Spiritual Awakening: Close Calls!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Close Calls!!!

Image result for Hurricane IrmaAs Hurricane Irma circled over my condo I had many close calls and as the power went off I thought wow now is a good time to simply pray and meditate. As I prayed and asked GOD to protect me and everyone in the path of this disastrous storm I realized that in my life there have been many close calls and some how each time I experienced a close call I came out of it spiritually stronger as the divinity inside of me became more and more awakened.  As the storm subsided and life took on a sense of normalcy I realized there are many who will have to rebuild as this storm took many of the materialistic items that people had accumulated over time. My mom, who was called home to GOD on July 5, 2012 after suffering a massive heart attack while battling non-operable metastatic lung cancer used to say if money can fix it everything will be all right. She was correct to a certain extent as you can not replace memories or the warmth of a home you grew up in or the items that had sentimental value. As the storm passed I remembered the teaching that if GOD brought me to it God will bring me through it. I thanked GOD for keeping the damage to my community minimal and then I prayed that he would make everyone whole and complete.  This close call made me realize just how lucky I was to make it through the storm and how fortunate I am to have talents to use to be of service and value to others.

Image result for semi truckIn the weeks after the storm I have had some close calls like today (10/3/2017) as I was nearly hit by a semi tractor trailer while driving in a parking lot. At first I was mad that the driver didn’t see me and didn’t yield the right of way to me. After I avoided this close call I parked my car and I thanked GOD for watching over me. I then went in to the barber shop to get my hair cut. As I was leaving the barber shop I witnessed a car on fire two spots away from my car and I called 911 and moved my car to safety. I thought wow I just spent $300 on 2 new tires for the car and it was nearly caught on fire. As I hung up with the 911 operator and saw that I was safe I looked to the heaven and thanked GOD and Jesus for watching over me.  On my way to Starbucks I kept thinking how lucky I was and how many close calls I have had. There must be some message in these close calls. I think it is GOD telling me to slow down and find ways to be of service and value to others. 

After the close calls I was given a reading by Mira Blazova and it reaffirmed the messages that I have been receiving over the last few weeks.

My interpretation is you are living your purpose and a lot of people are admired you 🙂 you are loaning to be loved and find the person in your life

Continue what you started you are in the right track
     As part of the spiritual awakening process I understand that in all we do there are messages to be garnered so that we can evolve personally, professionally, and spiritually.
Image result for A Game Of Inches As I began to reflect on the past so as to live in the moment and plan for the future I realized that life is a game of inches and that GOD determines how the inches are given or taken away.  It is in appreciation of knowing that things can change in the blink of an eye that we are able to achieve greatness. Think about how many times you were so close to achieving a goal but for some reason you stopped only to realize that a great breakthrough could have simply been inches away. All of the close calls make us stronger as we gain insight on to how far we can push our mind and body.  I was reminded the other day about being run over by a golf cart when I was 12 and how if the golf cart would have rolled over an inch to the left or the right that I wouldn’t be here today. I realized that GOD wasn’t done using me on earth yet.  take a look at all the inches that have changed your life and take the lessons to become more aware and awake in your personal, professional, and spiritual life. Stay Positive!!! Namaste!!!

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