Spiritual Awakening: Focus On The Joy!!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Focus On The Joy!!!

Image result for make a joyful noise unto the lord imagesAs I left the bank today(12/8/2017) I realized just how much joy I have in my life and how important it is to focus on the joy. I walked to my car thanking GOD for allowing me the opportunity to use my talents for good and as a result having money to take care of the necessities in life. As I got into my car I realized a shift in my being. It was at that moment that I reminded myself to bring joy to everything I do. In becoming an action taker driven with a purpose to be joyful while being of service and value to others I have found that I am more aware and awake spiritually. I still have some challenging moments however when those moments arise I do my best to be joyful. In reflecting back on 2017 and preparing fr 2018 I am reminded to focus on the joy that there is the world and to celebrate the small victories thus attracting peace, love, joy, and prosperity into my life.
In focusing on joy we open up many channels to receive as the universe return what it is given.  If we go about each moment with a goal to be joyful we will receive joy in return. It is when you answer your calling in a joyful manner that you bring more joy into your life. I have been sending out direct messages to people to take a moment and visit to make a donation to help plant the seeds of hope and healing for those touched by cancer. In the past I would get upset by the amount of people who weren’t responding but today I decided to be grateful and joyful for those that were donating. As I focused on the joy that their donation brings to those touched by cancer I realized that my entire attitude changed. I went from anger to happiness in a matter of moments. It was when we change our focus that our entire perspective changes.
In this season of celebration and renewal let us all show joy to others who are making a positive impact on the world. Let us be happy for those who are following their passion and taking action thus having success. Let us find joy in what others are doing and celebrate them. Let us become cheerful givers by bring a bit of joy into everything we do. Let us celebrate life and cherish the happy moments so that we can create a ripple effect with peace, love, joy, and understanding rule the day.

Make it a point today and everyday to find a moment to praise GOD and be grateful for what GOD has delivered unto you.  Remember it is not about the materialistic things in life it is about being of service and value to others and being joyous in your daily life. Even in the darkest hours there can be found a semblance of joy. In focusing on joy you will find yourself more centered and grounded and thus you can truly evolve personally, professionally, and spiritually. In being joyful and praising GOD you will find that everything you need will be provided. So make a joyful noise unto the lord and watch what unfolds.
When you focus on joy and tap into your inner divinity you will find that the answers that you are seeking will come to you. When you carry joy with you life improves even in the face of loss for you know that the person you lost is now an angel in heaven watching over you and you can draw on all the happy moments that they brought to your life thus allowing you to find joy after loss. It is when we focus on joy and positivism that great things happen as we find ourselves tuned into the universe and as a result we have outstanding experiences in our life.
If you celebrate Hanukkah remember to bring joy to your celebration and to celebrate others. In celebration you can give praise and allow your heart and mind to receive the messages of GOD, The Angels, and The Ascended Masters. In the eight days of Hanukkah make it a point to show joy and to do a random act of kindness.

Image result for joy quotes imagesImage resultMay you find joy along your spiritual path and may you share it with others. Now is the time to do small things with great love and joy and watch the paradigm shift in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives.  Focus on joy and you will see your life and the lives around you transform. Namaste!!!!



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