Spiritual Awakening: Straighten Up And Fly Right!!!


Spiritual Awakening:Straighten Up And Fly Right!!!!

I don’t know if it was the elation of seeing a team other than The Patriots or the sugar rush from The Carvel Football Cake but as soon as the clock hit :00 at Superbowl 52 I found myself in a joyful place. It could have been because I had just watched Nick Foles, a back up quarterback who is also studying to become an ordained minister lead his team to victory and then seek out his wife and daughter to celebrate this victory that brought a joyful feeling to me. It may have been the fact that Chris Long who donated his salary from this season to help those in need was celebrating with his dad that brought a blissful feeling to me.  As I watched Eagles celebrate I began to see what taking action can lead to if you put your faith in GOD and become a vessel of service and value utilizing your talents for good. The lesson I received from The Superbowl was that you need t awaken to your calling so that you can affect change in your community.
My joy, bliss, and happiness for The Eagles winning Superbowl 52 quickly turned to dismay as I watched some unruly fans use this victory to burn buildings, loot stores, and destroy property. I immediately thought this is why our country needs a spiritual awakening for these few people do not know the value of respecting others and their property. I then began to look at celebrations over time and realized that this goes on to much. I started to ask why anyone would behave in this manner simply because there team won a championship. I came to the conclusion because these people lack the spiritual foundation that would allow them to celebrate in a peaceful and respectful way. I believe it is time for a spiritual cleansing in our country as to many people are becoming lawless and using a championship victory as an excuse. We have simply lost our way and as long as we allow for these few to wreck the joy that comes with a championship we will be facing the wrath of GOD for many years to come. Wouldn’t it have been great if these fans simply gathered sang the teams fight song and then made a donation to help the community but no they had to show their ignorance and destroy property not realizing that Karma is going to catch up to them. It is important when flying high to understand that your actions have consequences. It is imperative that we get back to our spiritual teachings to be respectful. It is important to cherish the victories and celebrate the victories. Unfortunately the mindset of these few unruly fans makes it bad for everyone. Just because your team won a championship doesn’t mean you should loose your mind and destroy property or loot your community. The important thing to realize is that eventually all your wrongs will be punished accordingly for GOD watches everything and when the day comes that you are called home to the kingdom you will have some explaining to do.  GOD will ask if you lived your life in joy and if your life brought joy to others. f you were someone whom destroyed things and was disrespectful you will not be admitted into the kingdom as your answer to the joy questions would be no. It is time to wake up and fly right. It is time that you get back to the basics of respecting yourself and others and most importantly living by the covenants set forth by GOD, Jesus, The Ascended Masters, and The Angels.
It is time to straighten up and fly right. It is time for you to awaken spiritually and stop doing the things that are holding you back and stopping you from enjoying a life filled with peace, love, joy, and prosperity. Instead of burning your community, looting the stores, and damaging property under the guise of a championship celebration why don’t you find ways to be of service and value to the community. Imagine if you had Superbowl Championship Shirts that you could sell and donate a portion to a local charity how much more productive that would be and how that would put your community in a positive light instead of the negative reputation that you have now exacerbated because of your action and then you will have the audacity to blame others for your problems. It is time that you straighten up and fly right. It s time for you to stop abhorrent behavior and become a person of service. Namaste!!!



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