Spiritual Awakening: Who Are You Walking With?


Spiritual Awakening:Who Are You Walking With?

As you awaken spiritually and become more and more aware of your purpose it is important to take an inventory of who you are walking with as you become the sum of the people you surround yourself with through out your spiritual journey.  When you decide to walk with ascended masters  like Jesus and take action according to the messages they are sending you will become a magnet for peace, love, joy, and prosperity. In becoming awake and aware of who you are walking with you will be able to more effectively answer and embrace your calling by becoming an agent of change in your community. Mother Teressa once said that if you can not do great things do small things with great love. Mother Teressa would have been someone great to walk with and follow along a path toward spiritual enlightenment. Though you may not be able to physically walk with Mother Teressa today you can carry on her teachings by showing love and compassion in all that you do to shine your light bright and illuminate the world. As you look at who you are walking with make sure you surround yourself with people who make you come alive, who lift you up, and support you in your endeavors to be of service and value. Along your path take an inventory of the people who are impeccable with their word, who do not take things personally, who do not judge, and who always do their best and surround yourself with them. Along your spiritual path there will be times to detach from those who do not serve you as they no longer help you to become the enlightened being that you are destined to become. It is hard to detach from those who no longer support your personal, professional, and spiritual growth but it is necessary to move on so that you walk with the people that GOD intends you to be walking with along your path to becoming a beacon of hope and healing for others. In deciding who to walk with you must take the emotions out of the equation and decide based on the premise to find those people who will help to enhance the spiritual awakening process. Yes, it will get lonely at times and in those times it is important to remember that you are never alone as GOD, Jesus, The Ascended Masters, and Your Angels are always with you to help you follow your dreams and be guided by the universe that will conspire to allow you to step into your power and achieve the greatness that is your birthright.

It is important to let go and let GOD and have the faith that GOD will put the right people in your life to walk with as you continue to make the mind, body, and soul connection. As you continue to walk and surround yourself with lifters make sure you are walking with eyes wide open. Life moves pretty fast so you have to slow down and trust in your faith that if GOD brought you to it GOD will bring you through it. Sometimes it as simple as taking a small walk in nature to get yourself centered, focused, and grounded.
Along your path while you walk in spirit and faith remember to walk on sunshine by finding the positives along your journey.  When you become an action taker and check who you are walking with you will see that there is more happiness in this world than sadness. When you encounter sadness remember to walk in faith and be a lifter to turn the sadness and despair into hope and healing by giving others power to unleash their inner divinity and thus change the world one person at a time.  Even on the cloudiest of days you can find a bit of sunshine as that sunshine lies with you and can be spread everywhere you go.  As you walk on sunshine you will find that you are rewarded. Remember to evaluate who you are walking with and to keep those who are serving you and to drop those who are not serving your higher good.
The road is long and winding and it will require that you do the walk of life speaking of peace, love, joy, and prosperity as you infuse positivism into everything you do as you take a look at who you are walking with as you become spiritually awakened. When this awakening occurs you will find yourself better prepared to let go of the past and live in the moment. watch who you walk with today? Namaste!!!



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