Spiritual Awakening: Full Throttle Saloon Teaches Valuable Lesson



Spiritual Awakening: Full Throttle Saloon Teaches Valuable Lesson

Most people wouldn’t think that a TV Program based on a business that promotes drinking and scantily clad women during Bike Week in Sturgis, South Dakota would hold a lesson of spirituality. On 12/26/12 I was at home flipping the channels and tuned in to Full Throttle and the show had a message as one of the story lines was of a customer who Michael Balard, the owner of Full Throttle, made feel welcomed. The story was that the man passed away and his daughter was flown in by Michael as she had news that Michael was in her dad’s will.Michael is informed that he was left $1,000,000. As I watched I begin to thin wow what a lesson of spirituality as it shows that being kind and grateful pays off.


As Full Throttle ended I sat for a moment and began to think of how simple acts of kindness and gratitude go far in developing our spirituality. It may not bring us a million dollars like it did to Michael Ballard, however it will bring us the riches we seek as we become more and more spiritually awake. It is when you find ways to be a shining light of hope sharing kindness and gratitude that you are rewarded. Please share how you are being kind and what you are grateful for under comments.

Spiritual Awakening: Applying The Lesson From Full Throttle Saloon

As I began to reflect on Full Throttle from 12/26/12 I began to think of ways to apply the lesson of showing gratitude and kindness.

One way to apply the lesson of The FullThrottle is to begin to journal about the things you are grateful for. By taking action and writing you will see a shift towards enhancing your awakening and you will start to see a definite change for the better in how things unfold around you.

 Reading books like this from Rev. Dr. Dee Adio Moses each day will help you to stay centered and grounded as you express kindness and gratitide. Rev. Dr. Dee Adio Moses also has other books and facilitates many trainings to help you continue on your path to spiritual awakening.


There are many books about gratitude and kindness that can guide you in your spiritual awakening. many of the books are available by clicking on The Hay House Link and placing your order, commision from each order is donated to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.


Placing quotes about kindness and gratitude can help you in applying the lesson learned from Full Throttle and thus continuing to propel you in a positive direction as you continue on your path of spiritual awakening.

  I have a shirt and it says Today I will commit a random act of senseless kindness will you? I wear it to encourage people to be kind. You never know how your act of kindness will be repaid. In your spiritual awakening it is important to remember that your kindness will be rewarded and the more acts of kindness you perform the more rewards you will reap. Sometimes the rewards are small like a free cup of coffee at Starbucks and sometimes the rewards are large like an expensive unexpected gift. The idea is to be kind without any expectation of return and know that the law of reciprocity is in full effect when we are spiritually awakened.

 As a new year approaches let us all declare that through our spiritual awakening we will continue to show kindness and gratitude and become a shining light for others to see as they begin to experience their spiritual awakening. We can find solace in the knowledge that when we practice kindness and gratitude that great things occur.

I chose to include a few songs to encourage you to practice kindness and gratitude as you continue on your path to spiritual awakening.


 This week make it apoint to make people feel important as you spread kindness and gratitude to others as you begin to explore your spiritual awakening. As you awake to your kindness and show gratitude you will positively impact the lives of others by being a shining light of positivity. The power lies within you to become spiritually awake and to help others to become awkened to the fact that we are divine beings of god who are all interconnected and through kindness and gratitude we can make a positive impact on our life and the lives of others. We have a great ability and it is time we come alive and share our talents while we help make the world a better place. You’re Special.




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