Spiritual Awakening: Going The Distance!!!



Spiritual Awakening: Going The Distance!!!

Though Rocky is a fictional character he showed us that when we reach down deep inside and tap into our inner divinity that we can go the distance and achieve greatness in our personal, professional, and spiritual life. It is when we commit to taking action that great things happen for us. If we are to go the distance we need to set our heart on fire and understand that what our mind can conceive and our heart can believe we can achieve.
Once we allow our burning heart to guide us we begin to manifest the life that we want and we easily attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into our personal, professional, and spiritual life. It is when we commit to putting in the physical and mental work necessary to go the distance that our lives become filled with bliss and abundance. Along the way there will be some challenges and set backs however we must realize that many times what seems like a set back is actually a set up for something better. The key is to make a commitment to never give up and to go the distance while you are hear in the physical realm on Earth.
When you are determined to go the distance the impact you will have on the community you decide to serve will be positive. It is when you can take adversity look it straight in the eye that you can conquer anything that comes your way and leave a legacy filled with hope and healing for others. It is when you use the  great power inside of you to empower and inspire others that you will find success in your personal, professional, and spiritual life. We can take the inspirational message from Jimmy Valvano  to go the distance so we continue to show people that anything is possible if you believe and take action.
We can all find our inner strength to go the distance as we live a life filled with purpose. When we allow ourselves to follow our passion by taking action we find that we achieve incredible feats that many may have thought impossible. When we eliminate the limiting beliefs and realize the only one that can hold you back is you we can go the distance and thus create a world where people become lifters and help other people excel. It is when we finish what we started that we feeling a sense of joy and accomplishment that we can share with others as we illuminate the world with positivism.
It is when you seek and  decide to go the distance that your dreams turn into reality. Make sure that you take action to go the distance by moving forward in a positive direction of your dreams. In many cases you will need to become aware and awake so that you have the ability to take action on the messages that are being sent to you. In order to go the distance you must be open to receiving messages and taking action.
It is when we decide to truly go after our dreams and to go the distance to make amends for any transgressions that we have made in our life that we free ourselves from the mental bondage that has created the blockages that are stopping us from achieving the greatness that is our birth right. The time we find our purpose and work on going the distance is the tine we are able to awaken spiritually and thus make a positive impact on our life and on the lives of others.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S Gifts To Help You Go The Distance!


It is when you become a tiger and begin to fight for what you want in your life with a determination to go the distance that you begin to see that there are no challenges that you can not overcome. It is my hope that the gift of this video will inspire you to awaken any dreams that have laid dormant inside of you and to take action to go the distance as you awaken spiritually so that when the day is over you can say I lived a life filled with joy and I brought joy to others. It is my hope that you will use this gift to tap into your talents and create the life that you desire.
I give you this gift to encourage you to not quit and to continue on until you exceed your goals and objectives. Remember that most breakthroughs come at the moment when things seem to be the darkest. GO THE DISTANCE!!! STAY POSITIVE!!! NAMASTE!!!





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