Spiritual Awakening: The Victory Will Be Yours!!!!


Spiritual Awakening: The Victory Will Be Yours!!!

On this Good Friday (4/14/2017) it is the perfect time to reflect and put all things in motion to insure that the victory will be yours. Each time we commit to rising to heights that many only imagine we change our lives for the better. It is when we become an action taker by facing everything and rising that we enhance our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. It is through rising to the challenge that we are strengthened in mind, body, and spirit. As you sit in reflection this weekend be it through observing Passover or Easter remember that the struggles we face can be overcome simply by following the teachings of the ascended masters. In following the universal laws of attraction and vibration you will rise above all that may be creating blockages so that victory will be yours. Many times we look at how we are labeled and we get stuck not realizing that the power of divinity that lies within us needs to be tapped into and released for the rest of the world to see.

As you begin to delve into the teachings of The Ascended Masters you will begin to understand more and more that you are a divine child of GOD capable of achieving anything you set you mind to by following your heart. I have come to learn that what the mind can conceive and the heart can believe you can achieve. It all starts with a commitment to rise above the goal you have set for yourself by doing something daily that will lead you to exceeding your goals. You will encounter doubters, naysayers, and haters who will fill you with thoughts of inadequacy. Don’t let them or your negative self-talk hold you back. All you have to do is reach deep down inside and you will find the answers.
Do not let the negative thoughts to prevent you from pursuing your dreams. Remember that all things are possible through Christ who strengthens me. Remember it is when you are connected to GOD that you can achieve great things and it you can not do great things do small things with great love and you will rise knowing that the victory is yours. Everyday that you get up you have the opportunity to be victorious in all you do. When you tap into your soul and decide that you will push through all challenges you will find yourself victorious.
It is when we can feel something deep inside our soul that we can take the action necessary to bring it to the world and thus shine our light bright and illuminate the world. It is when we rise above that which ails us that we can heal ourselves and those around us. We have an opportunity daily to fight for what we believe in and as a result victory will be yours.
It is when you step into your power that you can tap into your inner divinity and manifest the results that you desire. It is when you take action and stay focused, centered and grounded that you can reach some great heights that will empower and inspire others. In fighting for what you believe in and never giving up victory will be yours!!! Many times it is just a matter of being awake and aware of the power that resides in you so that you can be victorious in all you do.
Sometimes it is not about carrying the weight of the world it is simply alleviating the burdens that may be holding you back from achieving the life you desire and by alleviating your personal burdens yous how others how to alleviate their burdens. I have written many times that if GOD brought you to it God will bring you through it. GOD will never give you what he thinks you can not handle. GOD will assure you that victory will be yours.

Victory will be yours as you follow the signs from GOD, your angels, and the ascended masters. It is in becoming an action taker and following the messages that you will feel the joy of victory. In all that you do make sure you are striving for victory.

We will be challenged but will win because the victory is yours. In all you do praise GOD and the victory will be yours. GOD want you to prosper so that you can prosper others. It is through your giving that you open up channels to receive and as a result victory is yours. It is when you are guided by GOD that the victory is yours everyday. Namaste!!!






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