Spiritual Awakening: Reaching Out and Impacting Lives


Spiritual Awakening: Reaching Out and Impacting Lives

When I think of celebrities making an impact I think of Bono from U2. I then start to think we can all be like Bono in our own right be it sharing our knowledge with others  or simply sharing a smile or a kind word.

 Bono of U2 delivers a message of hope in the song Beautiful Day. It is when we wake up that we have a choice to make it a beautiful day despite the weather and any trials and tribulations that we may have. By making a conscious decision to reach out and positively impact the lives of others we are positively impacting our own lives.  Bob Burg speakes about being a go-giver is his book  The Go Giver and his book Go Givers Sell More.

    These two books can be great toolsto help you make a positive impact in the lives of others while improving your personal and professional life.

M.J. Ryan’s Book, The Giving Heart has many stories that will inspire you to be a giver and to help you see the value of helping others.

 I encourage you to share your stories about giving and how it has impacted your life. It is when we open up and help others that we see leaps in our personal and professional lives.

 It is all about sharing and giving what you can to help others, be it a love donation at this site, time to a charity, a ride to church, a smile to the person behind you in line, the key is to pay it forward. The other day I wore one of my favorite tee-shirts out in public that read .  You can find out more about the kindness movement at www.kindnessusa.org.  By being kind you will attract kindness.

 Leslie Bruce pictured here with Jonathan JDOGG Lederman is co-founder of www.feelthehugs.com along with her sister Karen Binnette Goldberg Rapport. They are reaching out and touching lives by sharing hugs across the world. Their mascot Arley has become an ambassador of love sharing hugs from Miami to Milan and all points in between. If you are seeking gifts The Feel The Hugs Products make for great gifts.

 When I visited www.kidsareheroes.org I found an organiztion that exemplifies the ideals of reaching out and touching lives. Kids Are Heroes® is a non-profit that empowers, encourages and inspires children to become leaders through volunteerism and community involvement. We do this by showcasing and supporting children who are making a difference through their selfless acts of giving.

We provide a pathway to leadership and compassion for all children.

Kids are indeed heroes and each one has the power to change the world.

When you vist www.teenfocused.org you will find an incredible opportunity to help children to become productive members of the community. Janine Hinds has done an incredible job in showing how reaching out and touching lives make a difference in the lives of others. When you visit the website you see this great information to help you to reach out and touch lives.


Follow your heart

Open your mind to endless possibilities

Count every moment of every blessing

Understand there will be obstacles to make you strong

Seek wisdom and guidance from above




1. Don’t make excuses


2. Ask and you shall receive


3. Positive thoughts produce positive results


4. Never give up


5. Believe in yourself


6. Never let others dictate your future


7. Learn from your mistakes


8. Live unselfishly


9. Be compassionate in your influence


10. Give thanks unconditionally

There are many examples of those reaching out and touching lives everyday. In the last week I have seen a community from The W.O.M.A.N. Club come together to help one of their own and they truly exemplified the idea that service to humanity is the best work of life. In the face of a tragic event they came together to help raise funds to make sure that Dr.Lynn Migdal was helped after her ex-husband and 2 daughters were killed in a mud slide in British Columbia.  If you have an example of how people are reaching out and touching lives please share them under comments.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Help You Reach Out and Touch Lives

612823: Arch Books Bible Stories: The Parable of the Talents The greatest gift we can give others is to use our talents for good. The bible speakesof the parable of talents where the man who was given 5 bags of gold turned ity into 10 and was rewarded, the man given 2 bags of gold turned it into 4 and was rewarded and the man that was given 1 bag of gold kept and didn’t do anything with it and was punished. The story encourages us to use our talents and to pass them on freely without expectation of a return. (Matthew 25: 14-30)


Surrounding yourself with reminders of giving is a great way to set the tone each day to reach out and touch lives.


 Caring crystals and stone will help you to continue to stay focused and grounded as you reach out and touch lives.

 It is in the giving that we are rewarded. As you continue on your path look and seek of ways to be a giver.


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