Spiritual Awakening: Taking A Step Back!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Taking A Step Back!!!

As we continue on our spiritual journey and become more and more aware and awake we must remember that we must step back and detach from the situation at hand. Today (4/25/2017) I was tested as I was out collecting for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and had an encounter that taught me a very important lesson. That lesson is that not everyone is going to be open to receive the message that you are delivering. I also used my spiritual teachings to take a step back and apologize to the person who seemed to be upset with me. In doing this I was able to diffuse any hard feelings that this person may be harboring. As I walked back to my car I did a gratitude prayer and realized that I should be focusing on those who gave and those who were supportive instead of one person who gave off a negative vibration. As I sat in quiet contemplation I understood that in being an action taker you will encounter all types of situations that will force you to dig deep inside and understand that you must take a step back sometimes and then move forward by being caring in all you do.
It is important to move right along despite any set backs and challenges. When these challenges occur while on our spiritual journey we need to take a step back take a deep breath and create a special place for those who have created the challenges and then let it go. It is in stepping back and taking responsibility that you are able to clear blockages that may be holding you back. On a daily basis it is important to take a step back and reflect on how far you have come so you can let the past go and let GOD as you move forward in a positive direction moving toward your dreams. As you move right along you will encounter those who do not resonate with you and will react in a negative manner to the point of even calling you names. When this happens remember that it is imperative not to take anything personally. It is important to take action so that you can step into your power and achieve the greatness that you are destined to achieve. Through the awakening process you will find that when you step back and take responsibility for the role you played in any situation you are able to release any of the blockages that are stopping you from moving forward.
It is when we take a look back at where we have been and what we have achieved that we can recapture the joyful feeling that having a sense of accomplishment gave us and thus we can recreate the feeling by simply taking action to create more amazing memories. When the day ends we will have photographs and memories that will allow us to take a step back and as a result propel us to heights that we never thought possible. It is through memories that we can tap into our inner divinity which in turn attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into our life. Sometimes a memory is just the jolt we need when we step back to move us forward and therefore allows us grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.
In remembering the past we can live in the present and plan for the future as we are able to move past the darkness and step into the light. It is in stepping back and remembering that we have had good times and bad times that we can better understand that if GOD brought us to it GOD will bring us through it. I keep a photo of when I was named one of The Top 5 Jaycees in America in my home as a reminder of the fact tat to whom much is given much is expected. I also have an envelope of letters from students who I made a presentation to on a career day years ago that I will pull out to remind me that I am here to be of service and value to others. In stepping back and looking at the memories I am reminded that I am making a difference in the world and that I have an obligation to continue to serve as a living example that service to humanity is the best work of life.
As I took a step back today I realized that the only thing that endures is your character. Take a step back and  remind yourself that you are a divine child of GOD. Namaste!!!





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