Spiritual Awakening: Become The Difference Maker!!!


Spiritual Awakening:Become The Difference Maker!!!


In the spiritual awakening process it is important to become an action taker with the intent of making a positive difference in your life and in the lives of others. As you walk your spiritual path there will be challenges as what  you are compelled to do do as directed by GOD may not resonate with others and what they want to do. Recently I had a situation where I thought something was left to me and another person thought it was left to them. In thinking the item was left to me I had plans to get the item appraised and then find a buyer the other person who thought it was left to them didn’t want to part with the item.  My plan was sell the item and donate 20% to The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and then split the remainder with the other person. In wanting to avoid conflict I simply gave up what I perceived as ownership of said item and realized that it wasn’t meant for me to have and that other opportunities would present itself and allow me to be a difference maker. In letting go and letting GOD and  accepting that which I wasn’t going to change I cleared some blockages and found other ways to support The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and myself. I realized that I could still be a difference maker without the item. It was in detaching from the what might of been or could of been that I was able to let go and move forward understanding that GOD had other plans for me to be a difference maker.

It is when you commit to being a difference maker by making compassion and kindness a regular part of your day that you will become more and more spiritually aware and awake. As you set about each day with the intention of spreading peace, love, joy, and prosperity everywhere you go you will find it easier to become a difference maker. I am reminded of what mother Teressa once said “If you can not do great things do small things with great love so make a commitment to be loving and caring in all you do and become a difference maker.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Help You Become A Difference Maker!!!

Image result for difference makerBooks like this will serve as a great tool to help you to tap into your inner divinity so that you can find your purpose and become a difference maker.

Image result for difference maker quotesImage result for difference maker quotesImage result for difference maker quotesIn surrounding yourself with quotes to make a difference you will begin to internalize their meaning and thus allowing you to make kindness and compassion part of your daily life.

Watching shows like Secret Millionaire, What Would You Do, and CNN Heroes can serve as inspirational tools to become a difference maker. Sometimes it doesn’t take much money but just a small dose of caring, love, and compassion to make a difference. The other day I found myself in front of Starbucks and someone was begging for money. I don’t like to give money but I asked if they were hungry and thirsty they said yes so I went inside bought the person a yogurt and a bottle of water. The person was grateful and it also made me feel good knowing that I made a difference if just for a moment in that person’s life.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S Gift To Help You Become A Difference Maker

Today (8/25/2017) I give you this gift of a guided meditation to help you to transform your life as you continue on the path of becoming a difference maker. Allow this gift to aide you in your quest to be of service and value to others by removing blockages that may be stopping you from stepping into your power so that you can achieve the greatness that is your birthright. Take the time to get real with yourself and being honest with who you are and who you desire to become as you move along your journey toward spiritual enlightenment. Remind yourself that you are a divine child of GOD and God wants you to a life filled with bliss and abundance. Allow yourself to become the person that GOD has intended for you to become. As you continue with this meditation take some mental notes and when you complete the meditation write down the thoughts as you remember them and then break through the barriers that may be stopping you from becoming a difference maker. May this gift assist you in your quest to awaken more spiritually thus allowing you to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. Stay Positive Today!!! Namaste!!!


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