Spiritual Awakening: Calmness Has Its Rewards!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Calmness Has Its Rewards!

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Through out the spiritual awakening process I have come to understand that in the face of a challenge where your human existence seems to want to take over your spiritual existence you must take a deep breath and remain calm. In staying calm in the heat of a adverse moment will lead to unexpected rewards. Today (8/4/2017) I stopped by Starbucks after doing some banking. I went to recharge my card to be told it was on hold. Instead of getting mad I calmly called the 1-800 number. I waited on hold for a while and finally after what seemed an eternity I spoke to a customer service representative. We had a pleasant exchange and at the end she informed that she was adding $10 to my card because I was inconvenienced. In taking action in a calm manner I was rewarded. As we continue along our path toward spiritual enlightenment it is important to remember that when you are calm the vibration you give off will be met with calmness and you will be rewarded. In remaining calm and staying positive you put out a vibration to the universe showing that you have evolved as a spiritual being and you are ready to receive the resources desired to create the life that you want.

Image result for calm cool collected quotesIn every situation you encounter it is important to stay calm, cool, and collected. Self-control is one of the fruits of spirit that allows us to progress in a positive manner in our personal, professional, and spiritual life. It is imperative to remember that the only person you can change is you. getting heated and angry does not serve you as it is like wrestling a pig in the mud you both get dirty but the pig enjoys it. The best way to solve a problem is to simply take a deep breath and remain calm for getting angry only escalates the problem and many times makes the situation worse. Today at the bank a woman was in the non-customer line and she was a customer she was taken before a few people and one guy remarked I guess the rest of us are invisible. I simply made a joke and said oh English and Reading Classes start Monday followed by I am kidding. In doing this it seemed to ease the tension and everyone relaxed a little bit understanding that waiting is part of the process. have learned that having a sense of humor and being comfortable with who I am goes a long way in easing the most tense situations.  I understand there will be times when your patience is tried because the people you are dealing with may not be as spiritually evolved as you are so when this happens you must simply let go and Let GOD. I do my best to remember that the way things are and the way things should be are two different things. In staying calm I have been rewarded.

Spiritual Awakening: Calmness Has Its Rewards: A Case Study!!!

Image result for follow your heart quotesImage result for relay for life I was out collecting donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and I began to speak to someone at the store that I was in at the time about making a donation and I was told to get the F out and get a real job. I simply turned and said thank you form your tie GOD bless you and I walked out. Upon walking out a woman stopped me and asked what type of donation are you looking for. I said whatever you are comfortable with. She reached into her wallet and took out a $20 bill and placed it in the collection canister and wished me luck. I could have gotten mad and defensive at the man who was rude to me and made a scene but by keeping calm I was rewarded with a donation. In simply detaching from the behavior of others and remaining calm I have been able to reap many rewards. I have begun to look at each situation as a way to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. I have come to learn to curb the anger and find equitable solutions.

Image result for Curb The AngerIn letting go of the anger detaching from the actions of others I have evolved personally, professionally, and spiritually. In the past I would get upset with people who were not impeccable with their word but now I simply stay calm and don’t take it personally and I move on. Such was the case when I offered someone a printer they asked me how much and I said what they thought were fair. This person was supposed to meet me three weeks ago and they didn’t show up saying they forgot I said okay I am sure we will connect soon. After countless emails and phone calls I finally took a deep breath and decided to give the printer to a charity I work with. In doing so I will receive a write off for the full value of the printer. I have come to learn that the only person you can be responsible for is yourself and you can not allow the actions of others to affect your peaceful existence. In staying calm and simply doing what GOD is directing you to do you will find much success in all you do. Namaste!!!

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