Spiritual Awakening: Everything Counts!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Everything Counts!!!

As I was out collecting donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise today (1/6/2018) I encountered many great people who understood the value of giving and this energized me as every donation was getting me closer to the goal I set of raising $2500 to help fund research, education, advocacy, and services. I also encountered some negative people who simply didn’t understand that we are all interconnected and every interaction you have with someone counts. When I encountered these people I remembered the teaching of Don Miguel Ruiz if not taking anything personally and not judging. I took a deep breath and began to tap into my divine guidance system allowing GOD to direct me to where I need to be to have success in my quest to attack cancer from every angle. It was when I sat in reflection at Starbucks folding the brochures for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise that I began to understand that everything we do to be of service and value to others counts. Each action we take to show that service to humanity is the best work of life counts as it energizes us and allows us to vibrate at a level that will attract the resources we need to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually into our life.

As I continued to reflect on the happenings of the 2 hours spent promoting The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise I realized that it takes everyday people to come together and understand that everything counts. Every moment we have the opportunity to touch lives in a positive manner and when we make it a point to stay positive positivism will follow us and allow us to manifest the life that we desire. The smallest gesture counts as it can change someone’s day and propel them to heights they had only dreamed of in the past. I have found that many people will listen and understand the value of making a spiritual connection where everyone benefits. I have come to learn and understand that it is not my job to drag people kicking and screaming onto the path but to allow the universe to work and when they are ready they will find their path. In understanding that it is important to walk in your truth you will soon see that everything you do counts. Sometimes things may appear to be an illusion but even those illusions count as they remind us to question everything.

In making sure that everything counts take a look at what you are watching and where the real issues are and what issues you can conquer and what issues you need to leave alone. Today I was watching the news which I rarely do anymore and they were talking about the legalization of marijuana and I turned to my dad this is all an illusion as the real issues are where did the $4 Billion Dollars that George W. Bush borrowed from Social Security go. I am sure The American Public that paid into that system would like in back. Let us not forget that the problem with the water in Flint Michigan still exists. It is important to remember that what we focus on expands and to be aware of what you are focusing on. It is incredible to see how many people are being sheep and simply following instead of waking up and realizing that we all have a stake in what happens around us. It is up to us to take action and follow our passion and thus create a path that will lead to success  based on your definition of success.  In awakening spiritually and understanding that everything counts we begin to handle situations with discernment and as a result we attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into our lives. As we realize that everything counts we must be able to roll with the changes.

When we realize that everything counts and rolling with the changes is part of the spiritual awakening process we begin to enhance our personal, professional, and spiritual life as well positively impacting the lives of others. Today was a perfect example as I came across people from diverse backgrounds and did my best to make everything count by meeting them on their level and understanding that not everyone is going to resonate with my message and what I doing but that what I am doing is important and counts. Remember that you are a divine child of GOD and everything you do counts. It is making each moment count that will lead you to spiritual enlightenment. Stay Positive!!! NAMASTE!!!




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