’s daily words of affirmation to herself are “I Am Great! Great Things Are Destined To Happen For Me Because I Am Great”!  

4/8/2013 Rev. Reckel Ferguson – Founder of Modern Zen   Reverend Reckel, the powerhouse behind Modern Zen, is an instrument of the Divine and a Seeker of Truth who   walks between the worlds of the physical and the spiritual as a healer, full-trance channeler, palmist, medium, meditation artist, regression specialist and Reiki Master.  She has been studying metaphysics for over 20 years, including such fields as Yoga, QiGong, Shamanism, Ascension, Breath Work and Higher Consciousness Training. The foundation for her  spiritual work began by studying the Ancient Wisdom teachings at the Indiana Association of Spiritualists Camp in Chesterfield, Indiana.

Reverend Reckel has many spiritual gifts to offer the world as both a teacher and healer.  She is unique in her ability to channel any Spirit Guide or Angel — even your “inner band” Guides!  Presently, Reverend Reckel is channeling a group of eight Spiritual Beings who have identified themselves to her only as “The Gatherers”. They are healers who plan to help many of us transcend the 2012 energy we are experiencing and to acclimate to the new energy arriving on planet Earth. Reckel has recently begun to channel “The Gatherers” on her Friday Spiritual Moments show on BlogTalkRadio and the focus of the program seems to ever be moving in the direction of healing, more specifically miracle healings. With all the negativity in the world presently, we need this balance of the Light to enter our consciousness. She is not only an instrument of the Divine, she is the vessel through which unspeakable miracles  will again take place on planet earth. She is a miracle worker, a Disciple, sent  to raise our vibrations one miracle at a time. Miracles will undoubtedly raise the level of Light or spiritual consciousness exponentially! Reckel’s mantra is, “I Believe in Miracles.” Do you?

Many people may remember Reckel as the proprietor of Kenley Metaphysical Center. Credentials speak of great talents and blessings, but to be in her presence or to listen to her channel is to feel the energy of the Divine. Experience is the greatest teacher – experience the energy of Reverend Reckel and move closer to those Beings of Light who surround you in Spirit. Join Reckel and the Gatherers now.  To set an appointment or for more information call Modern Zen at 954-625-6775.

4/1/2013 Octavia Trimm –  Octavia Trimm International    Octavia Trimm is an outstanding role model for others as her never give up attitude has inspired many people she has interacted with to realize their full potential and find success. Octavia has overcome many obstacles including a car accident that nearly took her life. When doctors told her she wouldn’t walk again she defied them and today walks. Her determination to help others is seen in her many workshops and through her work in the community. Here is a glimpse into Octavia’s Story a it appeared on NBC 6.

More than 20 years ago, Octavia Trimm was told she would never walk again or become a mother after she was involved in a horrific car accident.


But the Weston resident woman is taking what she learned from the near death experience and is trying to help others. She said she is doing it because it is what she was called to do.


“I didn’t know my legs were severed, broken in half,” Trimm said recalling when the car she was riding in was hit by someone traveling the wrong way on a Pennsylvania highway. “I had no idea. I had no pain.”


Trimm said has been doing what God told her on Aug. 7, 1988 – helping others with their emotional problems. She calls it butterfly renewal.


Trimm is writing a book about her experiences and said she is in talks to develop a TV show called ‘Four Corners,’ which will also focus on her afterlife experience.


“When I talk with them and touch them, they begin to heal,” Trimm said.


Her daughter, 16-year-old Lauren, has been the driving inspiration for Trimm’s work.


It took 18 surgeries for Trimm to get close to what she was before the accident. Right after the accident, she said she had an out of body experience.


“I saw the tunnel of light and I took off,” she remembered.


That’s when Trimm says she went to heaven.


“It was just like you were home,” she said. “It felt so good.”

  3/25/2013 Cynthia Segal – Intuitive Consultant, Author, Speaker, and Transformational Leader           Cynthia was my 11th hour Angel last year as I planned the Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Awards as she was there to help with the programs and to take photos. Cynthia’s warmth and kindness toward others serves as a shining light to all those she comes in contact with. I chose her as JDOGG’S Person of The Week because of her dedication and commitment to helping other people excel. Cynthia Segal is a renowned International Intuitive Consultant. Her innate ability to accurately see into her Clients lives and effectively guide them covers everything from matters of the heart through medical conditions, and business dealings to guidance for their beloved pets. Cynthia’s accuracy has earned her a prestigious spot on the list of the World’s Best Intuitives, Psychics and Mediums where she is ranked in the top 20. Her gifts have been featured in an award winning documentary movie, in several books written by her Clients and are shared in her syndicated column, her books and on radio shows throughout the world. Cynthia’s sense of purpose and passion for her work is evident in the ease and joy she brings to each Client Session. Her eternal optimism and glowing smile leave you feeling comforted and secure. Cynthia’s clients lovingly call their Sessions with her “The Red Phone To GOD” you can learn more about Cynthia and her services at www.cynthiasegal.com

3/18/2013  Coach Shantel Springer- Self-Discovery Coach and the Director of The “Meditation Institution”.  Coach Shantel combined her passion for teaching and 15 years of expertise in “The Art of Meditation” and founded the “Meditation Institution.” Her Business Savvy mixed with the ability to transform lives from the inside out makes her a sought after coach that help design corporate wellness programs and promote total well-being in Mind, Body, Spirit. I first met Shantel at The Transform Your Life Summit, where I was the emcee. Since that first meeting I have had the opportunity to work with Shantel, interview her for my radio show, and  tap into her wealth of knowledge when it comes to spirituality. Her encouragement and guidance has helped me and continues to help me as I move forward in a positive direction on my spiritual journey.

3/11/2013 Shirah Penn A.K.A. Gramma Shirah    Shirah Penn is an inspirational community leader whose Gramma Shirah Says Programs are empowering and educating the young people she comes into contact with. Her Enlightened People’s workshops help adults to explore their inner being while enhancing their personal and professional lives. Her blog can be read at www.grammashirahsays.com. Gramma Shirah Says I am a retired schoolteacher. I taught in Miami/Dade County for 42 years K-3. I have certification to teach Redirecting Children’s Behavior, Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom. Women of Wonder Workshops. I have a certificate in Hypnotherapy from IACT and Jack Canfield’s Self-Esteem Seminars. I have written and self-published Gramma Shirah Says Words of Wisdom, Gramma Shirah Says More Words of Wisdom. Specialties: My specialty is in teaching self-esteem building skills to children , parents, and teachers. I am also a specialist in guided imagery, goal setting and manifesting using the Law of Attraction. Gramma Shirah Says provides classes, workshops, seminars, coaching to enhance personal and professional skills. We specialize in Inspirational Talks, Homey Cozy Workshops, Enlightened People Workshops, Self-esteem workshops for Kids and one on one mentoring. We also are the author of Gramma Shirah Says Words of Wisdom and Gramma Shirah Says More Words of Wisdom.

3/4/2013 Gayla Harrington President/Owner Miami Fury  Gayla is an outstanding community leader and current owner of The Miami Fury, a women’s tackle football team. Gayla is very supportive of the youth in the community and overseas The Miami Fury Angels Foundation, which provides leadership training through youth sports to all those who participate in Camp Fury and other activities. Gayla serves as a positive role model to those she comes in contact with through her commitment to excel and give back to the community. Find out more information about The Miami Fury at www.miamifuryfootball.com.

2/25/2013 Suzanne Kovi – Ignite Your Life

     Suzanne Kovi inspires and empowers many with a positive message.I have had the opportunity to interact with and interview Suzanne and each time have come away enriched from the experience thus it is my honor to choose her as JDOGG’S Person Of The Week. Suzanne has been coined many things: The Woman With the Golden Tongue by her clients; The WHOOPinator by her event attendees and One Take Wonder by national TV Producers and Directors, but those who know her personally know her as a woman who can transform any message into Gold and women into being a Speaking Powerhouse! Suzanne Kovi

About Suzanne:

With over twenty years in the entertainment industry as a national television host, as well as a celebrated stage actress, Suzanne Kovi brings it all to the stage. Her signature style of passionate and compelling story telling ability has won her fans all around the world, and her natural gift of gab, combined with her unique skills and formal communication training have enabled her to both captivate and transform audiences.  Suzanne provides insight and strategies to her audiences in the area of effective and engaging communication, resulting in improved office relations, enhanced sales and clarification of personal and professional goals.  She additionally shows others how to articulate their own unique vision for success.

Falling From Grace… Only To Find Her Footing

Suzanne’s journey to finding her own “WHOOP” factor in life was not always easy. Like so many women, she experienced life’s peaks and valleys, and her triumphant climb back to the top only came after a painful journey that awakened her to see her true north calling. It was at this moment that Ignite Your Life was born. Her success as a national TV host, and numerous accolades as an actress on stage was Suzanne’s passion in life. Everything she knew about success was wrapped into this neat little package of the entertainment industry.


2/18/13  Jacqueline JLOVE Jackson – 7 Soul Seeds   Jacqueline JLove Jackson is founder of Blissful Entrepreneur newsletter (BE), the Bliss Out Summit for Superwomen (BOSS), OpenMasterheart.org (OM) and author of 7 Soul Seeds. Her journey as a blissful entrepreneur began at the Smithsonian Institution and the Department of Health and Human Services. Currently, as a speaker, minister and coach trainer, JLove enjoys coaching others to manifest their dreams. She is a recipient of the 2012 Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Award. Learn more about JLove and her free gifts to you at JacquelineJLoveJackson.com. She is walking her talk  with the following project. …7 Soul Seeds Book Drive…

…Empowering Women in Shelters…

Great Women who have

TEMPORARILY fallen on hard times.

Sponsors…Buy One Book for a Shelter on our “Adopt a Shelter” List

Click here: http://www.7soulseeds.com/7ssshelters.php.

2/11/13 Randall Slapikas- Founder Of Kids Of Love – www.kidsoflove.org    When Randall Slapikas was in the third grade he decided he wanted to help children with cancer.  He led an initiative to create Kids of Love, a group dedicated to helping young people with cancer. Now, a seventh grade student at Forest Glen Middle School, he is a leader in Kids of Love. The organization meets once a month at Forest Glen Middle School. “I think it has been a good thing,” said Slapikas. “We visit kids who are going through chemotherapy. This is has been a good thing. I want to help kids who have cancer.” Antonio Mohan, the current president of Kids of Love also likes the idea of helping kids who have cancer. “I have visited kids with cancer and I like to make them happier. This has really touched my heart.” Kirby Burns said he likes the idea of helping young people in need. His father Tim Burns encouraged him to become involved. “I think it is important to teach young adults to give back to the community,” said Burns. “Some kids don’t have much luck in life,” said Burns. “I love to see the glimmer when they know they are doing something for someone else.” Kim Slapikas said it is important for teenagers to learn the importance of paying it forward and helping others Andre Ponder, assistant principal of Forest Glen Middle School and advisor to Kids of Love said he is impressed with the organization.   2/4/2013 Rev. Dr. Dee Adio-Moses-Healing Center of Christ International   Reverend Dr. Dee Adio-Moses is an ordained Minister, Pastor, International Spiritual Teacher, Life Strategist and above all a vessel for God’s Divine Healing. She is devoted to helping people move to a higher level of consciousness, no matter where they are in life. She teaches that “Over-flowing abundance is your birthright and your life must reflect this, if not, the awakening of the soul to the realization of this divinity and thus the greatness is all the work that needs to be done.” Her passion, her innate gift and her ability to take the spiritual and translate it into the practical, have been the foundation of the success of her ministry. Dr. Dee will assist you on your journey; countless people have seen their lives transformed by working with her in the last 20 years of Spiritual and Life Coaching, expect yours to be the next one.  Dr. Dee is the Founder, Spiritual Leader and Pastor of Healing Center of Christ International and of Life Empowerment, Inc., a non-profit organization.  She holds a PhD  specializing in Holistic Life and Spiritual Counseling. visit healingcenterofchristinternational.org  to find out more about the work Rev. Dr. Dee Adio- Moses is Doing.

1/27/2013 Walethia Aquil – Inspirational Speaker and Founder of Grace and Charm   Walethia Aquil is Founder of Grace and Charm and the creator of The Grace and Charm Success System. She is one of the country’s most knowledgeable and recognized experts in the fields of etiquette and image consulting. Proving that it is possible for anyone to dramatically change their circumstances, Walethia’s own life reflects the ultimate personal transformation story, evolving from a terribly shy and insecure child, embarrassed and self-conscious about her social skills into a successful CEO, model, award-winning image consultant, etiquette advisor, media expert, and radio host. You can find out more about Walethia and her programs at www.graceandcharm.com.

1/20/2013 Leslie Bruce and Karen Binnette Goldberg Rapport – WWW.Feelthehugs.com
Feel The Hugs Logo

Leslie Bruce and Karen Binnette Goldberg Rapport are known as The Hug Sisters and their mission of spreading joy through their company www.feelthehugs.om  is to be applauded and celebrated.

Arely’s Feel The Hugs Foundation

The mission of Arely’s Feel the Hugs Foundation is to advocate compassion in the lives of individuals who have gone through or are experiencing life tragedies. Our foundation focuses on the healing process to reassure and strengthen a more positive life. Our purpose is to help individuals feel comfort, support and hope in the healing process. Our vision is to hep children and families in need as well as patients in hospitals through our “Arely Bear project” which provides emotional support through a difficult passage in life. Arely Bear has the ability to provide comfort to people thru the healing power of hugs. Hugs provide a calming effect, reduce stress and therefore aid in healing. Arely embodies hope and positivity. His name means brave, courageous and heroic. Arely’s smiling character is always there to comfort. Thru this foundation we hope to aid in the healing process one hug at a time.


1/13/13 Amy Barbera – International Inspirational Singer         


Inspirational singer/songwriter Amy Barbera has a new album coming soon! Her music is filled with passion and love and is touching the lives of thousands around the world! You can visit Amy’s official website at www.amybarbera.com
A voice so angelic and inspirational it pierces the soul; creating a deep connection between the vocalist and the listener. With each of her original songs, there lies a fusion of power and emotion. The combination of Amy’s talent, voice, lyrics, and melody have come together to create a therapeutic moment for all who listen. Her timeless vocal style transcends all cultural barriers as it speaks …of relationships on every level. She is one who is active in the community; reaching out to individuals who are broken in spirit. The combination of her compassion and professionalism makes her an artist worth listening to over and over again. “Amy Barbera is more than just a blessed gift to the Inspirational genre of music, she is a godsend. Her songs are a colorful display of her deep passion, that envelops the listener in a canvas of hope and love. The absolute beauty that she delivers in her musical creations is a rich combination of the sincerity of her message and the angelic quality of her emotionally charged vocals. There is no doubt that she has been embraced by a higher power from above. Amy Barbera shines bright and delivers from the heart. She is destined to be recognized as one of the most sincere and passionate singer/songwriters of her time. Her compositions embrace the beauties of life and weave a glorious message to all. Amy Barbera hit a home run to heaven with her 13 song debut album “Beautiful Flower of Life” that was officially released in June 2008. Her amazing album will lift your spirits to a higher place. She is an accomplished live performer and professionally trained session vocalist that has dedicated her time to helping others time and time again. Her charitable efforts for the less fortunate have raised money to benefit many causes. These include appearances to benefit children with cancer, accident victims, special needs children and people who are suffering from the loss of a loved one. She mesmerizes audiences with her inspirational performances every time she graces the stage. Amy is praised by many national organizations for the healing energy she has provided at her live concerts. These include the Kiwanis Club and the Shriner’s Hospitals. Her God’s Special Angel Not For Profit Corporation is another one of her creations that benefits children in the USA and as far away as Uganda Africa.” Don Coleman-A/R Group International See More Description
Amy is coming with a band of new musical colors in 2012! Currently Amy is busy recording songs for her second album, which will be titled “Paint Me A Rainbow.” She hopes to have her new album released in mid 2013!
1/6/2013 Kevin Dorival – Author of The Courage To Believe

   I’m Kevin, a motivational speaker, author, and Internet Marketing/SEO Expert.  I put God 1st in everything I do and just recently wrote a book called, “The Courage To Believe,” and www.TheCouragetoBelieve.com!   It’s an inspirational autobiography that is geared towards teaching teens and young adults how to make successful life choices for their future. As far as work goes, I am a professional Internet Marketing Specialist for a Marketing Firm in downtown Fort Lauderdale. www.couragetobelievebook.com.