Spiritual Awakening: Karma Cleanse, Jumpstarting 2014!!!!


Spiritual Awakening: Karma Cleanse, Jumpstarting 2014!!!

 As the New Year Approaches and we move forward into 2014 remember that what you give you get back. This time of the year is a great time to become an action taker and design an anthem for you to follow so as to continue to expand your spiritual awakening and continue on your path to awakening. In many cases your Karma Cleanse will mean making amends with those you have wronged and those that have wronged you. You may desire to severe ties with those who no longer serve you, eliminate the things that no longer serve you, and commit to being a positive light for others to see. When you begin to take care of you and get in balance you will find you are more centered and grounded and thus  more good things happen for you.

Karma is the energy that surrounds us and, depending on your actions, attitudes and outlook on life. It can be generally negative or positive. Those with negative karma will feel the consequences with agonizing situations, negativity, resentments and a feeling of bad luck or that the world is against you. You can cleanse your karma and attract positive energy instead with several different karma cleansing techniques. As you begin your cleanse you are going to want to purchase a journal and a pen to write your thoughts daily on gratitude, love, forgiveness. I recommend these 4 questions:

 What Am I grateful for at this moment?

 How did I bring joy to others, How did I live a life of Joy today?

 What brought me happiness today?

 What adversity or challenges did I face today and how did I overcome them?


Spiritual Awakening: Tools For a Karma Cleanse!!!

Having quotes and internalizing them and taking action on them will help to cleanse your Karma and thus enhance your spiritual awakening.


 Affirmations serve as a great tool to help you answer your calling and create a karma cleanse that will change things as you continue to come alive and fulfill your dreams.

 Committing to be of service and value to your community will open the channels of positivity to flow to you and from you as you begin to experience a karma cleanse on your path to spiritual enlightenment that will lead to ascension.

 The proper use of essential oils will assist in the karmic cleanse as you continue to make the mind, body, soul connection.

Smudging and the use of sage to cleanse your home, your office, your car, and other personal items will eliminate the negativity that is creating blockages and allow you to move forward in a positive directions of your goals and dreams.

Reflexology, Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing, and other modalities can assist you in your karma cleanse.

Spiritual Awakening: Karma Cleanse Music

Music is a great way to eliminate negativity and create positive energy while you do a karma cleanse.

Spiritual Awakening:  Karma Cleanse A Daily Activity!!!!

 Each day start the day finding things to be grateful for having or doing. Spread love through kind words and actions. Forgive those who have trespassed against you. Keep a positive attitude. In doing these things daily you will see that you create good karma and begin to attract the people and tools necessary for you to continue growing spiritually, personally, and professionally.


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