Spiritual Awakening: Turning Pages!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Turning Pages!!!

As you embrace the spiritual awakening process and begin to become an action taker it is important to remember to turn the page. Today (8/2/2017) marks my 52nd year on this earth. As I turn the page of another year lived I look back and take in all the lessons learned along the way. There have been many triumphs and many tragedies in the last year and each one has come with a spiritual lesson that has allowed me to become more aware and awake. Each time I face adversity I am reminded of my anthem, Stay Positive. As I remind myself that even in the darkest of ties there is a light to step into that will guide me in a positive direction of my dreams. It is important to bask in the glow of that light and heed the messages as they will allow all of us on a spiritual path to turn the page and start a new. Each day we are given 1,440 minutes to use to advance our personal, professional, and spiritual life. How we choose to utilize those minutes is up to us. We can get caught up in the arguments and name calling on social media about that which we can not control or we can focus on following our passion by taking action that will lead to success. At the end of the day when that last minute ticks off we are given another 1,440 minutes to use presenting us with opportunities to turn the page. We can not go back to the past and we do not know what the future brings so we must live in the moment cherishing the minutes we have been given and using them in the best interest of being of service and value. There have been many days when I decided to simply rest and do nothing and I know I can not get those days back so I have begun to say to myself in the past and up into now I used to sleep the day away but starting now I will make the most of the minutes turning the page and writing my own story as directed by GOD.
As you allow GOD to write your story and turn the pages you will find yourself attracting more peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your personal, professional, and spiritual life. We have the power to tap into our inner divinity an create the life that we desire. It starts with the idea of turning the pages and letting go and letting GOD. There have been many times that I have lost the connection with GOD and then I took time to get back to being centered, focused, and grounded by remembering that GOD’s plan is far greater than my own.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Help You Turn The Pages!!!

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff With Your Family: Simple Ways To KeepImage result for Sources of Wisdom Book 2Image result for Sources of Wisdom Book 3Books such as these and other spiritual development and personal development books available by clicking on the links on this page will serve you well in your journey to turn the page and continue on your positive path toward enlightenment.

Image result for Crystals and their meaningsCrystals in the form of your birthstone are excellent tools to help you to turn the page. It is when you are centered, focused, and grounded that you can truly enhance the quest to make the mind, body, soul connection.


Image result for Nature walkImage result for Spiritual BathCreating me time to simply shut out the world and get connected to your divine guidance system is a fantastic way to turn the page as you clear out all the trash and remove what no longer serves you thus allowing you to receive the bliss and abundance that is your birthright. Create a sacred place where you can get away from the trials and tribulations so as to remove any blockages that may be stopping you from turning the page.
Motivational videos such as this are great tools to remind us of the importance of letting go of our past so we can turn the page and move forward in a positive direction of our dreams.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S Gift To Help You Turn The Pages!!!

In celebration of my 52nd birthday today I decided to gift you this mediation from Nicole Nardone to help you turn the pages to write a new story for a new day. Remember that each day you have a chance to begin again and redirect the path that you are on so that you can create the life that you desire. Take time to use this gift and share it with others who also want to turn the pages. Turn the pages. Remind yourself that you are a divine child of GOD. Namaste!!!

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