Spiritual Awakening: The Moment Of Awakening Has Come!!!


Spiritual Awakening: The Moment Of Awakening Has Come!!!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to announce 8 football games as part of The Gold Coast Pop Warner Football Championships. I am grateful for this opportunity as not only did it provide me a source of income but it also became a catalyst for spiritual growth. I arrived at the stadium on Saturday and asked the city staff person about getting a microphone and was told he was instructed not to give us one. I brought this up to the Gold Coast Pop Warner Football Representative and he made sure I had a microphone to announce the 4 games for that day. Despite the rain I was able to do a good job and use my talents to bring the game to life. On Sunday I arrived at the park and the sound system wasn’t set up and when it did get set up my voice sounded like the teacher from The Peanuts. I was a bit upset as I always strive to do my best when announcing a game. The situation was rectified as one of the teams brought their sound system and it worked out great. There were a few challenges like the site lines from the press box being obstructed at times however I was able to over come them and  do the job that I was hired to do. I share this because in the past I would have let anger rule the day and would have allowed it to ruin what I enjoy doing however this time I took a deep breath and allowed the issues to be corrected.  In being an action taker coming from a position of peace and understanding I was able to do my job and do it well and at the end I was able to have success.
In experiencing a spiritual awakening you will begin to become more and more aware and awake. As a result of understanding that the moment of awakening has come you will find yourself having a better understanding of who you are so that you can tap into your inner divinity and come alive. In coming alive you will begin to attract more peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your as your divine connection to GOD is strengthened. Last Night (10/30) I Hosted The Don’t Get Spooked By Cancer Fundraiser to benefit The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Sunrise at The Hooters in Sunrise. In the past I would have been upset by the people who passed by the booth and didn’t donate but last night I decided to be grateful for those who did give and to detach from the outcome. In doing this $202 was raised through the chance drawings and donations. In showing gratitude I was was able to help raise funds for research, education, advocacy, and services. I was able to simply understand that in another moment of awakening that if I simply do my best and am authentic then I will be rewarded with a successful event.  When we awakening spiritually and start to remove the negatives from our lives, what I like to call stinking thinking, and and we start to become more and more positive we enjoy a life filled with bliss and abundance.
In order to embrace the idea that the moment of awakening has come we must let go and let GOD. It is when we heed GOD’S message that our lives are enhanced for his plans for us are far greater than the ones we have for ourselves. As you awaken spiritually it is important to find ways to stay connected to GOD for if GOD brought us to it GOD will bring us through it. On great way to stay connected to GOD is to take many moments through out the day to pray.I find myself doing a gratitude prayer while driving and when I do this I experience a positive shift in my attitude and my day improves dramatically as the positive energy infuses a love inside of me that I am able to pass along to others through out the day. It is letting go and letting GOD that we are truly able to make a mind, body, soul connection creating the life that we desire.


Image result for Bible Verses End DaysAs you look around at what is happening on our communities you will see that the moment of awakening has come for many have engaged in activities that are unpleasing to GOD and as a result there have been many tragic events occurring. It is when you awaken to the fact that you are a divine child of GOD and your purpose is to live a live that is directed by GOD that you can face challenges head on and not fall in to the trappings of the end days.  As you realize that the moment of awakening has come make it a priority to surround yourself with those who are lifters and encouragers and make it a point to be a lifter for others. It is when you adopt an attitude filled with positivism that you will see that your life will improve.

Image result for The Moment Of AwakeningIt is when you are simply present in the moment and have present mind awareness that you will find that you are open to receive and act upon the messages that are coming through the universe to you. Tune into to the messages and you will be able to react positively as you embrace the concept that the moment of awakening is now. Remember everything happens when GOD believes you are ready for it to happen.

Image result for spiritual awakening quotesImage result for spiritual awakening quotesAs you embrace the fact that the moment of awakening has come you will see that you let go of all the fears and blockages that have stopped you from stepping into you power to achieve greatness that you are destined for. It is time to stop listening to the doubters, the naysayers, and the hater and start to awaken spiritually and follow GOD’S Path today. Namaste!!!

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