Spiritual Awakening: The Circle Of Life


Spiritual Awakening: The Circle Of Life

As I listened to the song Circle of Life from the movie, The Lion King, I was reminded about some of the occurances over the last several weeks, which have reminded me to cherish each moment and to enhance people’s lives by simply being a positive force for them to turn to. The last 4 weeks have been a true awakening with the passing of Kathy Dedek, my mother, and  the mudslide that took Dr. Lynn Migdal’s home in British Columbia along with her ex-husband passing as a result, her two daughters are still missing and we hold out hope that they will be found alive.

As I sat and questioned GOD the answer came as it is the circle of life.  As I began to meditate on this I began to realize that we come into this world as dust and we leave this earth as dust. The circle of life is an easy concept to grasp however the questions many as we live our lives as spiritual beings having a human experience. Many times it just takes a moment of introspection to understand  how we are all intertwined in the universe and that the circle of life does not end in the passing of  someone it continues for them in the spiritual world, where they can be of service to those left behind.  The signs that I have seen in the last 10 days since my mother’s passing have shown me that she is okay and doing things from the other side. Her legacy of sharing and caring liveson in my deeds an each day I find a way to hold a sacred space for her in my mind and my heart. She may not be with me physicallly, however the signs that I have encountered truly show me that she is looking out for me.

Spiritual Awakening: Recording The Circle of Life

As we continue on our path and go through our circle of life we have the opportunity to record the events in our life and to leave a legacy for those who will live on after us and those that will come after us to share and continue.  I have often stated to people to record everything when they have an opportunity. In today’s digitalage it is simple to preserve the happenings in your circle of life.  Many times it is asimple as taking photographs and then organizing them and making an album to commerate your life and the lives of those you care about.

Sherry Kane- Your Memories Angel  I would recommend that you seek out Sherry Kane from Photomemories to help you record your circle of life and the circle of life of others.

My name is Sherry Kane and I am known the “Memories Angel.”<br>What is a Memories Angel?<br>A “Memories Angel” turns yours memories into a lasting legacy via photo organization and album creation services.Are your photos STUCK in your cell phone? *Are your photos sitting on your camera, computer, memory cards, CD’s or WORSE – LOST in cyberspace?Do you have a LIFETIME of pictures in boxes EVERYWHERE? *Do you have hundreds or even thousands of pictures stuffed in drawers, under the bed, or in the closet?Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the thought of all those photos? *Do you wish there was an EASY way to FIND your photos?Have you been collecting years’ worth of treasured memorabilia such as certificates, awards, children’s artwork, recipes, poetry, cards received from loved ones, etc? *Do you keep these special momentos in hopes that SOMEDAY you will do something with them? My mission is to inspire women and help rescue your memories! My goal is to make a difference in the lives of children and families so they know they are valued and important enough to have their memories preserved, their life stories told, and their family history remembered.

Who do I serve?-Moms -Brides -Families Celebrating Milestones -Travelers (Travel Agents) -Photographers -Event Planners for Special Occasions -Heritage Books for Seniors -Genealogist/Family Historians -Families or individuals creating Legacy Books in Memory of… -Pet Owners -Entrepreneurs Creating Career Albums -Hobbyists -Teachers -Photo Enthusiast -Looking for Unique, Heart-felt Gift

How do I do this?

1. One-on-one Private Sessions (Personal Assistance) 2. Monthly Hands-on Workshops and Classes 3. “Done-for-you” Services for busy women who value their memories. It would be my pleasure and privilege to serve you and your memories. This is my passion and I look forward to helping you preserve your precious memories!<br>Let’s connect: sherry_cm@hotmail.com 954-240-9528


♦ Digital Photo Solutions ♦ Photo Organization (for printed and digital pictures) ♦ Memories Preservation ♦ Album Creation ♦ Custom-designed Digital Photo Books, Calendars, Wall Prints, Cards for any occasion, Invitations, Book Marks and lots more!

Spiritual Awakening: Making The Most of Your Circle of Life

 This short film ask the question of how you lived your dash. As you go through your circle of life remember to live in the moment and do what you believe will make you happy and bring joy to others.

 Vanessa Williams delivers a powerful message to look around you and enjoy the Colors of The Wind.


Bible verses can be a great way to help you understand the circle of life and to help you in your quest to live the best life.


Their are many tools to help you enhance your circle of life like the above books and cards.  If you have a book or a tool to help people enhance their personal and professional lives please share under comments. It is when you invest in yourself and pass down knowledge that you enhance your life and the lives of others.



Having quotes where you can see them on a regular basis to help you enhance your life and the lives of others will assist you on your path. As you go forward through out your day remember taht you are part of a big circle of life where we are all interconnected so be a beacon to all those who come into your circle of life.

Celebrate life by reminding yourself of all the good things that have happened and will happen.



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