Spiritual Awakening: Striking A Nerve!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Striking A Nerve!!!

When you walk in truth and righteousness sometimes you will strike a nerve with others that may not be as spiritually awakened or as aware as you are. In the ever changing spiritual awakening and growth process you will encounter people who simply do not resonate with your message. It is times when you are taking action that you are bound to strike a nerve. When you strike a nerve the best thing you can do is back off and simply ask GOD to bless the person whose nerve you struck in hopes that they won’t react similarly when the situation arise again. Most of the people I encounter are nice and understanding however there are those who I seem to strike a nerve with as I am passionate about what I do to be a lifter and help others. The truth is that not everyone is ready to be lifted however those that are ready will be presented to you and will be open to receive your message as they become awakened and decide to be on a path to improve their personal, professional, and spiritual life.

When you strike a nerve and someone gets their ire up all you can do is say I am sorry I have seemed to have offended you and simply walk a way because being confrontational is like wrestling a pig in the mud you both get dirty but the pig enjoys it. You may want to help but if the person you are helping is not ready to accept your help then all efforts are futile and it is time to move on.  Remember as I have  written many times before it is not your job to bring people kicking and screaming onto the path it is your job to shine your light bright and to illuminate the world so that when people are ready to get on the path you can be their guide.
When you strike a nerve and you realize that you allowed your human existence to get in the way of your spiritual existence you must commit to rise above and take the high road by understanding not everyone is going to vibrate at the high frequency that you vibrate on when you are living a purpose driven life. It is when you can live your life passionately by being divinely driven that your human existence and spiritual existence can co-exist. It is when you rise above judgment that you can stop striking nerves as begin to attract people that share your vision to create a world filled with much peace, love, joy, and prosperity.

Listen to your heart and do things with great love and compassion and you will avoid striking a nerve. It is when you follow your heart and become heart centered that you will accomplish great things without striking a nerve. The best way to avoid striking a nerve is to come straight from the heart and to make peace, love, and understanding to order of the day.  In being committed to being loving you will attract love. If you want to exceed your goals and objectives you must listen to your heart. When someone is resistant remember it has nothing to do with you and simply check your EGO at the door and don’t get so caught up in being right just move one remembering some will, some won’t, so what, some waiting next.

When we come straight from the heart we are going to encounter people who do not understand us and they may cause us pain because we struck a nerve and they were not ready to confront their own short comings. When this happens just take a step back breathe, hold a space for that person that they to will be healed, and then let go and let GOD. In walking in our truth and following our heart as we are divinely guided by GOD we will be able to relish in all the positive encounters we had and how much of an impact we have had on the lives of those we have encountered.
To avoid striking a nerve simply turn on your heart light and allow it shine so bright that others are encouraged to turn on their heart light and as a result the world is illuminated and basked in a light filled with hope and healing.

 When we make our mission one of hope and healing we are able to avoid striking a nerve and we avoid confrontations that create blockages that stop us from becoming the person GOD wants us to be.

Be Kind!!! Stay Positive!!! Namaste!!!







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