Spiritual Awakening: Persistence Breaks Down Resistance!!!


Spiritual Awakening:Persistence Breaks Down Resistance!!!

Image may contain: one or more people and people playing sportsToday’s entry was inspired by my interaction with Wilson Football as I was doing my best to obtain footballs to use in the fundraising efforts for The 2018 American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise. At first the response was sorry we can’t help you to which I sent a reply speaking my truth that a big company like Wilson should be able to give 3 footballs to any organization that requests them. After a few back and forth messages  Wilson came through and sent 3 Superbowl 52 official game balls to utilize. As I have experienced a spiritual awakening I have  come to realize that you must walk in your truth and be persistent as it breaks down resistance. This may upset some people and that happens when you walk in your truth and have a solid foundation filled with good reasoning for people to assist you in your quest to be of service and value of others. In being persistent we are able to shine a bright light that illuminates the world. There are many people that just need to have things explained in a way they can understand and when they are ready they will help you to be of service and value to your community. 

Image may contain: 1 person In my ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK Workshop I stress that persistence breaks down resistance because a no today is not a no forever. I have come to realize that you must vibrate at a level that resonates with the person you seeking something from so that you can connect on a cellular level. In many of our interactions we get so caught up in trying to convince people that they need to support us that we lose sight of how them supporting us will help them. It is important to be persistent to break down the resistance but we also must realize that the person we are approaching may not be ready to support us. We must also understand that not everyone is going to resonate with our message and that is okay because those meant to help us in our quest to be of service and value to us will be led to us.  I remember when I was sales manager at a bowling center and I was offering businesses a chance to host a free bowling party and many would say they were not interested but I kept asking and as a result I hosted many parties and put over 1600 league bowlers on the floor. I realized that not everyone understood the concept of team building and branding but those who did benefited. In being persistent and consistent I was able to break down the resistance and have success at the bowling center. The key was to not listen to the naysayers, the doubters, and the haters and simply move forward in the direction of my goal and find ways to be of service and value to those I was offering the free bowling party. In life as we move along our spiritual path we will encounter many that simply do not understand that we are all divine children of GOD with something to offer that can be of service and value to others. Sometimes it takes standing in your truth and explaining the value of supporting your efforts to make sure you are getting the support that you desire.

Image result for Persistence breaks down the resistanceIn sharing your spiritual development or personal development message, product, or service you will find that there are many who will make all the excuses why they will not support what you are offering. When the excuses start to fly it is important to detach and not take them personally and find a way to convey your message so that it resonates with the people you are connecting with through out your daily interactions. It is not about being right or wrong it is about sharing ideas and being persistent so that you can overcome the challenges that may be stopping you from advancing in a positive direction of your goals.

Image result for Persistence breaks down the resistanceThe will be those who simply will not understand why it is important to support you so remember some will, some wont, some waiting, so what, next. In setting goals you need to be persistent and bring a positive energy to all that you do so that you will exceed those goals by remembering that persistence breaks down resistance. I have come to learn that by being an action taker not everyone will be ready to support you. Find support by simply having a consistent message that you share persistently understanding that those meant to hear it will.  Namaste!!!

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