Spiritual Awakening: A Dose Of Civility Needed!!!


Spiritual Awakening: A Dose Of Civility Needed!!!

As I have become an action taker I have encountered many great people who truly understand the importance of civility as it relates to evolving as a spiritual being then their are those who simply need a dose of civility. In today’s world that seems to be driven by social media people have become very discourteous in their dialogues not understanding that the way you treat people will determine how far you rise in this life. Last night (12/19/2017) I was watching The Cheribundi Tart Cheery Boca Bowl and interacting on Facebook when I posted a comment on  a post and was immediately berated by the poster with very unsuitable language. I was taken aback by this because I didn’t know this person and he made a horrible impression on me I answered back very politely only to be told to go eat a ****. I took a deep breath and consulted the ascended masters. I received the message that not everyone is as open as you JDOGG but do not get discouraged simply move on and remember those who are meant to interact with you will be shown to you. I have come to learn that what we need in our society today is a dose of civility. I have learned that not everyone will be kind and compassionate and to focus on those who are supportive and realize that not everyone has been awakened spiritually and that it is not my job to drag them kicking and screaming onto the path but to allow them to find the path when they are ready.
Despite the lack of civility on some people’s part it is important to remember the importance of walking in your truth and fighting the good fight. There are going to be times when people say things or do things that make you wonder what the heck. When this occurs it is important to detach from the situation and simply be civil and courteous and allow everything to flow as GOD has intended because if GOD brought you to it GOD will bring you through it. I have come to understand that if you stay committed to following the messages of GOD, Jesus, The Ascended Masters, and The Angels and fighting the good fight you will attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. When you give everyone a dose of civility there is a ripple effect and a subtle change occurs because you remembered that you are  divine child of GOD and you recognize that divinity in others.  If we are truly going to fight the good fight we need a dose of civility.

It takes great strength to administer a dose of civility but you are strong enough to remain calm and show self-control through all encounters. IN many case it is a simple as being polite and then moving on. There are going to people who do not know how to handle your strength or those who don’t understand your passion and will get very defensive. When this occurs tap into your inner strength and remain civil while detaching from the situation and realizing that is has nothing to do with you tat they were just not ready to receive the information you were sharing.  In many cases where I have encountered negativity I have simply taken a step back and took a deep breath and prayed then remembered the spiritual teachings. I have found tat if I am to a beacon of light I must be civil and step into the light.
It is when you show civility that your heart beats with goodness and you are able to show compassion and kindness and as a result you reach great heights in your personal, professional, and spiritual life. Many times you will encounter people who will not know how to react to you being civil and kind but be civil and kind anyway because your heart will fill with joy and you will begin to attract joy into your life. In being civil and respectful to all those you interact with you create a vibration that will bring positivism into your life. Look at the ways you are handling things and then weigh the outcome and if the outcome is not what you desired find a way to do things differently next time so that you remain civil, calm, centered, focused, and grounded.
As you celebrate Christmas and New Year’s please take a dose of civility and make peace, love, and understanding part of your daily life. Become a beacon of hope  for others as you dish out a dose of civility. Namaste!!!




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