Spiritual Awakening: On Top Of The World!!!


Spiritual Awakening:On Top Of The World!!!

As you go through the spiritual awakening process by becoming an action taker you will find that you feel as though you are on the top of the world. This feeling exists because you have been able to strengthen your relationship with GOD by taping into your inner guidance and acting on the messages that you are receiving from GOD, The Ascended Masters, and Your Angels. As you become more aware and awake of how you are evolving personally, professionally, and spiritually you will experience the top of the world feeling more and more. This top of the world feeling will come into play every time you let go and Let GOD and as a result you will attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. As you forward along your spiritual path you will find it easier to obtain the top of the world feeling simply by detaching and allowing things to flow as GOD has planned for you. In becoming someone who is of value and service you will find yourself feeling better and eliminating the negativity that was holding you back and creating blockages from achieving the life you desire.
As you forward in a positive direction of your dreams you will see that you experience a top of the world feeling bringing bliss and abundance to you and those that you come in contact with as you move along your spiritual path. It has taken me a while to understand that the only person I can control is me and the only being that I have to answer to is GOD. In the past I used to project how I wanted things to be then I came to the understanding that the way things are and the way things should be are two very separate things. As a result I go about doing what I can do to spread positivism and kindness to others. I have come to do my best to live by The Four Agreements so that I experience the best life for myself.

In making it a point to follow these four agreements I have been able to experience the top of the world feeling on many occasion. In understanding that the way I choose to do things may not be the way others choose to do things and it is not my job to drag them kicking and screaming to my way but to simply shine my light bright to illuminate the world and when people are ready to join me and support me in my effort to show the world that service to humanity is the best work of life they will. I have learned to stop concentrating on that which I have no control over and simply concentrate on what I can control. I have realized that to be on top of the world you need to be authentic and true to yourself and follow the messages coming from GOD, The Ascended Masters, and Your Angels. As you move ahead in your spiritual journey you are going to encounter all types of situations and you must be spiritually guided to make them the best for all parties involved.

Spiritual Awakening: On Top Of The World: A Case Study!!!

I recently offered a teacher some items to use in his classroom incentive program. I sent him a direct message and gave him many options to come get them.  I was met with many excuses. I even went as far as telling him I would meet him in his area. I received no response so I simply let go and gave the items to another organization. In giving I had a top of the world feeling. I have always excelled at securing items for events such as fundraisers for various organizations. I simply let go and Let GOD and when I receive a message from above I act upon it accordingly. Each time I have done this I have had the top of the world feeling. I have had several situations where I offered to do something nice for people and made arrangements only to have them not show up or even worse find reasons and excuses not to pay for my services or cancel me at the last minute. In the past I used to get mad now I take it from where it comes and do my best to work with people who will make me feel like I am top of the world. In doing so I have had to release people who do not enhance my personal, professional, or spiritual life. I have decided to reach out to people and when I feel the vibe that they want to help me be on top of the world I give them a chance if they don’t come through on their end I simply let go and think to bad , so sad, don’t let the door hit you where GOD split you bye bye. In adopting this attitude I have found myself experiencing the on top of the world feeling more often.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S Gift To Help You Be On Top Of The World!!!

I gift you this song to use as an anthem to put yourself on top of the world. You  are a divine child of GOD!!!  Namaste!!!



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