Spiritual Awakening: And The Winners Are?


Spiritual Awakening: And The Winners Are:

I am pleased to announce the 44 honorees for The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Awards are:

Sara Doctofsky- The Professional You

Karen Binette Goldberg Raport- Feel The Hugs

Leslie Bruce- Feel The Hugs

Valerie Leeds- Invigorate U

Cindy Papale- The Empty Cup Runneth Over

JLOVE Jackson- 7 Soul Seeds

Ernest Chu- Key Note Speaker, Soul Currency

Dr. Mia Merritt- Key Note Speaker- Prosperity is Your Birthright

Ken Esrig- Key Note Speaker- Start From Where You Are

Sarah Spiritual- Key Note Speaker- Founder Expedito Enlightenment Center

Rev. Dr. Dee Adio- Moses- Key Note Speaker- You Are Enough

Rick Figley- Namaste Web Designs

Allison Turner- Pathway to Mind and Spirit. Vice-President Allow Your Spirit To Soar

Octavia Trimm- Butterfly Renewal

Valorie Parker- From The Soul of A Woman

Ray Skop- Rabbi and Founder of Temple B’Nai Moshe Sons

Shirah Penn- Grandma Shira’s Words of Wisdom and Founder of Enlightened People’s Workshops

Deborah Angiolina- The Way 2 Happiness

Jill Morton- 2 Time Transplant Games Gold Medalist

Amy Barbera- Inspiration International Singer

Lisa Eva Gold- Actress, Speaker, Author, and Visionary

Anissa Pfannenstiel- Founder of SUTA Center

Carole Wilson- Cancer Survivor and Child Advocate

Rev. Reckel Ferguson- Owner of Modern Zen

David Singer- Attorney and  American Cancer Society Volunteer

Stacy Sossner- Founder Stacy Sossner Organics

Kim Slapikas- Founder of Kids of Love and Community Advocate

Crazy Ray Slapikas- Founder of Kids Of Love and Community Advocate

Wally Vincenty- Community Spiritual Leader

Barbara Theodosiou- Founder of The Addict’s Mom

Jill Dahne- #1 Love Psychic

Kimberly West- Founder of Allow Your Spirit To Soar

Shelli Blair- Publisher of U.B.U. Magazine and Outstanding Community Publicist

Michael D. Colanero- Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project

Gloria Ramirez- Outstanding Transformational Coach

Stockar McDougle- Former NFL Player and Community Advocate

Octavia McDougle- Business Owner and Philanthropist

Allan Feurman- Founder South Florida Business Connections

Angelika Christie- Key Note Speaker, Founder of Radiant Health Center

Christina Rowe- Founder of Women Helping Women Mastermind and Stand Out Media

Becca Tebon- Founder of The  F.I.T.prenuer System, Environmental Advocate

Michael Unity Rosenfeld- Founder T.R.U.E. Success Coaching and Mentor

Jeff Rubman- Entrepreneur, Visionary, and Philanthropist

Cheryl Ruggiero Rubman- Indusrty Leader, Inspirational Community Advocate, and Philanthropist

These 44 people represent  the ideal that service to humamity is the best work of life. They were chosen based on the positive impact they are making in the lives of those in the communities where they live, work and play. You can purchase tickets to the event here or visit www.spiritualawakeningevent.com.


Spiritual Awakening: Winning Ways

The concept of The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Awards was to find people who exemplify winning ways and who are empowering and inspiring others. Each recipient and each sponsor represent the idea of being of service and value.  There are many qualities that can be described as Winning Ways:

1: Honing Your Skills- By investing in yourself you are able to learn more and thus help more people

2: Being on Time- In our society this is important because people value their time and when they see you respect their time they will respect your time.

3: Having a Positive Attitude- Through a positive attitude you atrract other people that are positive and then the winning begins

4: Respecting Yourself and Others- When you have self respect and respect others they are open to listen to you and work with you

5: Work Hard- It is when you put in the time and energy and stay focused on your task and purpose that you wil see the most success.

Spiritual Awakening: Winners Inspire Others

I think of winners as those who inspire greatness in others through shining their light. Through the years their have been many ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. In her book, Ordinary Planet Extraordinary People, Shellie Hipsky highlights outstanding individuals who are making a difference to make the lives of others better.

Shellie Hipsky inspires many through her actions and her book, Ordinary Planet Extraordinary People.

This week think about ways you can be of service and value to others and be a shining light for those who come in contact with you.

Be the spark that ignites others!!!!


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