Spiritual Awakening: Breaking Free!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Breaking Free!!!

The moment you awaken spiritually and decide to take action you set in motion all that is necessary to break free.  When you commit to being your authentic self you are going to encounter some challenges as people will doubt you or try to tear you down. It is when you encounter these challenges that you must step into your power and walk in your truth. The key to breaking free is understanding you are a divine child of GOD deserving to be loved and respected. If you encounter those that do not lift you hold a special place fr them and pray and then break free. In doing things on your terms as you are guided by GOD you will find that you attract peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. In breaking free and detaching from expectations you will find that your level of bliss and abundance are increased. When you stop worrying about what everyone else will think and you break free by celebrating your spiritual awakening  you will find that living a purpose driven life is very rewarding.  In my experiences along my spiritual journey I have found that when I stand in my power and walk in my truth that good things happen. In breaking free from the so called norm you will find that your level of success increases as you will vibrate on a positive wave length that will attract the people and things into your life that will serve you.

Spiritual Awakening: Tools To Help You Break Free!!!

One way to break free is to consult with the ascended masters and listen to their messages. As you receive the messages remember to go from an excuse maker to an action taker.
Meditation is a great way to break free from the confines of our human existence thus allowing us to tap into our inner divinity and evolve spiritually.


Carrying stones and crystals with you will assist you in your effort to break free.

Books such as these are excellent to have in your tool box. The Sources of Wisdom Book is a book where I am one of the featured authors. You can order Sources of Wisdom Book 2 by clicking on the Amazon Link to the right. Remember it is when you implement the lessons that you read that you can break free.

One great way to break free is to take a spiritual bath while surrounding yourself with candles and soft relaxing music.  It is when we cleanse the negative energy that we have absorbed  that we can break free by getting centered, balanced, focused, and clear. It is when we cleanse and remove blockages that we can move in a positive direction of our dreams.

Treating yourself to a Reiki healing or a  Chakra balancing session will help you to overcome the challenges that may be interfering with your ability to break free.

Quieting the mind and taking a walk in nature is a fantastic way to break free. As you walk take a look around and breathe and then be grateful for the peace and comfort that GOD has created.

Exercise is a great way to break free as it allows you to quiet the mind and focus on making the mind, body, soul connection

Spiritual Awakening: Breaking Free- A Case Study!!!

It was September 2010 when I was called into the bosses office at Forum Publishing Group and told that my employment was being terminated. At first I was upset and was worried about what I would do for money as I had bills piling up. I then took an inventory of my talents and found ways to monetize these talents. Over the last 7 years I would pick up some part time jobs to supplement my income while focusing on what really wanted to do and that was to be a marketing and media relations adviser, an emcee, a pa announcer, and a voice over person. As a result of breaking free I have become a published author, assisted many people in promoting their brand and increasing their revenue, I have emceed many events like The Transform Your Life Summit, announced for several sports teams including The Miami Fury Women’s Tackle Football Team, I have  done some voice overs for people’s voice mail and businesses. In breaking free and not worrying about what other people will think I have managed to create a life that I enjoy and I am able to live that life on my terms.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S Gift To Help You Break Free!!!

Today I give you the gift of one of my original poems.

The Giving Life

By Jonathan Steven Lederman

You’ll not be measured by Wealth
but what you give of yourself
Time to make a child smile
or run the extra mile
Love for another human life
helping overcome strife
A helping hand in a foreign land
making the community grand
That is The Giving Life

I also give you the gift of music to help you break free from any of the chains that are stopping you from enhancing your personal, professional, and spiritual life. May you break free and embrace your spiritual awakening today.  Remember you have two choices in life you and forget everything and run or face everything and rise? Namaate!!!

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