Spiritual Awakening: Watch Your Mouth!!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Watch Your Mouth!!!

As we continue on our spiritual journey it is important to adhere to the words we heard when we were young, watch your mouth. IT is important to become aware of the words we are using and the attitude that we are conveying when we speak as the words combined with attitude will determine the altitude that we reach as we awaken spiritually. It is when you hold yourself accountable for the words you speak that you will find that life flows a little easier for you as you begin to take action to bring to fruition the words that you speak. When you are impeccable with your word you will see that peace, love, joy, and prosperity come to you easily and effortlessly. In taking action and choosing your words wisely you will begin to manifest the life that you desire.
Words have a great power and can either trap you or free you thus it is important to be very cognizant of the words that you are using. Are you using lack words or words of abundance. For example are you saying I can’t afford that or are you saying I will find a way to afford that. Are you say I am trying or I am doing. Take a look at how you are expressing yourself and then evaluate what is happening in your personal, professional, and spiritual life.  How you choose to use words will determine if you exceed a goal or fall short of a goal.  I am reminded about the time I eliminated the word try from this statement, I will try to raise $1500 for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. I simply said I will raise $1500 and all of a sudden I found myself getting more and more donations and at the end of the fundraising period for Relay For Life I had raised over $2300. In changing what we say and eliminating limiting beliefs we begin to achieve goals that we never thought possible. In going from negative lack words to positive abundance words we begin to attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into our lives which allows us to be of service and value to others.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Help You Watch Your Mouth!!!


Image result for Positive Affirmations for Spiritual AwakeningImage result for Positive Affirmations for Spiritual AwakeningSurrounding yourself with positive affirmations and quotes will assist you in walking in your truth and watching what come out of your mouth.

Image result for stones and their meaningsUsing stones and crystals to get centered, focused, and grounded will serve you well to watch your mouth as you will have clarity in all interactions allowing you to maximize your message.

Image result for Neuro Linguistic Programming BooksUnderstanding NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) will allow you to have a better understanding of the way you are relating to others thus opening the doors to improve all types of relationships.


Image result for Bible Verse on CommunicationIn using Bible Verses as a tool you will begin to see that your life improves for you are walking and speaking in your truth as directed by GOD.  Think about all that you say and how it is affecting the flow in your life. In analyzing the words coming out of your mouth you will begin to see vast improvements in your personal, professional, and spiritual life.


Image result for communication quotesIn understanding this idea you will have a tool to guide you in a positive direction toward spiritual enlightenment as you will begin to see how you are communicating with others. You will also be more in tune with your inner divinity as you speak with GOD, Jesus, The Angels, and The Ascended Masters. You will be given the gift of clarity as your messages are clear and easily understood.
Having songs such as this in your tool box will serve as a reminder to watch your mouth for it is when you give raise onto GOD and Jesus that they intercede to keep you moving in a positive direction of your dreams.
Meditation is an excellent tool that allows you to free your mind from blockages that may have held you back from achieving the greatness that GOD has in store for you. It is when you can free your mind that you can watch your mouth and you are then filled with peace and gratitude permitting you to create the life that you desire.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S Gifts To Help You Watch Your Mouth!!!

I give you this 45 minute video filled with scriptures for hope and healing in hope that it will help you to watch your mouth.

Related imageI give you this gift of The Footprints in The Sand Poem in hopes that it serves as a reminder that you are a divine child of GOD and GOD wants you to prosper. Namaste!!!



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