Spiritual Awakening: Can You Get It Up?


Spiritual Awakening: Can You Get It Up?

As you experience a spiritual awakening you will have the opportunity to evaluate how you raise your vibration so as to create more positivism in your life. The question to ponder is can I get my vibration frequency up to the point where it is attract like minded people into my life who will help me to rise up and make positive changes in my personal, professional, and spiritual life? In answering this question and committing to becoming an action taker you will find that you begin to have more success in your life thus creating ore peace, love, joy, and prosperity in your life.  You have a power to make positive changes and to change the vibration that you radiate. Take a look at how you are approaching things and what you can do differently and then begin to make those changes and you will see that your life becomes filled with bliss and abundance.  Your ability to rise up is determined by how you react to situations as they unfold each day.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To help You Get It Up!!!!

Every now and again we all can use a dose of spiritual Viagra to help us to raise our vibration frequency so that it enables us to make a connection to GOD. This Lakota song of praise unto the lord is a fantastic tool to have in your spiritual tool box to help you get it up.

Image result for Raising Vibrational FrequenciesIn the effort to raise your vibrations so that you have the ability to manifest the life you desire it is important to have a tool that will allow you embrace the fact that you possess a great power in you to make changes that will create positivism in your life.

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Knowing and understanding the impact that food has on our lives is an excellent tool that will allow us to become more conscious of why we feel the way we do after consuming certain foods. Take a look at what you are consuming and do your best to start to eliminate the foods that lower your karma and your frequency.

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Understanding and controlling your emotions is an excellent tool to help you to vibrate at a level that brings a higher frequency into your life thus allowing you to experience more happiness. Take a look at your emotional reactions to situations and then seek more effective ways to vibrate at a higher frequency. I have found that instead of getting angry and doing my best to work things out helps to bring more happy outcomes into my life. Yes there will be things that we can’t control like other humans and what they do however we can control how we react to the situation.

Image result for Raising Vibrational FrequenciesImage result for Raising Vibration booksBooks such as these and those available by clicking on The Hay House Link are great tools to have as you continue on your spiritual journey toward enlightenment.

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Affirmations and reminders about raising your vibration will serve as excellent tools in your quest to raise your frequency to achieve optimal performance.

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Engaging in spiritual modalities like massage, reiki, and chakra balancing will serve as valuable tools in your journey toward spiritual enlightenment.

Image result for sageBurning of sage to eliminate all negative influence is a great tool to use in your desire to raise your vibration so as to remove anything that no longer serves you.

Image result for spiritual bathTaking a spiritual bath will serve as a very good tool that allows you to purify yourself thus enabling you to make a strong mind, body, and soul connection that creates a positive mindset to attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity, into your life.

Image result for spiritual tools for growthJournaling serves as an incredible tool to allow you to raise your vibrations and stay centered, focused, and grounded alowing you create a life that you desire.

Image result for fruits of spirit imagesStudying scripture and embracing the fruits of spirit will allow you to face many challenges and detach from outcomes thus helping you to better understand that you are a divine child of GOD and that GOD wants you to prosper.

Image result for Sacred SpaceCreating a sacred space will allow you to have the opportunity to get connected to GOD and to adhere to the messages being sent to you so that you will have all the tools needed to enhance your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S GIFT TO HELP YOU GET IT UP?

When things get rough as they sometimes will please use this gift of song by Cheryl Bear to lift your spirit and increase your vibrations so that you can continue to live a purpose driven life making a difference in your personal and professional life!  Stay Positive!!! Namaste!!!


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