Spiritual Awakening: Give It All You Got!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Give It All You Got!!!

As you awaken spiritually you begin to realize that it is important to give it all you got in all endeavors that you take on. It is said that when you give it you all that you are rewarded 10 fold. I have seen this at work when a few years ago a friend came to me and asked for support of their efforts to help people with Leukemia and Lymphoma as they were doing Team in Training. I was able to donate $18. About a week later i was setting up appoints for advertising executives at The Happy Herald and I sent them out on the appoints and they were successful is closing some deals. As a result my commission from those sales was $180.  As I remembered the bible verse that GOD loves a Cheerful Giver I found myself giving more and more and as a result I was receiving great rewards be it free food, higher commission checks, paid announcing gigs, or paid marketing and business consultations. In being committed to giving it all that I got I was manifesting outstanding outcomes into my life. I have come to learn that the energy you bring to an endeavor determines the outcome. In giving it all you got you can rest your head and sleep well at the end of the day knowing that you sucked every last bit of marrow out of life by being of service and value to others. In giving it all you got and living a life filled with passion and purpose you will see that no one can stop you but yourself.
When you decide to give it all you got and realize that there is no one but yourself that can stop you setting and exceeding goals gets easier. In giving it all you got and detaching from outcomes you will see that you are moving positively in the direction of your dreams. I suggest you adopt an attitude of gratitude as you give it all you got so that you can create the life you want. In anything that you do while experiencing a spiritual awakening you must give it all you got as you answer your calling and stay positive in all that you do. As you answer your calling you will also see that changes need to be made so that you manifest what you desire by coming alive and serving the community. Many times it is making a small adjustment to your attitude or to the vibration you are giving off.   If you aren’t getting the results you desire look inside and tap into your inner divinity seeking alternative methodologies and make changes required to bring peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. Sometimes it is as simple as looking at the man in the mirror.
When you take a look at the man in the mirror and you truly look into the inside and tap into your inner divinity realizing you are a divine child of GOD put here for a purpose you can go full out and follow your dreams. In  deciding to give it all you got you will see that you become an a gent of change and as a result you create a swell of positivism. This positivism will be seen by all you come in contact with and they will be drawn to you and when they ask what your secret is your answer will be that you give it all you got on a daily basis. In giving it all you got you will create a flow that brings bliss and abundance in your life which in turn allows you to empower and inspire others so that they can give it all they got and as a result the world becomes a better place simply by helping one person at a time. As you become the person GOD has intended you to become by giving it all you got you will find yourself having inner peace that allows you to be loving and caring in all you do thus honoring yourself and honoring GOD.Sometimes you just have to reach down deep inside and realize that you are the best.
It is when you go all out with a sense of purpose that you can get into the mindset that you are the best version of yourself. In being the best version of yourself and honoring GOD you will see that when you give it all you got you succeed and none can stop you from stepping into your power and achieving greatness. In the darkest of times that is when you must reach down deep inside yourself and give it all you got so that you can come into the light. It is when you push yourself over the limits that you achieve a sense of enlightenment that allows you to make a mind, body, soul connection where you will be unstoppable. It is when you are determined to overcome challenges that you can give it all you got and rise to heights you never thought imaginable by removing blockages such as fear and doubt.

Spiritual Awakening: JDOGG’S Gift To Help You Give It All You Got!!!

May this guided meditation help you relax and rejuvenate as you give it all you got.



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