Spiritual Awakening: Shut Up And Deal!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Shut Up And Deal!!!

As I left The Relay Rally to benefit The 2018 American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise last night (1/30/2018) I was a bit disappointed as only 1 team out of the 16 that were registered came out and no one that I had invited showed up. I was feeling pretty down because I had put in many hours to promote the event and even had the Mayor Of Sunrise issue a Proclamation. As I reflected on this disappointment I sat in meditation and received a message to shut up and deal. As an  action taker I have learned that you must detach from the outcomes and continue to walk in your truth knowing that you can not control the actions of others. As I began to focus on the good things that happened like a team captain getting a nice recognition gift and a cancer survivor winning The Relay Sneakers I the disappointment started to melt like the polar ice caps and my heart started to fill with elation knowing that there are people who care so I decided to shut up and deal.
As I decided to shut up and deal I quickly regained the eye of tiger and remembered why I was doing Relay For Life. I was able to rekindle a spark inside and walk in my truth understanding that all I could do was give 100% and continue to follow my heart making a mind, body, soul connection. In focusing on the successes and getting back to being focused and grounded I have been able to shut up and deal. As you put yourself out there you will encounter some set backs but you must shut up and deal and learn from the setbacks so you can step up.

When you decide to shut up and deal and peel back the onion you will find that you rise up to heights that you never though that you could reach. In the wake of disappointment I was able to shift and find elation knowing that for in my 19 years of being involved in Relay For Life that I made a positive impact on the lives of those touched by cancer. There have been more moments of joy than moments of disappointment. When disappointments occurred I simply reflected and then let them go as I knew there would come more joy than sadness.
I have found the best way to overcome disappointment and shut up and deal is to simply walk alone and tap into your inner divinity understanding that you are a divine child of GOD and GOD’S plans for you are far greater than the plans you have for yourself. In walking alone and clearing out the disappointment you release blockages and thus you can move forward by focusing on lies ahead of you and not what lies behind you.
The key to overcoming disappointment and to shut up and deal is to commit to staying on your spiritual path and walking in your truth understanding that not everyone will share your passion and that your ways of doing things may not resonate with everyone. In being true to who you are and following the messages from GOD, The Ascended Masters, The Angels, and Jesus you will find that disappointment is fleeting. In committing to move forward you will find that you begin to attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life.
In the course of the day the best laid plans of mice and men will go astray and when that happens you have to simply roll with the flow. I have come to understand that the way things are and the way things should be are two different things. As I arrived to The ACSOffice Today(1/31/2018) to drop off money for The 2018 American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise there was a note that the office would be closed. I was a bit upset as I had informed the staff partner that I would be coming today and didn’t get word from him that the office would be closed. At first I was upset then I decided to go with the flow and come back to the office tomorrow (2/1/2018). I have come to realize that I can only control what I do and to shut up and deal by rolling with the flow. In going with the flow I have been able to put disappointment behind me and move forward in a positive direction of my dreams. There will be times that challenge you but remember that it is through overcoming challenges that you become stronger and thus you are able to accomplish great things. Namaste!!!









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