Spiritual Awakening: Peace Comes From The Inside


Spiritual Awakening: Peace Comes From The Inside

 As I sat down at my Starbuck’s in Plantation I asked the universe to guide me and help me with a topic for today’s entry. I put my feet flat on the floor, sat straight up with my palms up, I was ready to receive the message and then on you tube I found this song and I received the message, write about peace, so here it is today’s entry Peace Comes From The Inside.

I invite everyone to get on the peace train and put differences aside, check egos and judgements at the door and realize that we are are all one. On October 24 we marked Global Oneness Day. This day was about peace, love, and happiness recognizing that we are all connected. I spent the day finding people to share spirituality with and while attending the singles party I connected witha  few people who understood the concept of peace and namaste and we had a great time sharing.

It is when we find that peaceful easy feeling that we move forward and hear the messages better so that we can act upon then and positively impact our life and the lives of others. What messages are you receiving when you get into the peaceful place that resides in you?

People ask me all the time JDOGG How do you stay so peaceful? The answer is I make every effort to breathe. I will admit there are times that I do get upset and frustrated and at those time I do my best to find the place in my soul that allows me to get centered and grounded. Many times it is realizing that the issues are the person I am dealing with and not mine and sometimes the best thing I can draw on is the serenity prayer.

  Spiritual Awakening: Tools For Finding That Peace Comes From The Inside

A few of the videos above can be great tools to help you find your inner peace. The key is to find a quiet place for a few moments and to use the tools to get yourself  centered and grounded.

I recommend using affirmations and palcing them in places where you can see them or carrying a few on a laminated card in your wallet.


Many times reading and applying what we read is a good way to be guided to the peace that lies within you.

You can click on the Hay House Link and find many books on inner peace from authors you may enjoy. When you purchase a book through the link you are helping to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

I find having quotes around the house helps me to find inner peace.

      As you beging to slow down and quiet your mind you will begin to discover inner peace. When you begin to stop being judgemental you will find inner peace. When you are happy inside you begin to feel inner peace. As you become  more and more peaceful you begin to achieve more as you attract the right people and the correct tools into your life to be successful.

 The inner peace you seek is inside. You can find many guides like Ekwarth Aswarren, Guy Finley, Marriane Williamson, and many others who will guide you on your journey. There is a guided meditation available at 605-477-2100 pin 131099# reference # 31.

Knowing the colors and their meaning and using them properly will guide you in your journey to find inner peace.

Wishing you Namaste.  May you continue to have peace as you proceed on your spiritual journey.


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