Spiritual Awakening: Changing The Tide!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Changing The Tide!!!

As we awaken spiritually we begin to understand that we have the capability to change the tide of our life. Sometimes it is just a matter of changing out latitudes and our attitudes and taking action in a different manner so as to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. As we continue on our spiritual journey we become more and more awake and aware of the possibilities to soar to heights that many feel impossible. If we are to change the tide we must first strengthen our relationship with GOD so that we can use our inner divinity guidance system to bring peace, love, joy, and prosperity into our lives. We must put some anthems in our play list so that we stay focused, centered, and grounded on living a life of purpose.
I have come to learn that when you trust in the lord you will soar on eagles wings. When you turn to your spiritual teachings and adopt the mantra that service to humanity is the best work of life and you dedicate your life work to showing others that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations you will find that much bliss and abundance come to you. When you decide to use your talents for good you can change the tide of your life and shine your light so bright that you illuminate the world. I have come to realize the importance of going to places where you are celebrated not just tolerated. I have come to learn that when you come alive and are filled with spirit and a desire to change your community that you will encounter some challenges as not everyone will be receptive to what you are doing and not understand the value that you are bringing to the table. There will be times that challenge you and it seems like you are swimming against the tide. When these challenges arise stop for a moment take a deep breath and change your direction.
When the tide seems to be insurmountable it is time to remember that if GOD brought you to it GOD will bring you through it. As you connect with GOD and your inner divinity you will find it easier to change the tides. each challenge that we face and overcome makes us stronger. We have a great ability to make positive changes in our lives because we are divine children of GOD and GOD sends messages to us on a regular basis. It is important to pick up on and take action when GOD sends us these messages. It is when we are connected to GOD that GOD will direct us in the positive direction of our dreams allowing us to feel the positive emotions that come from enhancing our personal, professional, and spiritual life. It is when we change the tides in our own life that we are able to stand as an example to others that what the mind can conceive and the heart can believe you can achieve.
When we decide to shake things off we are able to change the tides in our life and begin to transform and become the person that GOD has intended us to become. As I sat in reflection today I cam to realize that GOD wants me to be a man of service and by becoming a man of service I will be rewarded as people will be placed in my path to help make a positive impact in my life and in the lives of others. So many times we are so afraid of what might happen that we forget everything and run and then as we look back we wonder what might have been. To avoid this complex question it is time to change the tide and forget everything and rise while letting go and letting GOD.
When changing the tide you must remember it is not about your plan or the life you want it is about the plans that GOD has for you. When in doubt simply stop for a moment and ask GOD. The answer will be revealed to you when the time is right for your to become an action taker and apply the answer. If you want to change the tide you should change your thinking. Many people come from a  position of lack not knowing that they can come from a position of abundance.

Take a moment to look at your mindset then commit to changing you belief system and thus changing the tide and you will find that your life will be improved and you will be rewarded. Namaste!!!



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