Spiritual Awakening: Timing Is Everything!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Timing Is Everything!!!

In becoming an action taker I have come to learn that timing is everything especially when you are evolving personally, professionally, and spiritually. As I have become more aware and awake I have come to understand that everything happens on GOD’S Time not your time. I have come to realize that patience is an important component to the spiritual awakening process. In cherishing moments and focusing on positive moments we as spiritual beings having a human experience are able to tap into our inner divinity that allows us to move forward along on our path toward spiritual enlightenment. In understanding that we a divine children of GOD and that GOD’S timing is impeccable we are able to experience some extraordinary events in our lives. In taking action and then allowing things to unfold as GOD has planned we are able to attract the peace, love, joy, ad prosperity into our lives as we desire. In awakening and knowing that timing s everything we are able to manifest a better life for ourselves which in turn allows us to be of service and value to others.
As 2017 is coming to an end and we turn the page toward 2018 we have the opportunity to make a new beginning by improving our timing by becoming more connected to GOD. Sometimes it is just a matter of starting over and understanding that timing is everything. As you wind down 2017 you may want to write down everything that you perceived to not go your way and then put it in a fire safe bowl and burn it thus giving up and committing to making a new beginning. Then you may desire to clean out that bowl and then put all the positive things you want to achieve in the new year and then burn that offering the burnt offering up to GOD and then daily taking action to manifest what you desire. It is in letting go of that which no longer serves you open up the channels to receive that which will serve you. One of the great things to do as you wind down 2017 is to go through your personal things and make  three piles 1 of which you will keep, one of which you will give to charity, and one that you will trash. In taking time to remove that which no longer serves you you will find that you are clearing the blockages that are holding you back from becoming the person that GOD want you to become.

2017 taught me a very important spiritual lesson that timing is everything. This was very evident as I was announcing a Cardinal Gibbons Junior Varsity Football Game when I met Coach Mac who I had reached out to about being his announcer for The Coach Mac National Youth All American Bowl and he said he would use my services. Last night (12/28/2017) I had the opportunity to do the interviews with the players for The Coach Mac National Youth All American Bowl and had a great time and am looking forward to the announcing the skills competition and the actual games. In reflecting on how this came to fruition I realized that GOD will put you in places that will lead to opportunities to prosper you and when the time is right will allow you to use your talents to improve your personal, professional, and spiritual life. In 2017 I have had so many good things happen because I followed the messages being sent from GOD and acted on them and discovered timing is everything. About 1 month ago I reached out to Riddell Helmets for a donation of mini-helmets to help with my quest to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. After a phone call and a few emails they sent 30 helmets  to use as chance drawing items at events to benefit The 2018 American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise. I hosted a chance drawing on 12/18/2017 at Bru’s Room and used 6 of the helmets as prizes and raised $123 to plant the seeds of hope and healing for those touched by cancer. Sometimes it is not that you ask but when you ask that determines the outcomes for timing is everything.
 Each day we have 1440 minutes to use. Each minute is on our side to use  to create and to enhance our personal, professional, and spiritual life. We have the time to make things happen understanding that timing is everything. In using the minutes given to us to move forward in the positive direction of our dreams we open up the channels to receive the resources that are needed to create a life we desire. Namaste.




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