Spiritual Awakening: Thinking Globally:Acting Locally!!!


 Spiritual Awakening: Thinking Globally:Acting Locally

As the holidays of Hanukkah and Christmas approach we all should be reminded that there is more to the holidays than just presents. These two holiday celebrate miracles that led to hope and healing. each holiday represents the concept that we can light up the world by simply standing in our truth and becoming an action taker. In this time of a great shift we need to think globally and act locally. We have a power inside of us to be difference makers.

As you experience a spiritual awakening and begin to see that we are all interconnected and that regardless of color or religious backgrounds we are all divine children of GOD  who can follow our calling and thus affect change in our local communities by simply thinking globally and acting locally. We can become action takers and show that the smallest acts of kindness will create a ripple effect that will shift our collective conscience and thus produce more positive outcomes in the world. Instead of fighting and trying to prove who is right or wrong we need to come together and find ways to be of service and value to each other. It is time to truly look deep inside and tap into our inner divinity and then recognize the divine in others. Instead of being judgmental and jealous and competitive we must seek ways to coexist realizing that we are more alike than different.  This holiday season let us put our differences aside and find a way to be of service and value to each other by making an effort to spread peace, love, joy, and prosperity everywhere we go.  Make an effort daily to do a kind act and see the effect that it has on others. Sometimes a simple smile can change someone’s day. Last year I gave out greeting cards to people simply wishing them happy holidays some were receptive while others were defensive it was then that I realized not everyone is ready to think globally and act locally and some people just don’t get the idea that someone would be kind with no expectation of return.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Help You Think Globally And Act Locally!

I have found humor is a great way to open the mind and make a spiritual connection for it allows the endorphin flow to build up and thus bring happiness into all of our spiritual fields and thus we are able to come up with pragmatic solutions to the issues that may be blocking us from moving forward in a positive direction toward our dreams.
More humor to use as a tool to help you make a positive shift in your personal, professional, and spiritual life.


Image result for Books about thinking globally and acting locallyBooks such as this and those available from Hay House and The Sources Of Wisdom books are useful tools to help you enhance your personal, professional, and spiritual life while thinking globally and acting locally.

Image result for walking in nature imagesGoing on a nature walk is a great tool to nurture your mind body, and soul while making a spiritual connection to source thus enabling you to think globally and act locally.
I have found music to be a great tool to help change the frequencies that we resonate at thus allowing us to attract the people and the things we need to think globally and act locally.
Meditation has proven to be a fantastic tool to help in preparing the mind to think globally and act locally.

Image result for spiritual bathTaking a spiritual bath is a great tool as it allows you to clear your mind while cleansing your body so that you can gain clarity of your purpose while thinking globally and acting locally.

Spiritual Awakening: Thinking Globally: Acting Locally – A Case Study!!!

Image may contain: shoesCancer is something that touches so many lives and thus is a great example of how you can think globally and act locally.  In 1999 I participated in my first American Cancer Society Relay For Life and I was very moved by the experience that I committed to being involved for as long as I was physically and mentally able to be part of the movement to help those touched by cancer. As a result I have made it a point to spread a message of hope and healing to all those I come in contact with as I  go about my day to day activities. 2018 marks my 19th year of being part of Relay For Life. My donation page is  In thinking globally and acting locally you can make a difference in the lives of others. The smallest of gestures can make a positive impact on the world. Stay Positive Today!!! Namaste!!!

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