Spiritual Awakening: A Recipe For Hope And Healing!!!


Spiritual Awakening: A Recipe For Hope And Healing!!!

As you begin to awaken spiritually you will need to have a recipe for hope and healing. The first ingredient should be love. As you begin to take action toward embracing the spiritual awakening process remember that if you can not do great things to do small things with great love. When you awaken every morning put a little love in your heart and become a lifter bringing love and compassion into all that you do.
As you put love into your heart and you give out love and kindness you will begin to receive more love and kindness. Add some kindness to your recipe by find ways to lift others up. Sometimes it is as easy as holding the door open for someone or smiling at someone or leaving your change in a tip jar on making a small donation to a charity. It is important to remember that kindness counts.

As you put love and kindness into your recipe for hope and healing make sure you add a sprinkle or two of gratitude. The 1st sprinkle should be gratitude to GOD fir the opportunities he has give you to utilize your talents for good. When you show gratitude toward GOD, Jesus, The Angels, and The Ascended Masters you tap into your inner divinity thus allowing you to add more ingredients to your recipe for hope and healing. As you add gratitude into your recipe for hope and healing you will find many doors opening that will help you to continue on your path toward enlightenment.

After you put love, kindness, and gratitude into your recipe add a dash of forgiveness.  In forgiving those who have trespassed against you blockages clear that previously held you back from healing. In mixing  your recipe for hope and healing it is important to mix your ingredients as you deem necessary as each recipe will vary based on your level of vibration.

As you add your ingredients and mix them fervently remember to add some spice by infusing peace into the recipe.  As you begin to add peace into you mixture you will find that making a mind, body, soul connection comes easily and effortlessly. Remembering that if you are to achieve peace you must become a peaceful warrior seeking ways to share the recipe for hope and healing. In being peaceful and understanding you will begin to see that the challenges that once held you back are now easily overcome for you continue to add to your recipe for hope and healing.

In preparing your recipe for hope and healing add a pinch of joy and praise so that you can open up your Heart Chakra to receive the great anointing of GOD who wants you to prosper so you can prosper others. In adding the pinch of joy and praise to the recipe you will see that your life begins to improve for you will understand that GOD’S plan is far greater than your and GOD will provide all the resources that are required for you to find hope and healing. In adding a pinch of joy and praise you complete your recipe so now it is time to mix it up and bake it and then plate it and serve it to the world understanding that GOD loves a cheerful giver.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S Gift For Your Recipe of Hope And Healing!!!

Today I give you the gift of a meditation of Hope. As you play this video pay close attention to the quotes and then internalize them and meditate upon them so you can clear any and all challenges that are stopping you from creating the life that you desire. As you begin to clear your mind remember that you are a divine child of GOD filled with love, kindness, gratitude, forgiveness,peace, joy, and praise ready to receive the prosperity that is your birthright.

Spiritual Awakening: A Recipe Of Hope And Healing: A Case Study!!!
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In 1999 I participated in my 1st Relay For Life. I was very upset and angry with the world as my grandfather Leo had been taken from me due to complications of  prostate cancer. I just wanted to go around and punch people in the throat then I found Relay For Life and it had all the ingredients for a recipe of hope and healing. As the years went on I would lose more people to cancer and each time it was a bit easier for I knew I had Relay For Life coming up. ON July 5, 2012 GOD called my mom, Judy Miller, home after she suffered a massive heart attack while battling non-operable metastatic cancer. I was again upset and questioning my spirituality so I reached down deep inside and made up a batch of hope and healing understanding more and more that if GOD brought me to it GOD would bring me through it. As I began to serve the  recipe of hope and healing I became more and more aware and awake as to how important what I was doing with Relay For Life was and the impact I was making so I continued adding a dose of Relay into my recipe. In having a recipe of hope and healing I have overcome challenges and become triumphant along the spiritual path. Namaste!!!


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