Spiritual Awakening: Be The Ruler Of Your Life!!!


In todaySpiritual Awakening: Be The Ruler Of Your Life!!!

As you experience a spiritual awakening and decide to become an action taker you must commit to ruling your life. Instead of trying to rule the world your focus should be on how you can improve your personal, professional, and spiritual life thus allowing you the opportunity to enhance the lives of others.  It is up to you to rule your life and follow your heart because what the heart believes and what the mind conceives you can achieve. The truth is that so many times we allow the outside influences of others to dictate our actions or lack of actions that we keep ourselves stagnant. In order to move forward and create the life you want you must stop listening to the outsiders and start listening to yourself so that you can rule your life. In taking command of your life and becoming the ruler of you life you will see that you will attract more peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life and thus you will be able to be of more service and value to others. As we grow we are told by parents, teachers, priests, rabbis, news media, and other sources what to believe and how to conduct ourselves. In listening to these sources we often hold ourselves back from our calling. In holding ourselves back and allowing others to rule us we create blockages that stop us from stepping into our power and achieving greatness. We listen to people tell us you are not good enough or you can’t make a living by doing that, or what can’t you be like everyone else and thus we get stuck sometimes. If you are to get unstuck you must become the ruler of your life.
One of my anthems over the years has been this Billy Joel song, My Life. At the end of the day it is your life and you have the choice to listen to the doubters and the haters or break free and rule your life. It is when you decide to chase your dreams and not to allow others to hold you back that you begin to rule your life thus manifesting what you desire. So many tines people are quick to tell you how you should be living and what you should be doing when they should be worrying about their own lives. When you begin to rule your life and shine your light you begin to illuminate the world. In illuminating the world you can effectively make positive changes that will leave the earth in a better place then you found it. Your taking action to rule your life sends a ripple of positivism that shifts the dynamic of society making improvements that leave a legacy of hope and healing for others.  In ruling your life and dedicating yourself to be a lifter you will be lifted.
One of the ascended masters is Jesus Christ and his power helps us to break the chains that are holding us back from ruling our world. When we commit to breaking the chains and reversing the cycle of negativity that is pervading many of our lives we can rule our life. Are you be chained by fear and forgetting everything and running or are you facing everything and rising? Fear is something that shackles all of us because so many times our beliefs have been so entrenched with the idea of what if it doesn’t work. We need to change that mindset and start thinking what if it does work.  It is when we look at the possibilities and believe that we can make things happen that we begin to progress positively in the direction of our dreams.
When you put your dreams into action they become reality making you a hero. In ruling your life you will be seen as a hero as people see that you are subscribing to the idea that passion +action = success and will want to rule their lives. Each day you can be a hero and lift someone up thus you will be lifted. It is when you commit to ruling your life that you become a hero.

When you begin to rule your life guided by GOD you will see amazing things unfold. You will find a new appreciation for what you have. Through your attitude of gratitude you will see that all you want to achieve is possible.  It is through ruling your life and blocking out all the naysayers and doubters that you are able to live a life of purpose filled with bliss and abundance.
Rule Your Life Today!!! Namaste!!!




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