Spiritual Awakening: BOOM Goes The Dynamite!!!


Spiritual Awakening: BOOM Goes The Dynamite!

Sometimes when we get in a rut along our spiritual path we have to blow up our limitless beliefs and start to find our rhythm so that we can continue to move in a positive direction of our dreams. Sometimes it takes a while to climb out of the dark ditch because we are so filled with feeling of anxiety however when we realize there is nothing to be anxious about that all we seek is being guided by GOD thus we have no worries. It is when we eliminate our limiting beliefs and  start to shift from a position of lack to a position of abundance that we will see improvements in our personal, professional, and spiritual life. When we begin to step into our power we begin to see that we are of value and service to others and deserve to be treated with respect and compensated fairly for what we bring to the table. Sometimes it is necessary to blow up that which no longer serves you so that you can move forward to exceed your goals and objectives. In taking action to understand that you are a divine child of GOD who has the right to be prospered so you can prosper others you will see how easy it it to release what no longer serves you. When you shift your focus and detach from outcomes you will be saying BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE. Many times the biggest boom we hear occur when we are coming out of the dark and relishing in the sounds of silence.
It is when we go deep inside and connect with our inner divinity that we can break through the sounds of silence by truly hearing the messages and thus taking action when we step back into the light. On many occasion we get so caught up in our human existence that we forget that all we are and all we need is spiritual in nature so it is important to find a quiet sacred space to release all that is blocking you from reaching your full potential spiritually, personally, and professionally. Many times we miss out on the opportunities to shine our light and illuminate the world because we are so caught up in what others are doing that we lose sight of our purpose and thus sink into darkness, however when we feel this darkness it is important to look for answers and step into the light by realizing that like dynamite we have the ability to tear something down and rebuild it including our mindset.

It is when we decide to blow up that which no longer serves us  that we can come out of the dark and start brand new.  I have often stated that if GOD brings you to it GOD will bring you through it. Sometimes GOD provides you with the dynamite in the form of scriptures and you must use it to blow up whatever is holding you back from manifesting the life that desire.

 It is when you commit to letting go and letting GOD that you will find that you begin to attract more peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. As you continue your spiritual journey you will find yourself eliminating that which no longer serves so that you can attract that which brings bliss and abundance into your life. Take a look around you and see what it is that you can eliminate from your life so as to evolve personally, professionally, and spiritually. Sometimes making it possible for boom goes the dynamite to happen you have to move on from those that you once perceived to be friends so that you can expand and increase your oneness consciousness allowing you to be of service and value to others. Many times we will encounter people that believe they are helping us when in reality they are hindering us. When this occurs it is time to say boom goes the dynamite and move on from them. It is important to have the gift of discernment so that you come alive and serve your community in a way that also serves you thus creating opportunities for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. At the end of each day take a moment to reflect on the day and answer the question did I live my life in joy today and did my life bring joy to others today? Sometimes all you need is poems, prayers, and promises.

As you move forward on your spiritual path take a moment to reflect and release what no longer serves you. Use your boom for good. Namaste!!!



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